Tan Canh Duong Beach

Tan Canh Duong Beach, meaning the New Canh Duong Beach, is well-known to the locals, but not international tourists yet. It is the most beautiful one out of the three famous beaches in Hue.

tan canh duong beach in hue
Tan Canh Duong Beach. ©Vietnamdrive

1. Location of Tan Canh Duong Beach

This beach is located in Canh Duong village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, in the Chan May Bay area, and nearly opposite Chan May Port across the bay.

To get to this beach, you go through a small village on a concrete road, only large enough for one van to move on.

road to tan canh duong beach

With its location far from the center of Hue City, around 55 km, and separated from Da Nang City by Hai Van Pass, Tan Canh Duong Beach is not very favorable in attracting tourists.

The disadvantages of geography and traffic accidentally become a condition for this beach to retain its wonderfully pristine beauty.

2. The highlights in Tan Canh Duong

tan canh duong beach parking

The first impression that this destination gives you is the parking area. You have to pay close attention to see a small turn leading to the parking lot, right opposite the Quan Nhan Motel, belonging to the command of Thua Thien Hue border guards.

The parking lot hides under a pine forest that still looks wild. The parking capacity is large, up to 30-50 cars and hundreds of motorbikes.

This public parking lot is currently free for all types of vehicles. However, drivers will receive assistance and coordination from neighboring restaurant staff on busy days. This coordination will help drivers easier to find reasonable parking spots while avoiding locations with soft and sinking sand.

parking in tan canh duong beach

Although you can receive assistance from restaurant staff, and there is free parking right on the beach, you freely decide whether or not to use the restaurant service without encountering any discomfort from the owner.

This appreciated action by the restaurant owner truly left our group with many good impressions.

Past the parking lot, also right under the cool green poplar forest, you will find a few small roofs made of corrugated iron with cement foundations. It is suitable for setting up camping tents.

tan canh duong beach camp

But our group, like most people who go to the beach, likes to sit on the white sand or a carpet of dry poplar leaves. That is the best choice to fully feel the beauty of nature, along with the cool breeze in the deserted sea.

Another highlight that creates the perfect beauty of Tan Canh Duong is the charming scene of interaction between the end of the peaceful Bu Lu River and the clear blue sea. At the junction, where the river finds its way to the sea, nature favors two sides of the river with two contrasting scenes close to each other to create a complete picture.

tan canh duong beach and bu lu river
This is the meeting point of the Bu Lu River and the beach.

Visitors coming here for the first time cannot help but be amazed because there is a smooth stretch of sand and a shallow and gentle beach on this side. On the other side is a high rocky mountain, covered with layers of green canopy as if to protect and embrace its peaceful and poetic beauty.

Zooming out a little further are images of large and small ships anchored, waiting for orders to dock at Chan May port. They are like touches that make the landscape painting here more vivid and rich in color.

The background of that natural picture is clear blue water, with rolling waves crashing against the shore. The sounds of wind, waves, and the rustling of poplar leaves create a serene harmony that captivates the hearts of travelers.

3. The undeveloped state of this beach

Tan Canh Duong Beach is attractive thanks to its purity and untouched beauty. For that reason, it clearly shows many inconveniences for international tourists. The restaurant and hotel system here is fragmented in both quantity and quality.

guest house in tan canh duong beach
A guest house in Tan Canh Duong

Most restaurants only operate during a certain season of the year, lasting from early March to late August or mid-September.

Food quality and service mainly meet the needs of local customers. It is almost unsuitable to provide safe meals that meet international standards.

seafood hotpot in tan canh duong
However, you may order a seafood hotpot because all ingredients are cooked well. ©Vietnamdrive

Besides, most motels in the area are only enough to meet basic accommodation needs with a simple quality of service. Therefore, if international tourists want to spend more time here, they should choose hotels in Lang Co Bay or the Laguna Resort – not far from Tan Canh Duong.

In addition, there is a very Vietnamese culture that is displayed here. That’s when the sunlight gradually gives way to neon lights, and the loud music resonates throughout the beach. Interspersed between the complete music notes, there are voices blending regardless of the song or the listener.

tan canh duong beach at night

Don’t be surprised! If you don’t like those bustling sounds, please pay attention to the sunlight gradually melting on the sea surface! The peacefulness gently sways with each fisherman’s ship sailing out to sea. Or the image of a couple resting their heads together on the peaceful sandy beach. You will find this place strangely beautiful.

Tan Canh Duong Beach is a captivatingly charming destination. But it comes with the inconveniences that we have highlighted. As a tourist, you should consider deciding whether to visit this place or not. For me, it is worth traveling here once.

The best suggestion we have for you is to choose suitable accommodation in Lang Co Beach. From here, moving to Tan Canh Duong Beach by private car, taxi, or motorbike service is easy. After your wonderful time at the beach, return to Lang Co for your anticipated dinner and overnight stay.

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