Ninh Van Bay: A Great Place To Escape From The Noise

If you want to find a peaceful place with both mountains and sea near Nha Trang City for sightseeing and relaxation, then Ninh Van Bay will become a great choice when fully meeting the above criteria. With a beautiful location, this place has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and get leisure every year.

Ninh Vay Bay
Ninh Van Bay is around 72km from Nha Trang City. ©Vietnamdrive

1. Ninh Van Bay Location

Ninh Van Bay is 20 km from Nha Trang city center following the crow’s flight to the north. If going by road the length will be 70km because you have to take a detour.

  • Address: Ninh Van Commune, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
  • Entrance fee: Free, but you may pay a service fee when participating in the activities here.
ninh van committee
Ninh Van Committee. ©Vietnamdrive

2. Useful travel information to explore Ninh Van Bay

There are two areas of this bay that you may pay attention to, including Nam Ninh Van (South Ninh Van) where many luxury resorts are, and Bac Ninh Van (North Ninh Van) where you can come for only visiting.

2.1. Transportation

There are two popular options for you to come to Ninh Van Bay, boat and car. However, each of them will come to different regions.

  • Boat: A wharf to move to high-class resorts on the southern side of the Ninh Van peninsula is located 12 km away from Dam Market in the center of Nha Trang. After coming to this wharf, it will take you about 20 minutes by boat following the Luong Son – Ninh Van sea route to reach the resorts in the bay. If you are not staying at the resort, you may move to the different areas to visit, which are located on the northern side of the peninsula. You have to use a car to get around.
  • Private car: This vehicle is the most convenient transportation from Nha Trang city center to Ninh Van Bay. Travel time is about 60 minutes. You will admire the poetic road along the ways, the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. At the same time, hiring a private car and a driver, you will be picked up at the hotel, saving time waiting.

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travel to ninh van bay by car
On the way to travel to Ninh Van by car. ©Vietnamdrive

2.2. The right time to visit this bay

The best time to visit Ninh Van Bay is from June to September. The reason is that the weather is relatively stable at this time, the temperature in this area ranges from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius although a few days may be hotter.

Despite the warm temperature, it is very suitable for sea travel. You will cool off in the lovely sea, swim in freshwater, or relax on the beautiful beach.

If you only visit this place during the day, you should choose to depart from Nha Trang in the morning to facilitate sightseeing, rest, swimming, and doing other various activities in the bay.

2.3. Types of accommodations in Ninh Van

With beautiful scenery, created by both sea and mountain, Ninh Van has developed into a tourist resort area with priority types of high-class accommodations, typically in the area of Ninh Van South.

Whenever mentioning this area, most people refer to the following 3 luxurious and splendid resorts:

An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay
An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay. @thaorlyyy
  • Six Senses Resort: A 5-star luxury resort is suitable for travelers with the good financial ability to enjoy luxurious services. This resort has the highest room rates in this beautiful bay location. You will find distinctive designs with bamboo, wood, and coconut leaf materials for these attractive beachfront villas. All will give you an ideal space to rest and enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones.
  • L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay: Owning 35 villas, this resort is also suitable for couples during honeymoon vacations, or small families, because each villa has one or two rooms. 5-star class and friendly style will give you delightful moments of relaxation here.
  • An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay: With 34 villas – one to three rooms in each villa, it is suitable for choosing from solo travelers to groups and large families. With a different design from the main wood material, this resort creates a unique style for An Lam Retreats.

However, these three resorts are facing south, located on different routes. Usually, to travel to these accommodations, most people use a boat from Hong Hai or Six Senses piers, about 12 km north of Nha Trang city center.

In addition to the above resorts, if your preferred choice is the smaller accommodation, you can find some homestays in residential areas near the bay (in the north face of Ninh Van peninsula), such as Bai Bang Xua Homestay or Vietnam Backpackers Hostel.

However, the service of these homestays may not be great, because the service is not up to the tourist’s needs. So, staying in these small accommodations can be an “adventure” here.

Therefore, Vietnamdrive encourages to choose hotels in Nha Trang city. When in the city center, you can get better room prices, and better service although staying in small hotels. At the same time, you can easily find restaurants for your lunch and dinner.
Many beaches in Ninh Van are still wild. @truongoska

3. Exciting things to do in Ninh Van Bay

To explore the Ninh Van Bay area better, it is impossible to miss interesting activities here. Please check the suggestions for activities below to enrich your trip to this area.

