How are Vietnam women in modern life?

The existence of human society cannot be without women. However, their role in each different era is not the same. In Vietnam, the modern woman has many significant changes. In this article, Vietnamdrive wants to introduce their highlight features. Let’s see them, please!

vietnam women
Vietnamese women have plenty of changes. Photo: TieuBaoTruong/pixabay

The role is vastly different from the feudal era

Vietnamese women have escaped from the duties of childbirth and housework to step into society to take on new jobs, in both economic and political fields.

They can be directors of companies of national or international stature such as Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao – General Director of VietJet Air, Le Thi Bang Tam (Vinamilk)… or hold important positions in the politics such as Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan (Former President of the National Assembly)…

Therefore, the concept of “the female following the husband and son” no longer exists. That is the idea that when a woman was a child at home, she had to follow my father’s principles; when she had a husband, most things followed her husband’s words; when her husband passed away, she had to rely on her son and not get remarried again.

The economic initiative and the change of position in society have contributed to making the voice of the mother-wife in the family reach a balance compared to that of the man.

Where is the Vietnam Women’s Union? The Vietnam Women’s Union is headquartered at 39 Hang Chuoi Street, Pham Dinh Ho Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. This official national organization represents the female people across the country. In addition, each province and city in Vietnam has a women’s association working under this Union.

Personality changes significantly

The changes in the role lead to a big change in the character of Vietnam women. By emphasizing suffering, hard work, and sacrifice for her husband for children, she became more confident, strong, and independent in her life.

Most clearly show their decisions are no longer completely dependent on the husband.

Not only do they give the best for their husbands and children, but they also know to give themselves good things. With the thought that they can enjoy themselves, they are willing to spend large sums to serve their personal needs such as eating, traveling, and beauty.

Of course, that change includes the decision to give up the husband if life with the man is not good to find a new, more perfect predestined relationship.

vietnamese women
Women can have more confindent to travel. Photo: loilamtan/pixabay

Vietnamese women’s names change big

Under the feudal period, the daughter in the family was mostly not given a name, only names temporarily attached to the word “thị”, the name after the word “thị” was often ugly, only used to distinguish children, like Mẹt, Tủn, Tủm…. When she got married, her names were changed to her husband’s, becoming Bà Tú, Bà Hùng, Bà Thắng…

In any situation, the female names were associated with the word “thị”, meaning the market as by default they had to work in the kitchen, and went to the local markets.

Today, every girl born is given a proper first and last name. They were liberated from the default word “thị” defaulted for so long. Good names are chosen, names with beautiful flowers like Ngọc Lan, Tường Vi, Hồng … or names containing beautiful meanings of life like Hồng Phúc, Ngọc Châu, Mỹ Ngọc…

The special thing is that women in Vietnam do not have to change their last name throughout their lives, whether married or not. That is the strongest proof of the respect for women that Vietnamese society has.

Having an own day for the Vietnamese female

In Vietnam, women not only have March 8 like every woman in the world, but they also have a day dedicated to honoring their roles and importance, which is October 20.

If you travel to Vietnam on October 20 every year, you will be surprised to see fresh bouquets sold everywhere on the street. These are flower bouquets to give to anyone’s beloved and precious woman.

On that day, men often go to the kitchen to prepare the most delicious dishes and buy gifts or fresh flowers for their women.

At the same time, almost every female people will be mentioned and best wishes received. Meaningful activities are held everywhere to promote the role of women in modern life.

vietnamese woman
The female in Vietnam have their own day. Photo: RingoStudio/pixabay

Getting educated like the other people

In feudal society, women were often not allowed to go to school. But today, education is universal to everyone, both men and women have the same right to go to school.

The notion that girls only study a little has disappeared. The opportunity to go to school has created good steps for the girls to get better jobs and confident life in the development of modern society.

Schools are no longer segregated or separate girls from boys as before. Competition in learning is fair for their own efforts, for all genders.

The division of labor in the family becomes more equitable

It is no longer assumed that cooking in the Vietnamese family and taking care of children is the responsibility of ladies. The division of household chores is based on convenience and sharing with all members, both male and female people.

This also contributes to helping women get rid of endless jobs. From there, they can do more social things and have more time to take care of themselves.

woman in vietnam
Women in Vietnam have more time to go out because of feedom in housework. Photo: loilamtan/pixabay

Be more active in love

Girls have escaped the fear of old prejudices by always being passive in love. Nowadays, they can take the initiative to speak to the person they love about the words from their heart.

However, it is not all but only a part of self-confident female people often looking for love and breaking the old rules, and living with their own feelings and emotions. 

Meeting and dating a Vietnamese girl can be exciting. Only you can know who is taking the initiative in a relationship.

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