3 beautiful beaches near Hue City

There are many places that you can visit in Hue City, Vietnam. Starting from the traditional village with their traditional foods and drinks, temples with the natural view of the forest, sacred places, and also beaches near Hue City.

Spending time on the beaches around Hue is great leisure, and it’s good to take pictures with the best background. Now, we will check the top 3 best beaches near Hue City where you can also taste the seafood.

1. The first beach that you may want to visit is Thuan An Beach.

thuan an beach in hue
Than An Beach ©Vietnamdrive

This beach is full of white sand and a full view of the blue ocean. There you can enjoy the beach by playing sand at the beach or having a good time sleeping on the beach chairs. There the sky is clean, and you can enjoy the breeze while drinking some coconut water with your favourite kinds of bikinis or swimsuit. Talking about clean and freshwater at the beach, you may want to consider this beach to visit on your holiday.

2. You can also browse to visit Canh Duong Beach.

canh duong beach in hue vietnam
Canh Duong Beach is at sunset. ©Vietnamdrive

This place is the combination of natural sea and natural forest, which give you a great feeling of nature. This beach, around 75km from the center of Hue City, offers you an extensive view of the natural sea with the clear sky and fresh air that you can use to make your mind healthier. The combination of green and blue makes a perfect result where people can play in the water and play around the beach to get in touch with white sand and some cute little animals living at the beach. The transportation with a private car to the beach is easy to access with only 1.5 hours.

3. Lang Co Beach is the third beautiful one near Hue.

lang co beach hue vietnam
Lang Co Beach. ©Vietnamdrive

There are many elements that you find at Lang Co Beach. This beach will give you a unique view of natural islands with plenty of activities that you can do there with your family. On this beach, you can rent a boat and explore the clear water with the view of colorful corals below it. You can enjoy the clean water or play at the beach while breathing in the clean and fresh air.

In conclusion, the beaches near Hue city can be considered as the main places that you need to visit when you are spending your holiday in Vietnam. To enjoy beaches, you only have to prepare some of the basic things to be able to play or only enjoy the fresh air. You can also choose the hotels near the beaches so that you can visit the beach every time by walking from your room together with your loved ones.

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