3.1. Rest and swim

This suggestion is the top choice of most travelers. The beautiful sea and calm waves nearly all year round will give you a nice day of swimming in the clear blue water. And, many tourists come here just to get rid of the noisy life, immerse themselves in the peaceful space of the sea with clouds and mountains.

To rest, you can choose a restaurant near the sea to spend a relaxing moment. If you have a higher budget, choose one of the resorts introduced above to enjoy your wonderful holidays in this beautiful bay.

swimming in ninh van bay nha trang
Swimming in Ninh Van Bay is one of exciting activities. @pearl_ngocnn

3.2. Go fishing on the bay

Fishing is a form often chosen by tourists who have a lot of time to relax here. This activity is almost suitable for those who choose to stay at the resorts on the bay, not for one-day trip guests to this region.

You prepare in advance or rent a fishing rod to go to the cliffs to sit and relax, maybe Bai Da Ninh Van (Rock Farm Ninh Van) is an option. That’s when you can look at the sky, and listen to the murmuring sound of each wave.

3.3. Kayaking

Kayaking will be ready for you at many stops in Ninh Van. Not only in resorts but many self-rowing kayak rental services to explore the bay are also available for you. The rental price may vary, but most fluctuate from 150,000 VND/hour.

kayak in ninh van bay
Kayak is also interesting in Ninh Van.

3.4. Dive and see coral

Fortunately, along with the Nha Trang Bay, Ninh Van Bay is listed in the marine nature conservation regions, especially for the coral reefs on the ocean floor.

The colorful colors of the coral reefs and the schools of fish swimming around will give you a sense of excitement when diving to watch the coral.

However, this diving service is not suitable for everyone. It requires health and one must know how to swim and dive. And of course, you will have to book it through the local company. You can’t organize yourself, that’s a risk.

diving in ninh van bay
The coral reefs are the home of many kinds of fishes. @vietdivers

3.5. Go camping on the bay

If you love the nomadic life and like to camp, try spending a night in Ninh Van in a tent. A night of watching the stars and listening to the sound of waves in a beautiful camp will give you an interesting experience when traveling to Nha Trang.

Of course, to organize an overnight camping trip in the bay, you should book it with a company specializing in organizing these tours, or come with a local guide to ensure safety and have full types of equipment for your picnic.

3.6. Visiting Ninh Van fishing village

Ninh Van fishing village is about 2 km north of Vietnam Backpacker Hostels on the north side of the peninsula. The life of the fishermen in this village will give you lots of exciting things.

From early in the morning when the sun has not yet appeared, the fishermen have woken up for the sea trip to collect the nets trapped from yesterday. A very peaceful life will help you dispel fatigue. Get lost in the fishing villages of Vietnam when you can, and when you come to this bay, don’t miss the Ninh Van fishing village.

ninh van fishing village
Ninh Van fishing village. @pq_47

4. Noteworthy suggestions when visiting this area

To make your trip to this bay area better, you need to note the following points:

  • Firstly, you need to pay attention to the means of transport to choose it accordingly. If traveling by car, you should book in advance. If you are an international tourist, this is necessary, because using a taxi while waiting for your trip will be charged very high prices.
  • The way to travel by boat is only for guests or you need to go to the resorts on the southern side of the Ninh Van peninsula. Boats from Thap Cham pier to the north of Ninh Van peninsula are no longer operating, so you cannot use this vehicle.
  • There are many famous bays in Nha Trang. Therefore, many people confuse Nha Phu Bay with Ninh Van Bay. While Nha Phu Bay is only 12-16 km from Nha Trang city center by road, Ninh Van Bay is 60-70 km away.
  • Actually, the three resorts that we introduced above have addresses in Ninh Van, but they face Nha Phu Bay. The area of this resort is still called South Ninh Van Bay of the peninsula.
morning in ninh van bay
A beautiful morning in Ninh Van beach. @pearl_ngocnn


To find peace and relaxation by the beach with little impact from tourism, Ninh Van Bay should be at the top of the list of famous destinations in Nha Trang.

The highlight here is the combination of pristine beaches, charming mountains, and an attractive rocky farm. Besides, under the sea are colorful coral reefs. The clear blue water of the bay can give you great leisure and fun on hot sunny days.

In addition to basic sea activities, such as swimming, boating, etc., many interesting activities on the sea in Ninh Van are waiting for you. Please arrange only half day or a day exploring this peaceful place when traveling to Nha Trang!

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