Vietnamese Women’s Day

October 20 is Vietnamese Women’s Day, a special holiday to honor women, emphasizing their role and value in life.

Find out more about this special day in this article, including the history, meaning, and wishes.

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History of the birth of women’s day in Vietnam

Stemming from the agricultural country, Vietnamese women play an important role in production life, from rice sowing, transplanting, and harvesting for other crops or intensive farming. From rice paddies to upland fields and gardens, the image of a woman who works hard always appears here.

Back in the past, under feudal times, women stayed in the exploited classes, so the desire to be greatly released from heavy oppression weighed on their shoulders.

From the resistance wars to protecting the country, many heroic soldiers participated in the resistance. Small production groups increased, and craft occupational organizations and female associations were established for female people to rely on and strive to rise.

Assessing the vital role of women, right from the first days of establishment, the largest organization in Vietnam, the Communist Party, has strongly supported the establishment of an organization for females.

From the basic premise above, the Vietnam Women’s Union was officially established on October 20, 1930. Since then, this day has been chosen as their day to grace the female in the beautiful country. The ladies have equal rights to men in life, society, family, economy, and culture.

Every 20-10, you will see fresh bouquets sold on the streets in Vietnam, and celebrations are widely held to remember the undeniable contributions of women.

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Ladies in Vietnam are often happier on October 20. Photo: RingoStudio/pixabay

Meaning of Vietnam Women’s Day 20 – 10

The birth of Vietnamese Women’s Day marks the victory in the liberation of the female from the old concepts of gender distinction.

Women’s Day 20 -10 also officially recognized an organization dedicated to ladies, conceded by Vietnam State. That has great significance in admitting their contribution to the country’s development.

For each individual, the meaning of this day is to remind everyone in the family to share the love and respect for the grandmother, the mother, and the sister who has taken care of the family. Please cherish the contributions whether clearly or silently, making a happy family.

October 20 is also the day young men have the opportunity to show their love and care to their girlfriends.

The day of Vietnamese ladies also means a loving day, helping to eliminate unfortunate frictions arising with women or the opposite gender people. That shows the balance in life, which is impossible to separate a woman from life and society.

vietnamese women day

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Wishes on Vietnamese Women’s Day

Many various wishes depend on the position in the family and society each person can show differently. But in general, the wishes on October 20 are meant to bring joy and happiness to women, emphasizing their vital role in life.

Also, the interesting point is that congratulations not only from men who speak to women but women also have wishes for each other. Normally, young people or smaller positions wish for older or higher positions first.

The following common wishes can be used:

  1. Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day (Chúc chị em phụ nữ luôn hạnh phúc). This sentence has a general meaning and is spoken in a way of social or public organizations for many people. The same meaning with this sentence can be said: Congratulations on October 20 (Chúc mừng ngày 20 -10).
  2. Wishing women always young and beautiful (Chúc chị em phụ nữ luôn trẻ trung, xinh đẹp), meaning that all female is happy and lovely in the eyes of everyone.
  3. Wishing you (grandmother, mother, or sister) good health, always happy. This sentence can be used to speak to family members, pray for good health, and have a lot of joy in life.
  4. Wish you (all girls) always beautiful on October 20 (Chúc các bạn nữ luôn xinh tươi trong ngày 20 -10). This sentence is often used by boys for girlfriends, the saying is very neutral.
  5. Wish you always beautiful and lovely (Chúc em luôn xinh đẹp và đáng yêu). The boyfriend often uses this wish to tell his girlfriend (often a lover), looking forward to a sweet, beautiful, and cute mood.
  6. Good luck will come to October 20 (Chúc may mắn sẽ đến với ngày 20 -10). This wish has a general meaning, wishing good luck to the female.
  7. Hopefully, you will have many days 20 -10 in the year (Mong em sẽ có nhiều ngày 20 -10 trong năm). Hope for fun, luck, and the attention of everyone for girlfriends (or young sisters) coming in not only on this important day but also on many other normal days of the year.
  8. Wishing you October 20 always full of energy, loving life, success (Chúc quý khách ngày 20-10 luôn tràn đầy năng lượng, yêu đời, thành công phơi phới). This sentence has the meaning of good luck, good things to the company’s customers.
  9. Wishing you a lot of luck, fun, and happiness with your family and relatives (Chúc quý khách gặp nhiều may mắn, vui vẻ, và hạnh phúc bên gia đình và người thân). As the sentence above, this wish from the company says to customers.
  10. Wish you (the teacher) always happy, healthy and smiling with the task of growing people (Chúc cô/thầy giáo luôn vui vẻ, mạnh khỏe và nhiều nụ cười với nhiệm vụ trồng người). This greeting is often used to wish the teacher, with the meaning of emphasizing the teaching role, hoping that the teacher will always achieve joy in her work.

The above greetings are only for reference. Change them into a greeting from your own heart, then the congratulatory messages will bring more power and inspiration.


Besides March 8 – International Women’s Day, the Vietnamese women have October 20 to be proud of themselves.

Although Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20 is not an official holiday in Vietnam, it has become familiar to everyone and is essential in life. Every time on this day, almost all female people eagerly wait to receive congratulations and beautiful gifts from loved ones.

So, if you are a man traveling or living in Vietnam, prepare for this special day. However, don’t get too confused about what to do. Just small, beautiful, and meaningful gifts can also bring joy and happiness to the opposite gender that you love and cherish.

Fresh flowers can be the easiest gift to choose from on this unique occasion. It is not difficult for you to find a beautiful bouquet on October 20 because many streets also sell fresh flowers.

This information is to help you better understand respectable beauty for women on their typical day in Vietnam.

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