10 Beautiful Beaches In Ha Long City To Go Swimming

Bai Chay beach becomes one of the famous destinations in Ha Long City. Besides this place, many beautiful beaches are free are waiting for you here.

In this article, Vietnamdrive will introduce you to the top 10 most attractive and well-known Ha Long beaches. Let’s go!

1. Tuan Chau Beach

tuan chau beach ha long
Tuan Chau Beach in Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long. Photo: @trang.sua

Tuan Chau beach is located on Tuan Chau Island, more than 10km from the center of Bai Chay. The beach serves mainly tourists who stay on Tuan Chau island. Small beach, no waves, clean coast, full services at suitable prices.

Popular activities for you to do here, such as swimming in the sea is good for families, and exploring Tuan Chau international port nearby.


  • There is a road near the beach, so you can park your car here, which is a convenient point for most travelers.
  • Ask for prices before using any service, such as freshwater to wash again, renting floats, lounge chairs, dining.
  • It is good to swim in the afternoon, in the morning the tide is low, the water level is very low.

2. Bai Chay beach is the largest in Ha Long

bai chay beach halong
Bai Chay Beach is beautiful with coconut trees. @annie.monn

The new beach in the Bai Chay area, also known as Sun World beach, is the largest one in Ha Long built on the old Bai Chay beach.

The new beach has been expanded to the sea by nearly 1km compared to the last one. This place is filled with very white and clean artificial sand.

Participating in activities in Bai Chay is one of the exciting experiences in Halong Bays that you like.

Popular activities for you to do here:

  • Go swimming, it is good for families with children, fewer waves because the beach is located deep in the Bay, protected by lots of islands.
  • Take a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise and watch the Bai Chay lighthouse.
  • The ideal place to organize team-building activities and company parties.
  • Thrilling games with water canoe and paragliding.
  • Have fun at Valley Beach Club right on the beach.
  • A Beach Bar along the beach can serve you while resting and with snacks and drinks.

Coming here, you may note:

  • The service items (such as freshwater bathing, changing clothes room, restroom included) are charged 20,000 VND one time.

This beach is in the center of Bai Chay, but you will have to travel a bit to reach the beach, 

  • around 500m from the nearby hotels.
  • Be careful with too sunny days, so you need to carry sun cream to protect your skin.
  • Private BBQ is not allowed.
  • Do not park on the sidewalk. The beach has a parking area for motorbikes, cars, and tourist cars.

3. New Marina beach near Marina Square in Bai Chay area

  • Address: X222+VR Hung Thang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
  • The beach is also free public area.
Marina beach
Marina beach. @maiphw.__

You can experience Marina beach. The beach is also on the same Hoang Quoc Viet road running from Tuan Chau to the center of Bai Chay.

Near this beach are beautiful resorts and hotels, such as Royal Lotus Resort, Central Luxury hotel, and Greenbay’s homestay apartments including Greenbay village, Greenbay premium, Greenbay garden. So it is very convenient for you to stay in the beach area.

Popular activities include relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sunrise and take pictures of the sunset, and organizing team-building games.

Please note that the beach has no lifeguard

4. Titop beach

  • Address: TiTop Island, Ha Long Bay
  • To reach the Titop beach needs to rent a boat or buy a tour to get to this site
tiptop beach halong
Titop Beach in the center of Halong, so to go there needs a boat. @ johnrobertwoods

The Titop beach is one of the very unique Ha Long beaches that you can enjoy the beauty of this bay.

TiTop Island is a small island located in Ha Long Bay. At the foot of this island is a moon-shaped beach embracing the foot. Although the beach is small but very airy, the water is clear and blue in four seasons.

TiTop Island is one of the popular destinations in Halong bay, on the Route 2 tour for tourists. Most of the cruises exploring Halong Bay often stop here for their guests to come ashore to swim and climb to the top of the mountain, that is a good way to enjoy the view from above.

Popular activities to do:

  • Relaxing and climbing to explore TiTop island.
  • Take pictures from the top of the mountain.
  • Swimming and participating in adventure games such as water canoe.
  • Kayaking is the most popular.


  • This beach is very small, so in the high season (Summer) it is often very crowded.
  • The beach has a small restaurant, supplying swimsuits and swimming buoys.
  • Fresh shower and other cleaning services are available for a fee.
  • If you like to climb up the mountain, you should wear light sport shoes or sandals for comfortable moving. Climbing should be done with a tour company.
  • If visiting this beach within a day, you may check cruise route 2, and buy tickets at the port in Bai Chay.

5. Hon Gai Beach

  • Address: Along Tran Quoc Nghien Street, see it on the google map
  • Also free to swim
hon gai beach halong
Hon Gai Beach is also very beautiful. @shawolmeu

Tran Quoc Nghien Street along the sea is a beautiful destination for travelers who want to explore a different side of Ha Long. This street is very spacious and beautiful along the seashore, creating convenience for traffic purposes, sightseeing, and the resting of the locals and visitors.

At the end of this street is a public beach, Hon Gai Beach. The beautiful beach has a length of 900m, a width of up to 90m, which can serve the swimming needs of the local people and tourists.

