Vietnamese wedding dress: How a bride, groom, and attendee wear

Getting married is undoubtedly one of the most important events of all. Therefore, almost every nation in the world considers the wedding ceremony as a great celebration in life. Vietnamese people are no exception.

Before starting a Vietnamese wedding ceremony, there are many important things that need to be prepared. In particular, the wedding dress as an essential element cannot be ignored.

The wedding dress is always prepared carefully by the bridegroom and the bride as well as the people who have the honor to attend the wedding ceremony.

Nam Phong & Thanh Trúc
Wedding dresses of Nam Phong & Thanh Truc. @ photo_hientran

Are you paying attention to the costumes that Vietnamese people will use in the wedding ceremony? And, you will attend a Vietnamese wedding but don’t know what to wear?

We will help you learn about the types of costumes that will be used in Vietnamese weddings, including:

  • Costumes for the bride and groom
  • Costumes for attendees

The first thing to know is the different parts of a wedding.

A Vietnamese marriage ceremony will be divided into two main parts: the wedding ceremony and the congratulatory party.

The wedding ceremony is always considered the most important and indispensable part by Vietnamese people. The party usually takes place after the ceremony is completed and is not mandatory.

In some special situations or due to economic conditions, the party may be grand or omitted. This does not affect the fact that the couple is officially recognized as husband and wife.

Because of the difference between these two parts of the ceremony and celebration, the dress of a marriage ceremony in Vietnam also has a great difference between the two times of the wedding ceremony.

1. Ceremonial attire

Bride’s costume:

Except for some ethnic minority areas, the traditional costumes that Vietnamese brides use to perform important wedding ceremonies in their lives are ao dai and turban. This is in irreplaceable mandatory attire.

bride wedding dress
Wedding dress of the bride and her friends.

The bride’s dress is mostly pink or red. Those are the colors that represent the new, bright, auspicious. At the same time, they also chose to wear a light jacket of the same color outside. The bride’s coat always has an eye-catching pattern design with a dragon and phoenix image or a symbol of luck to create a prominent highlight for the main character in the wedding.

The bride wears this clothing throughout the official ceremonies of a wedding ceremony, such as offering incense to ancestors, introducing relatives, taking the bride, and joining her husband’s family.

Groom’s outfit:

If on the wedding day, the bride is required to wear a traditional Vietnamese dress – ao dai, for the groom, the clothing element is much simpler. He can choose a traditional tunic, an innovative ao dai, or an elegant suit and vest. The only mandatory element for the groom’s outfit is to be polite and bright.

wedding dress of groom
Vest is a preferred choice for the groom in his wedding. @thesistersdecorvn

However, in ethnic minority areas, most grooms choose to wear their own traditional costumes. For example, with the H’Mong people, the groom usually wears a white shirt underneath, a dark shirt with nice patterns on the sleeves, and wide-leg black pants.

Costumes for participants in the ceremony:

Most of the people who are invited to participate in the ceremony of a wedding are the family, close relatives of the bride and groom. A very few close friends of the bride and groom will receive the honor of attending this ceremony.

To ensure solemnity and courtesy for the ceremony, most attendees have to choose their outfits carefully. For men, the main outfit is a suit, including trousers, a light shirt, a tie, and a vest. Elderly men often choose to wear male traditional ao dai and scarves with the aim of increasing the respect they have for their fellow attendees.

Meanwhile, when Vietnamese women are invited to attend the wedding ceremony, most are required to wear traditional ao dai.

wedding costume in ceremony
Very polite costumes in wedding ceremony.

A small number of young people or close friends can choose Vietnamese clothes more freely, such as skirts, modern dresses, or other fashion designs but must ensure polite, discreet and bright elements.

Besides, although there is no mandatory rule on the color of the wedding dress, most people are aware that they should only choose to wear shirts and skirts with fresh and bright colors. Dark colors such as black, gray, or purple are considered the color of bad luck, bringing a breakup to the couple.

The important suggestion is that you should ask the host about how you should dress to suit their wedding ceremony in order to be more prepared.

2. Costumes appearing at the party

Bride’s outfit:

At this time, the brides are no longer bound in the dress code as in the ceremony but are free to choose in their preferences.

Most Vietnamese brides choose modern-style wedding dress designs.

wedding dress for party
Wedding dress for party.

Depending on the economic conditions of each person, the choice of each bride may be different. A few choose their own designer to make their own wedding dress. Meanwhile, most Vietnamese brides choose to rent a suitable wedding dress for their wedding day rather than buy it.

The bride can choose to use one, two wedding dresses or maybe more at her wedding party.

Of course, regardless of the choice, the beauty and splendor factor is still the top selection criterion of every Vietnamese bride.

Groom costume:

Just like at the ceremony, at the party, the groom’s costume is not too fancy. Most of the options are suit with trousers, white shirt, light tie, and elegant vest.

Clothes for guests:

There is almost only one dress code for guests attending a wedding party that is beautiful, new, and bright. This makes the special party of the bride and the groom more lively and radiant.

Of course, costumes that are too colorful, sophisticated, or outfits only for funerals and worshiping occasions should not appear at a wedding party.

In short, wedding dress according to Vietnamese tradition, women can wear traditional ao dai, innovative ao dai, and dress (in the style of a gala dinner). For men can use a shirt, trousers, possible to add a vest.

3. How much does a wedding dress cost?

Most noticeable and outstanding is the bride’s wedding dress. The traditional dress of the bride for a wedding ceremony can be from 2,000,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND. A big difference comes from various materials, decoration on the dress, hiring a designer or available in shops on the street.

You can find professional tailors in Hanoi, Hoi An Ancient Town, Da Nang, and Saigon. They will offer reasonable prices for the wedding dress, saving you a lot of money without renting a designer.

wedding dress for bride
wedding dress for bride. @linhngaworld

The wedding dress for the bride in a party is quite expensive compared to the living standard of Vietnamese people. A new wedding dress by hiring a designer can cost from 100 million to billions of dong. This price is only for a small number of rich buyers.

Bridal gowns are mostly rented at wedding rental shops. Depending on the newness and beauty of the dress, the price ranges from 800,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND each for a rental of 2 to 3 days.

The groom’s suit is priced the same as the current vest styles. Price levels depend on the fabric and the store’s reputation. The average price of a suit ranges from 2,500,000 VND to 6,000,000 VND.

Ready-to-wear suits are reasonably priced but not the preferred choice for most Vietnamese. Because ready-made suits often do not fit everyone’s body. And with the thought, the wedding is only once in a lifetime, so the groom often orders himself a satisfactory outfit.

4. Can you see many wedding dress designers in Vietnam?

Because the price is quite high for choosing a specific designer for wedding dresses and suits, it seems impossible to find a designer specializing in wedding dress design in Vietnam.

Usually, a few rich people will ask famous designers (such as general clothing designers) to design and sew on demand.

Famous clothing designers concentrate in Ho Chi Minh, and Hanoi. In other cities, almost no famous designer can be found.

Now is your choice for a wedding dress to attend an important wedding in Vietnam.

And, please tell me if the guide above gives you an idea for choosing costumes!

Or, do you want to ask us any questions about clothes for weddings?

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