Sung Sot Cave in Ha Long Bay Will Make You Surprise

Hang Sung Sot, called Surprise Cave in English, will amaze you with its incredible beauty if you visit this place. Therefore, on the journey to discover Ha Long for the first time, you will not be able to miss this beautiful shimmering cave.

sung sot cave in halong bay

Let’s start exploring together!

The specific location of Surprise Cave

Sung Sot Cave is located on a beautiful island in the middle of the sea of ​​Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

This location on the administrative Vietnam map: Bo Hon island, Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay ward, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

Ticket price to visit Sung Sot cave: 290,000 VND/person for the day tour.

Boat price to visit Sung Sot: 200,000 VND/person when joining the group sold at the counter.

The ticket price will be much higher if you choose to visit by cruise 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights on Ha Long Bay. Fortunately, there are many ships with all classes from high-end to affordable for you to choose from.

sung sot cave map

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Why is it called Sung Sot Cave?

The origin of this name originates from the discovery of the French scientist in 1901. When entering this cave, with its stunning beauty, he felt unstoppable and called it “Gotto de la surprise” in French, which means cave of surprise, and the locals call it Hang Sửng Sốt.

The name itself also says a lot about its charm, sure to give you a great feeling. Despite that, it was not until 1992, one year before the Ha Long Bay complex was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, the Sung Sot cave can welcome visitors, bringing hidden beauty to serve the needs of everyone’s exploration.

Since then, with an impressive name, Sung Sot cave has been continuously rated as one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long, in the top of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam and the world. This further confirms the intense attraction of the cave.

surprise cave in halong bay

3 ways to visit Sung Sot cave in Ha Long

To visit Sung Sot cave, you must travel by boat or canoe because it is located on the island.

Sung Sot Cave is in the series of Ha Long attractions of the sightseeing route No. 2, within 6 hours for a day tour, including Soi Sim Island, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, Bo Nau Cave, Ho Dong Tien cave, Luon cave, Trong cave, Trinh Nu cave and Me Cung cave.

So, when you want to visit Sung Sot cave according to the sightseeing route, remember to choose route 2.

Here are the ways that you can apply to get to this fascinating place.

visit halong bay
The guests often combine to visit other places in Halong besides Sung Sot.

Option 1: Visit the cave from Ha Long city

When you are already in Ha Long city, from the center you go on Hai Quan street for about 4 km to get to Bai Chay ferry.

You will buy entrance tickets and boat or canoe services, and then continue to move south about 14 km to Bo Hon Island.

The ship docks at Bo Hon island, you will be free to explore Sung Sot cave.

Option 2: Visit Sung Sot cave from Tuan Chau port

Tuan Chau wharf is the place to park most of the boats of international standards, providing luxury travel packages to visit Ha Long Bay.

You go to the boat station Tuan in Chau island to buy tickets for a 2-day 1-night tour or a day to explore Sung Sot cave.

Remember to buy a ticket for a tour that includes Sung Sot Cave, as there are multiple sightseeing routes for different ships at Tuan Chau Wharf.

Option 3: Visit Sung Sot cave on Ha Long tour from Hanoi

No worries when you choose a package tour to visit Ha Long from Hanoi, one day, two days, or three days. In particular, the 2-day 1-night boat tour mostly includes visiting Sung Sot cave.

Just book a tour with a travel company, pay attention to the company that includes visiting Sung Sot cave. Then you just need to carry your backpack and follow the program. Everything is taken care of by the company. That’s easy!

>> Hermes Cruise Halong has the itinerary covering this cave.

hang sung sot halong bay
Beautiful stalactites in the cave

What to see in Sung Sot Cave

The program to visit Sung Sot cave can be considered as starting when your ship leaves Ha Long wharf, from one surprise to another you will be surprised with the beauty nowhere else like that.

Amazingly beautiful with Ha Long on the way to visit the cave

Because Sung Sot cave is about 14km from the marina, on the way to the cave, you will cross the waves through hundreds of islands stretching over the deep blue water.

Do not sit still, raise your camera to capture the beautiful scenery of clouds, water and rocks everywhere along the way.

Also so beautiful on the way to travel to Sung Sot Cave.
Also so beautiful on the way to travel to Sung Sot Cave.

The steps to Sung Sot cave

When the ship stops at Bo Hon island wharf, you will start walking to explore Sung Sot cave.

The path from the marina to the mouth of the cave has many steps. You need to climb up 100 steps leading to the entrance of the cave that is about 30 meters above sea level.

The path is threaded under the green foliage, with a handrail on each step, it’s not too difficult to climb all these steps.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stop and look at the attractive space of the marina, rocky islands, and the sea. Every minute of sightseeing will make your heart lighter and more relaxed.

The amazing beauty in Sung Sot Cave

The main destination will gradually appear in your sight. You are immediately greeted with the gentle coolness emanating from the mouth of the Surprise cave.

The stunning beauty stretches with every step you take along the way in the 10,000 square meter cave.

Pay attention to the ceiling of the cave, which is artistically decorated with stalactites that look like glittering chandeliers.

Surely the small lakes (not far from the mouth of the cave) will make an impression on you, like sparkling magic wells. It is the result of small streams of water flowing from the ceiling through the limestone crevices.

Continue to step further on the small path leading you to a beautiful scene decorated with stalactites like a lovely room of about 600 square meters. You will see that the air in the cave is very airy at this time.

surprise cave halong

Do not stop, go deeper into the cave, you will be amazed at the large space that opens. The incredible beauty of Sung Sot cave is now revealed more, making you turn your head from one side to the other so as not to miss the wonderful images here.

This space has many passages and crannies like secret paths waiting for you to discover. If you are traveling with friends or relatives, please move slowly to imagine together different images created from stalactites and stalagmites. You may become a true nature explorer when thinking of various imagines from the fascinating ideas of the cave.

Notes when visiting this cave

  1. When visiting Sung Sot cave, you need a boat or canoe to move. If you go with a few people and want to cheap trip to visit Halong and this cave, you should buy a shared boat ticket at the wharf. Please inquire at the ticket office to visit Sung Sot cave.
  2. If you just want to visit Sung Sot cave and don’t mind spending more, then you can book a private boat, or want to travel faster, canoes are also ready to serve you.
  3. To visit the cave you have to climb about 100 steps, so you need to pay attention to your health and wear comfortable shoes enough to climb uphill.
  4. You should bring a small water bottle in case you are thirsty because in the cave, although it is cool, it is a bit dry.
  5. A minus point when visiting the Surprise Cave is that many tourists often come to the cave at the same time.
  6. Although there is a system of colorful lights inside the cave, you need to prepare a good camera with a strong flash to get better photos here.

FAQ about visiting Sung Sot Cave

1. Should I book the ticket in advance?

Yes, it is much better to do so. Booking the tour to Sung Sot with a travel company in advance gives you more peace of mind and more care.

2. Why does the sightseeing ticket not include the boat fee?

It is because depending on the various needs, you can choose a boat or canoe, a medium-class boat, or a high-class cruise to visit Sung Sot Cave. Each type has different prices to meet the diverse requests of guests, so the boat tickets and sightseeing tickets are not sold together.

However, when you book an overnight boat tour on the bay, most companies include entrance tickets and cruise prices as a condition.

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