Pleiku, Gia Lai Province Introduction

Pleiku City in Gia Lai Province is a great place to stay when its weather is not so hot and not so cool. This city has the features of the tropical monsoon climate with abundant moisture, rainfall and with storms and frost.

The city is located in Central Highlands of Vietnam. This is a land of diverse cultures of many ethnic minorities living together.

When you come here you will have an opportunity to visit many famous places and some beautiful natural landmark.

Tourism potential in Pleiku

Pleiku City has a great potential of developing tourism because it owns many spectacular views, cultural and ethnic diversity.

This area is known for its many traditional cultural festivals of ethnic minorities of Bahnal and Jrai people. Among the largest and well-known festivals are stabbing buffalo activity and rice sowing festival.

Besides, the city has a gong culture, communal houses, wooden sculptures, the grave and some unique traditional cultural elements.

This area is also stored the folk cultural treasure with legend deeply rooted in the sub-consciousness of the local people. Only when you come here, you will be able to participate and feel the excitement and exciting atmosphere in here.

Bien Ho Lake Pleiku Gia Lai

Bien Ho Pleiku, Gia Lai – Photo Viet Le

>> Please check: Le Thanh International Border Gate in Gia Lai

There are many ideal destinations to attract many tourists with much natural and artificial scenery, such as:

  • Bien Ho – a famous scenic spot,
  • Minh Thanh Pagoda,
  • Many famous mounts like Mang Yang heaven gate, Ham Rong mountain,
  • The artificial scenery consists of vast of forest planting coffee, tea, and rubber,
  • The T’Nung Lake is one of the most beautiful and romantic lake endowed by nature,
  • The Ialy Hydropower plant is also an interesting destination. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to visit the hydro-power plant, contemplate the mountainous scenery on Se San River to immerse into poetic and unspoiled scenery and breathe the pure air.

Apart from, we can see the primeval forest which is not only rich in the variety of flora and fauna systems, but also many imposing waterfalls, streams, and lakes to attract many visitors.

If you want to join in a solemn ritual, you can also register for some cultural activities including worshiping ceremonies, musical performances, food festivals, and etc.

In addition, there are many attractions in Pleiku (Gia Lai province, Vietnam) appealing you once setting foot on this plateau with full of sun and wind.

Coming here and trying to feel unique mountainous life as you can with a great atmosphere and you can get away from the crowded city when you come here.

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