5 sacred temples in Hanoi to pray for love

Going to temples has become a cultural beauty in the minds of every Vietnamese. The Vietnamese people often pray for the best things, some wish fortune, peace and health for themselves and their families, and many of them pray for love.

Praying in a temple in Hanoi
Praying at the temple is a beautiful habit in Vietnamese culture.

In particular, wishing for love is becoming more and more popular, especially with young people. If you have the opportunity to come to the capital of Vietnam, and you are still single, try visiting the sacred temples in Hanoi. Maybe this time luck for love will come to you.

Ha Temple

Throughout Hanoi, there are many famous pagodas, but whenever people think of going to pagodas to pray for love, people immediately think of Ha pagoda. The pagoda has a Chinese name, Thanh Duc Tu, located on a small street in the Cau Giay district.

Ha Pagoda is located at 86 Chua Ha Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Visitors to Ha pagoda, in addition to finding the purity of the Buddha land, wish for perfect love. And it is not a coincidence that the saying: “Ha Pagoda when you go alone, but returning is a pair” has been passed on by many local people. It is because this temple is very holy.

Couples who come to the temple will have a stronger relationship, single people who come to pray for love will only find the other half after a while. Or couples who have broken up but have not yet finished, and when visiting this pagoda, then they return to peace together.

If those are not fortunate enough to find true love after praying for love at the temple, they will also feel more open to receiving love. And it is these very real stories that make Ha Pagoda a well-known destination for lots of young people who are facing difficulties in their love life.

Normally, the temple is open from morning to 6:00 pm. On the full moon day or the 1st of every lunar month, it opens later for people to go to the ceremony. However, these days, the temple is usually very crowded, so you can choose a quieter day to come to pray and have more time.

Going to Ha pagoda to pray for love, you should prepare the ceremony to offer at the main alters such as Tam Bao, Duc Ong (Monsignor), and Thanh Mau altars.

Phu Tay Ho

Not only is the famous sacred place to pray for fortune and fame in Hanoi, but Phu Tay Ho is also one of the temples to pray for the love that many people believe in.

Phu Tay Ho is at the address at Dang Thai Mai Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Phu Tay Ho was established to worship Princess Lieu Hanh – a talented and virtuous woman representing one of the four immortal saints in Vietnamese folk beliefs.

Every year, tourists from different regions in Vietnam and all over the world come here to celebrate. They pray for good luck, fame, and career while young people pray for more beauty, more happiness, and finding a future wife or husband.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

tran quoc pagoda in hanoi vietnam
Tran Quoc Pagoda is a holy place for the locals.

Tran Quoc Pagoda is located in the heart of the capital, so it is an extremely convenient and easy-to-find address for young people who want to come to pray for love.

Located in the East of West Lake, on Thanh Nien Street, Tay Ho District, Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the sacred temples in Hanoi that you should visit at least once in your life.

Under the Ly – Tran dynasties (1009-1400), Tran Quoc Pagoda was chosen as the Buddhist center of Thang Long citadel (the former name of Hanoi).

Nowadays, the pagoda is not only a spiritual tourist destination for Hanoians and tourists from all over the world but also a place to pray for a true love that many young people often find.

And, couples who are already husbands and wives coming there also often pray for a smooth forever relationship and live in peace.

Phuc Khanh Temple

Phuc Khanh Pagoda is located at 382 Tay Son, Thinh Quang, Dong Da, Hanoi. Whenever mentioning the Phuc Khanh pagoda, people often think of the temple praying for peace, fortune, and luck.

And of course, for the people of the capital, this temple is also a place to pray for a sacred predestined relationship, connecting the predestined chain for couples.

Visit Phuc Khanh Pagoda on any day of the year, the temple is also crowded with tourists to worship.

Especially young people come to the temple to pray for luck and love, pray for peace or find a tranquil corner in the middle of a noisy and hurried Hanoi.

And no matter what the purpose, as long as you have a sincere heart and believe in what you pray for, you will be blessed.

