Bai Tu Long Bay

If Ha Long Bay is considered a place where mother dragons stay, then the cubs gather in Bai Tu Long Bay. Both bays create a mesmerizing beauty that is hard to separate in the overall bay of Quang Ninh.

Bai Tu Long Bay will attract you from the first moment because of its beautiful sea, islands, and nature.

bai tu long bay

General about Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long is located in the northeastern region of Vietnam, in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the province of Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

The bay covers many areas including a sea part of ​​Ha Long city, Cam Pha City, and Van Don island district. The southwest of Bai Tu Long connects Ha Long Bay, the west borders Cam Pha City, the north side borders Co To island district and the east is the immense sea.

With a favorable location, staying in the tourist route from Ha Long city, Bai Tu Long Bay gradually becomes the well-known destination.

To visit this place, you go to Hon Gai wharf, and then take a boat to the bay. Every day there are many boats to explore the bay from here. You can buy tickets at the wharf to board a cruise ship.

However, if you are a foreigner, the cruises from the beautiful Tuan Chau island with a higher standard, which you can stay overnight on the bay, will be the perfect choice for your needs to visit and explore Bai Tu Long Bay.

bai tu long bay quang ninh

The season with clear blue water and white clouds is from August to October every year. This is autumn, the air is cool, and it is also the beautiful time to visit Ha Long Bay, so tourists often come busily.

From March to May, lots of tourists also choose to travel to Bai Tu Long Bay when the weather is warm enough to freely swim in the cool water. June and July is hot summer, but sudden rains and storms can affect your journey to this area. Therefore, you need to check the weather carefully before getting on a boat to visit the bay.

Main reasons to choose Bai Tu Long

Bai Tu Long Bay has more than 600 large and small islands scattered in a large area. Prominent with three main island clusters are Ba Mun, Tra Ngo, and Sau, belonging to Bai Tu Long National Park, which is carefully protected.

And here are the main reasons that you should come to Bai Tu Long once:

  • Enchanting natural beauty: The lovely scenery of clouds, sky, sea, and islands will give you a beautiful seawater painting.
  • Pristine beaches: The sea and islands in Bai Tu Long Bay form enchanting beaches, many of which are still very unspoiled with long fine white sand, such as the beaches of Con Co, Co To, Van Don, Quan Lan…
  • Sparkling scenery at sunrise and sunset: You will be surprised with the peaceful and poetic beauty every time the sunrise or sunset covers the huge sea.
beach in bai tu long
Many wild beaches in Bai Tu Long

Experience activities on Bai Tu Long Bay

Catch a cruise to discover Bai Tu Long

Many modern 5-star standard ships departing from Tuan Chau port will take you to explore the bay easily. Admire the beauty of nature, mountains, sea, and breathe the fresh air to dispel the stress of city life.

You can choose smaller boats at Hon Gai pier for a daytime trip. A few hours floating in the sea through the islands and relaxing on the fine sand will be unforgettable moments for the journey to explore the bay.

cruise to visit the bay
Booking a cruise to visit the bay is a great choice.

Discover the life of fishermen in Cong Dam fishing village

Cong Dam fishing village will be an interesting stop for you to learn about the local life on the sea. You will have the opportunity to learn how to farm and catch fish.

Small boats bring you closer to the rustic life of the local people. Don’t miss the chance to interact with locals when possible. Fresh fish ready for you to buy and prepare for an enjoyable meal.

fishing village in bai tu long

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Explore Bai Tu Long National Park

The nature on the island is also extremely rich. When visiting this area, do not forget to spend time exploring Bai Tu Long National Park.

The national park has 178 species of plants, 119 species of fish, 132 species of invertebrates, 106 coral species. Besides, there are many birds of prey such as Burmese mulberry kite, Japanese falcon, fire warbler, greater coucal… also presenting here.

The nature reserve, whose core area is Ba Mun island, has contributed to the biodiversity of the northern bay area of ​​Vietnam.

Go swimming and kayaking

Bai Tu Long Bay has many large islands where lots of people live. You can find shimmering beaches with fine white sand. It is nice to swim in the clear blue water when visiting this region.

A favorite activity of plenty of tourists in Bai Tu Long is kayaking. The activity gives you a chance to get closer to the islands and the sea. Immerse yourself in nature to remove the stress of busy life. However, you should use kayaking where it is allowed to ensure safety.

kayak in bai tu long halong

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To explore Bai Tu Long Bay, booking a cruise in advance from Halong to spend overnight is the best choice for most guests. Thus, you need to range your itinerary at least two days and one night to explore this lovely destination.

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