Hon Gai beach has opened since 2020, creating convenience for swimming to reduce the danger for swimmers along this area.

6. Soi Sim Beach

  • Location: Soi Sim island, Halong Bay
  • To come to this beach is by renting a private boat or Canoe
soi sim beach halong
Very peaceful Soi Sim beach. @huongloveloves2

Soi Sim Island has an area of ​​​​nearly 9 hectares situated in the west of Ha Long Bay, about 12km from Bai Chay tourist port, about 700m from Titop Island. Recently, the island has been put into operation to serve tourists to visit and explore.

Soi Sim Beach is one of the few islands in Ha Long Bay with golden sands along the island. This site is one of the quiet and secluded Ha Long beaches for travelers who love to explore new places and relax. Currently, visitors can go to Soi Sim island by canoe or rent a private boat to visit the bay for about 30 minutes to arrive

Popular activities to do here is to go Swimming and do kayaking and visit wildlife protection area.

The main point to notice the beach is that this destination is out of the group tour itinerary. So, you can come by private boat or canoe.

7. Reu private beach on an island of Vinpearl Ha Long resort

  • Location: Reu island
  • Ticket: 300,000 VND per adult; 150,000 VND per child
reu beach ha long
Reu Beach in Ha Long. @dadiquyet

From the center of Halong City, you can see Reu Island, which is a small site invested by VinGroup to construct a Vin Pearl resort.

Reu beach is a private beach to serve tourists when staying at the resort. But, the resort also serves other people by selling tickets to visit this destination. So, you can explore the island, rest on this beautiful beach, and have dining at the lovely restaurant.

The price to visit Reu Island and its beach for 4 hours is 300,000 VND per adult, 150,000VND per child, including a non-alcoholic drink.

A meal is served at the restaurant on this island is 530,000 VND per person, which will be extra charged.

Above are 7 well-known beaches in Halong for tourists to spend time. In which, Bai Chay and Tiptop beaches are the top choices.

Besides, near Halong City, other beaches are very wild beautiful beaches, where tourism activities have not touched much.

Here are 3 beaches near Ha Long Bay to check, including Quan Lan, Ngoc Vung, and Van Don Beaches.

8. Van Don Long Beach

  • Location: Van Don Long Beach, Ha Long City, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province, on the google map
  • This beach is a free site for the public.
van don beach halong
Van Don Beach has wild beauty. @thai.le01

Van Don Long Beach is located over an hour from Ha Long City. The Bai Dai Long Beach is a quite wild beach, which is suitable for backpackers.

If you want to travel with packing style, you should prepare tents, and sleeping bags to stay overnight when camping at the beach. This activity should do with the local guide to get better safe. And, it’s also great to swim in the warm afternoon days and watch the romantic sunset.

Many activities to do in Van Don Long Beach include tasting fresh seafood, enjoying a seafood barbeque on the beach, visiting the Truc Lam Zen Monastery (also called Cai Bau Pagoda) nearby.

You can move to this beach by car, motorbike, or local bus.

My favorite means of transportation to get here is a motorbike.

The road to Van Don is beautiful, easy to go, there is a bus from Ha Long, so it is diverse for all tourists who want to visit and travel.

9. Quan Lan beaches

  • Location: Quan Lan Island
  • Travel to Quan Lan island by speedboat from Hon Gai port or Cai Rong port.
quan lan beach halong
Quan Lan Beach. @thanh.n.g

Quan Lan Island, also known as Canh Cuoc Island by the locals, is situated in the bay of Bai Tu Long. From Ha Long, you can travel to Quan Lan island by speedboat from Hon Gai port.

Quan Lan Island is well-known for owning plenty of unspoiled beaches. You can spend time at these 3 famous beaches:

  • Quan Lan beach: The beach is shallow with clear water, a clean coastline. But, big waves often come on this beach.
  • Son Hao Beach: The beach owns long white sand, and has not been developed much. You can catch crabs in the rock crevices and go camping. A restaurant serves local food and seafood on the beach, but you should check the price before using any service.
  • Minh Chau Beach: Among three beaches in Quan Lan, Minh Chau beach is the most beautiful one with gentle and fine sand. It’s very suitable to swim, organizing team building, campfires. A few restaurants and the service are simple.

10. Ngoc Vung Beach

ngoc vung beach
A beautiful photo at Ngoc Vung Beach. @linhbbi

Ngoc Vung Beach is situated far away in Ngoc Vung Island, which is small and good for those who want to explore a new wildland. The beach has not been developed for tourism much with long beaches, and fine sand.

The services on the island are nearly nothing to serve foreign tourists, so keep your food and drink when you have a chance to come here.

You can join the activities, such as swimming, making your BBQ (it’s good when doing with a local guide), camping overnight, riding around the island to explore local life.

You have to know that the beach has no lifeguard.

With the information about the 10 most beautiful beaches in Ha Long, Vietnamdrive hopes you can get useful information to plan your trips in Ha Long Bay.

If you are a foreign tourist, it is good to stop at Bai Chay, Tuan Chau and Titop Beaches.

Which beaches have you been to or want to come to?

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