4 must-see places to visit in Gia Lai, Tay Nguyen – Central Highlands

Tay Nguyen – Central Highlands of Vietnam is a popular destination attracting lots of tourists to come for its peaceful and majestic mountains, its sunshine and the sense of forests. Besides, there are many interesting tourist services for you to choose for Gia Lai trip.

1. Bien Ho lake (T’Nung lake)

Coming to Gia Lai, you cannot ignore the discovery of T’Nung Lake, the lake carries the beauty of wilderness, poetic and lyrical environment which was given by nature, also because of that beauty, this lake was known as local people’s eyes in general, and Pleiku people in particular (The Pleiku eyes). Travelling to this place, you will have the opportunity to admire and enjoy the freshness of air, wind, and sunshine, all are mixed into the harmony of coolness that cannot be found in anywhere else in Vietnam – the land of S.

Bien Ho Lake Pleiku Gia Lai
Bien Ho lake. Photo by Viet Le

>> You may want to check: Le Thanh international border gate.

2. Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant and discover the Legendary Rope Bridge

In Gia Lai traveling – checklist, you cannot miss out Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant to admire the second largest hydro project in Vietnam, where provides power to the whole Middle Centrals. This definitely a great experience for you on this trip. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to conquer the legendary Rope Bridge, with the ropes crossing from the cliff to the cliffs. That’s a feeling like you’ve gone through half of the bravery and your belief in yourself.

3. Dai Doan Ket Square

After the whole day exploring this land, discovering cultures and local people here, at night, you can share your time with friends and family at Dai Doan Ket Square to admire the city view of Pleiku, to watch the nightlife of Tay Nguyen people, to join dancing with them in their unique and traditional music. This simple life would let forget all of the tiring life, just enjoy living in the moment.

Dai Doan Ket Square
Doan Ket Square – Discover Pleiku’s nightlife. Photo by DinhGiaLuong

4. Dong Xanh

This trip would not be completed without visiting Dong Xanh – a smaller version of Tay Nguyen. This is where there are still preserved artifacts, unique features of the Tay Nguyen’s ethnic groups, and you would be immersed in the music from the T’rung and the gong instruments in the land of the majestic Tay Nguyen. Moreover, visitors also can find out many mysterious stories after tasting a sip of warm wine.

Visiting Gia Lai is going to be a memorable one because of the land’s unique, traditional and simple life of local people and the beautiful nature there.

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