Lang Pagoda

Lang Pagoda was built during the reign of King Ly Anh Tong (1136 – 1175), also known as Chieu Thien Tu (Chieu Thien Pagoda).

As one of the ancient pagodas in Hanoi, people believe that it is the most sacred place to pray for love.

Many young people come to the temple to pray for love, more luck, peace and health for their families and loved ones.

Notes to prepare to pray for love at the temples

What should you prepare to go to a temple to pray for love?

Going to the temple to pray for love is also praying for good luck and happiness. Therefore, you should prepare in advance and buy some ritual items.

According to experience, when going to the temple to pray for love, you should prepare the ceremony at the main altars such as Tam Bao, Duc Ong, and Holy Mother altars.

  • Offerings to Tam Bao altar (main altar): It is because this altar is a place to worship Buddha, you need to know that you do not offer salty offerings (no meat, no fishes) and spiritual gold or money. Just leave fruits and sweets, fresh flowers, candles, incense, and don’t forget to give them a list of requests.
  • Offerings to Duc Ong altar (Monsignor altar): For this site, you can put salty dishes and gold and money. In addition, they still offer offerings such as wine, tea, etc., and also give them a list of requests as well. If you do not have the time and conditions to prepare many salty gifts, you can set up a ceremony tray like in Tam Bao alter (fruits, flowers) and add spiritual gold and money.
  • Offering to Holy Mother altar: This offering tray is an important one for those who go to pray for love. Therefore, in addition to spiritual gold and money, candies and chips, you need to prepare a little more things, including 5 red roses, betel nut (must have), and merit money (real money that often supports the pagoda).

If you have time to prepare the ceremony offerings yourself, you will feel more peaceful. However, if you do not have much time, then do not worry because now at the gate of the temples also sells a variety of ceremony trays. You can freely choose to suit your wallet.

And for the list of requests, you can ask the old men at the temple gate to write for you. After you have finished preparing the offerings, you should keep the ceremony trays of each department separately to avoid confusion.

The order of worshiping will be from the first one Tam Bao alter, then to the altar of Duc Ong, and finally to the altar of Mother.

The order of incense burning will be put from the incense burner, Tam Bao, Duc Ong (Monsignor), Thanh Hien altar to the Mother altar. Remember to light 1 stick of incense and then do 3 bows.

In addition, you should also prepare the short saying lecture to pray for love, usually including your name, birthday, hometown, the wishes to find a person covering loved characters and appearance.

What should you pay attention to when going to the temple to pray for love?

When going to the temple to pray for love to ask for a favor with a person of your heart and mind, you should go to the temple alone and come during the daytime.

You should choose a good day, maybe go on the full moon day, the 1st day of the lunar month, or Tet holidays.

However, those days are usually very crowded, so for your convenience, you can choose normal days to make your prayers easier.

When asking for love, you should not be too greedy for rich people, but should seek to meet people with certain qualities, with good characters that suit you.

When preparing the offerings, you should also pay attention as the Tam Bao alter is not allowed to offer salty food and spiritual gold or money.

The rest of the ceremony does not need to be too fussy because the most important thing is still your mind towards it. In addition, after being blessed by the gods, if you want to have a beautiful and durable love, you have to try yourself, not just rely on the gods.

Temples are places of spiritual purity, so you need to pay attention to dress modestly. It is best to choose clothes that are closed-neck, gentle and elegant.

You should also not make up too much and wear plenty of jewelry when visiting the Buddhist land.

Besides, you should also pay attention to turn off the phone, speak softly, and comply with other regulations when entering the temple.

Whether the rumors are true or not, these 5 famous temples are still popular destinations for tourists from all over Vietnam. If you have the opportunity to come to this city, you should not miss the opportunity to visit these temples, which can enrich your activities in Hanoi for your journey in Vietnam.

And, an important note is that this information is for reference only!

But, hopefully, you can find a perfect love for your life.

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