When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

I am happy to share with you the best time to visit Halong bay.

Before going more, I just want to know your need: What is the main point to choosing the best time? Related to weather or low – high tourist seasons?

So, in this article, I will focus on two options:

  • The best time of weather to travel to Halong
  • The time of tourist seasons that help you choose a good fit.

Two of these ideas will come together when mentioning each time of year.

Now let’s go deeper into the best time to travel to Halong bay!

Enjoy Halong Bay View
Enjoy Halong Bay View. Taryn Elliott/pexels

Best time in general to visit Halong Bay

Halong bay has tropical monsoon weather, with four seasons: Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Sep), Autumn (Oct – December), Winter (Jan – Feb).

The best time to visit Halong Bay comes from October to December (Autumn) when the temperature is mild, not much rain. Typically, the peak tourist season defaults the Christmas time in Vietnam and New Year, but the rest is alright to travel, not much crowded.

June to September (Summer) falls in the hot weather, a good time to swim and do outdoor activities, but also storm seasons. Although this time has a lot of Vietnamese tourists, four and five-star cruises can give big promotions because fewer foreign tourists travel by these boat levels.

best time to visit halong bay in oct
time to visit halong in june

Please see more details of each season to range your journey!

average temperature and rainfall in ha long
Average temperature and rainfall in Ha Long bay
TimeTourist seasonPriceAdvantage
Jan – Feb
HighHighMedium daytime,
Christmas & New Year
Mar- May
MediumFairMore daytime,
Not too hot,
Good to see view
Jun – Sep
More domestic,
Less international
Discount on 4-5 star cruises & hotels
Clear sky,
Good price,
Less crowded on high-class service
Oct – Dec
Less domestic,
More international
HighMedium daytime,
Mild temperature
Summary of conditions of the time of year in Ha Long

>>> You may hear about the legends of Halong bay.

January and February: Winter Covers With A Little Chill

The weather is good to enjoy the view of the sea and islands in the bay because the sky is clear.

Temperature is a little cold, on average it is 17 – 18 degrees celsius. With this temperature level, not many Vietnamese like to swim as it’s very cold for most of them.

The fog can come in the early morning and a little rain without prediction.

You should carry a light jacket to use in the early morning and the night.

A high number of tourists can occur in New Year on Jan and a few days after that, estimated from 1 Jan to 10 Jan of every year.

And, the Lunar New Year of the Vietnamese often comes in February. A lot of domestic travelers have holidays, almost all services and boats have a much higher price. But, many restaurants and shopping centers are closed.

best time to travel to in winter
The sky in Halong is clear in winter. @_e._.x_

March to May: Spring Contributes The Cheering Sky and Sea in Halong

Many people like March because it is a good time of the year to travel to Halong Bay for taking pictures. The reason comes from the clear and not strong sun, creating good light for beautiful photos.

The temperature runs from 20 degrees celsius in March on average, higher in April at 24 degrees, and jumps to 28 degrees in May. So, it creates hotter and hotter weather from March to May with humidity at the end of May.

With the temperature above, the outdoor activities in the sea start doing in April and May, but March is still cold to swim in.

That is good to travel with a beautiful cruise in Halong to do activities of sightseeing, climbing, relaxing, and kayaking.

The sudden high tourists come to Halong in April because the Hung King festival is one of the official holidays in Vietnam. This festival happens on the tenth of the third lunar month, meaning some days in April of the solar calendar.

best time to visit halong for kayak
The best time to visit Halong for kayaking in Spring. Rachel Claire/pexels

>>> Check a nice Margaret Cruises to do kayak on the bay.

June to September: Summer Comes for Water Activities

The weather becomes hotter and rainy. The average temperature in Halong is 32 degrees celsius from June down to 20 degrees on a few days in September.

With high heat and humidity, most guests having a journey in Halong bay like to go swimming, kayaking, diving.

But, it is not recommended to do hiking during these months because rain may come suddenly causing danger.

You also notice that the outdoor experience of the Halong cruises can stop any time due to the bad weather or storm coming.

When the storms come, the cruises are suspended. In this case, most cruises will refund or reschedule your journey on Halong Bay.

One-day tour of small boats can get plenty of Vietnamese tourists when this time is the summer holidays. But, the 4-5 star standard boats with on-bay-overnight services often offer very good deals to attract more guests.

best time to swim in halong summer
The best time to swim in Halong in summer. @himetrang

October – December: Autumn Spreads All Over Halong Bay

As the autumn in Hanoi, October to December in Halong Bay has a clear and beautiful sky with dry and cool weather.

The temperature is on average 24 – 27 degrees celsius in the daytime; but, at night, it may drop down to 17 degrees in December.

A light warm coat should stay with you to avoid being cold at night to protect your health.

In general, autumn is a good time to travel to Halong City to enjoy the view. So, do not forget to climb up the Bai Tho mountain to get the bay and city view, going kayaking, climbing, riding around the bay.

The number of foreign tourists traveling to Halong Bay will be more and more crowded from October to December. The top peak season occurs since the second half of December because of Christmas.

The price of services of the cruises or hotel accommodations also gets a higher price. But, you have to book them in advance to avoid running out of services.

best time to enjoy view in halong
Autumn is the best time to climb up the mountain to enjoy the view in Halong. @ileniagne

General tips to visit Halong Bay:

  • Prepare more clothes for swimming and cold weather during winter and autumn.
  • Travel on the bay with 2 days 1 night, or 3 days 2 nights staying overnight on the cruises, booking a beautiful cruise in Halong bay in advance is a good choice.
  • Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay can be cheaper with shuttle buses supplied by the same cruise.
  • When you do not want to wait for a long time or go around the city when the shuttle bus picks up other guests around the city, a private car transfer is more convenient. Please tell us about this!
  • You should keep in touch with a travel agency or the cruise when you travel during the winter or storming time to know the condition of your cruise.
  • It is much better when your travel plan has an easy day or late departure after a cruise day in case your cruise reschedules itinerary.
  • Keep smiling if your cruise excursion is influenced by the bad weather because more inland activities and beautiful landscapes still waiting for you.
  • If you book the Halong cruise or tour with Vietnamdrive, please tell us to range another trip if you cannot come to Halong Bay.
best time to enjoy view in halong bay
The best time to enjoy the view in Halong is in the sunset. Alex Azabache/pexels

Frequently asked questions about the time to Halong Bay:

What are the Halong Bay weather averages?

The average temperature of a year in Halong is 23 degrees Celsius. The cold can fall down 16 degrees, usually in Jan or Feb; the hot time comes to 33 degrees Celsius, often from June to September.

The average annual rainfall of Ha Long is 1832 mm, unevenly distributed in 2 seasons. In summer, it rains from May to October, accounting for 80-85% of the total annual rainfall. Rainfall is highest in July and August, about 350mm.

Should I stay overnight on the cruise on the bay or in an inland resort?

It depends on your preference. But, Vietnamdrive recommend you stay at least 1 night or 2 nights on a beautiful cruise to get more activities and more chance to explore the bay.

Many cruises offer 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights itineraries to explore the bay. Highly recommend booking a 3, 4, or 5-star cruise to get more professional service and a better experience when spending a night on Halong Bay.

What is the weather in Halong bay in December?

December in Ha Long is one of the dry months. Although the night temperature can drop to 20 degrees Celsius, during the day the landscape is quite clear and the average temperature is 24 degrees.

December’s rainfall is also relatively small, so there are very few sudden rains.

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