One day travel in Ho Chi Minh City

One day in Ho Chi Minh City, where should I go? This will be a difficult question to get the right answer. To answer this accurately, it requires a lot of time to know about Ho Chi Minh City. Please follow these suggestions of Vietnam Drive to get the most necessary information to plan an interesting trip with your family, and friends.

Ho Chi Minh City is known as a thriving economic and cultural center of Vietnam. It has all the unique values of economic, political, cultural and social life. Besides, Ho Chi Minh City is also an increasingly invested sector, attaching importance to the development of the famous destination comparable to other tourist sites across the country.

Duc Ba Church - Sai Gon - Ho Chi Minh

Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City

Here are suggestions to check for one day in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

First, to travel to Ho Chi Minh City, the first question is what is the transportation to use?

It is not difficult for you to choose a transportation to move to the largest economic center in the country. You can choose to take the train to Thong Nhat Station in Saigon – the old name of Ho Chi Minh, take the bus with the North-South route, and if you have the conditions and want to save time, the air will make you satisfied. There are always many flights of airlines to Tan Son Nhat airport.

Where to stay with reasonable prices?

Traveling in Ho Chi Minh City, it is easy to find a hotel to rest and relax with a reasonable price. It is because Ho Chi Minh has many budget houses to 4 and 5-star hotels so you do not worry about the accommodation. Just a google search for “Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City”, or contact Vietnam Drive to support to get the free consultant.

Where should we go with one day travel in Ho Chi Minh City?

For a day in Ho Chi Minh,  you will have lots of choice with interesting destinations. Let’s go to some places:

Notre Dame Cathedral

Traveling in HCM, you should not ignore this place because this is a tourist attraction and quite famous for its unique, and ancient architectural church on the center of district 1.

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh Market is considered as a trading symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. At the market, you have a chance to buy a lot of products such as fabric, accessories or handicrafts, this makes you and your family happy with fun shopping.

Independence Palace

Here, at the historic moment of 11:30 am on April 30, 1975, marked the milestone for national liberation. Visiting the Independence Palace, you will be back to the heroic history of Vietnam. You discover many objects with the historical value of the country.

Dinh Doc Lap in Ho Chi Minh City
Independence Palace

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

By night, this is considered as the destination of many Saigon people from children, teenagers to elderly people, where a lot of social and cultural activities attract many visitors.

What to eat in Ho Chi Minh City for a day?

It is not hard to help you explore the culinary of Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s taste these dishes!

Saigon bread

Referring to Ho Chi Minh City, the food you must first taste is Saigon bread. Available at many points on the street, you have many choices with different kinds of bread, including sausages, barbecue pork, and pate.

Bo Bia

Street food is sold much on the trolley, in Saigon. You can easily be attracted by its colorful dishes with great taste. You will feel hot chili, beef, and vegetable mixed together in the dish of Bo Bia. The food will keep you remember forever about the unique dish.

Saigon broken rice

Saigon broken rice is very popular, you can taste this dish at many streets in this city. Its flavor will make you remember your time in Vietnam.

With these suggestions, Vietnam Drive hopes you can easily enjoy one day travel in Ho Chi Minh City. A fun trip with family and friends to Ho Chi Minh will be great. (Hu Nghia/ Vietnam Drive)

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