Ho Tay Lake in Hanoi

West Lake, called Hồ Tây in Vietnamese, is situated in the Northwest of Hanoi with an area of ​​about 500ha. The roads around the lake are nearly 20km long, creating lovely streets for the locals and tourists to enjoy the lake’s beauty, typically at sunset.

ho tay lake in hanoi
Ho Tay Lake is beautiful at sunset.

Ho Tay Lake in the heart of Hanoi people

The local people also call it Mu Suong Lake (Dâm Đàm), Trâu Vàng – Golden Buffalo Lake (Kim Nguu Lake), or Xác Cáo Lake. Nowadays, West Lake (Ho Tay or Tay Ho) is the most popular, and it has become a beautiful destination for the Hanoians.

Hundreds of the young and old come here to exercise in the early morning and enjoy fresh air. In the afternoon, plenty of people are at the lake to watch the lovely sunset covering the lake and the city. In addition, Thanh Nien Street next to here is the most beautiful road for walking or riding a bicycle.

ho tay lake hanoi
Thanh Nien Street is at Ho Tay Lake.

Many people agree that West Lake is the most romantic corner in the colorful Hanoi City. This lake is an endless inspiration, helping poets, writers, and artists compose many lovely songs and poems about it. (Please listen to a song about this one!)

Different ways to explore West Lake

West Lake has become the rendezvous point for almost all the locals in Hanoi. Many beautiful roads, such as Thanh Nien and Co Ngu Streets, are also chosen to stop in this area.

Each people come to Ho Tay or other lakes in Hanoi for a reason. However, here are the ways to explore the lake perfectly that we can suggest.

ho tay lake ha noi at sunset
Lovely Ho Tay Lake in Hanoi is at sunset.
  • Some people find themselves in a corner of the lake to enjoy the wind. Many other visitors choose a seat and sip a cup of coffee in a roadside restaurant.
  • Enjoy the famous shrimp pie of Ho Tay or taste a glass of ice cream.
  • Book to enjoy a lunch or dinner at luxury restaurants on the edge of the lake or in the middle of the lake.
  • Walk around the like to breathe the fresh air to see the life of the West Lake.
  • Take pictures at this site to remember the moment in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

The early morning and sunset is the best time to visit this lake for beautiful photos. And, in the summer, from June to August, Lotus Lake has blooming lotus flowers, attracting young people to shoot impressive photos.

West Lake is a beautiful spot for visiting in Hanoi. Most tourists combine this place with other destinations during the day, such as Quan Thanh Temple, Ho Chi Minh Complex, and Thang Long Citadel. It is because it does not take long to visit unless you drink coffee or enjoy a meal here.

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