Clothing in Vietnam: What you know to wear while traveling here

This post tells you about Vietnamese clothes in different areas and what you need to know about the costume before visiting Vietnam.

Various clothes in different parts of Vietnam
Modern clothes in Vietnam
Uniforms for the students in Vietnam
What you wear in Vietnam

Various clothes in different parts of Vietnam

Ao dai is the traditional dress of Vietnam, mainly for girls, which can improve their charm. You can see Ao dai all around the countries but mostly is worn in Tet holidays, celebrations, and festivals. Ao dai has a long top hugging the female body with skillful cutting and sewing up from the shoulders to the waist. Coming with this long dress, long pants are also compulsory to wear together.

ao dai vietnam
Ao Dai Vietnam. ©Long_Phung/pixabay

In the south region of Vietnam, Ao ba ba becomes daily clothing for working, traveling, and staying at home. This shirt has buttons running in the front middle as the modern style, and a conical hat is also worn with it. Long trousers go with Ao ba ba, and often the same color with the shirt. Dark brown and indigo brown are popular colors of these clothes, but modern style of Ao ba ba has various colors, brighter and younger-looking.

ao ba ba vietnam
Ao Ba Ba. @__phuoc__

The traditional clothing in North Vietnam are Ao tu than, meaning “four lap clothes”, which is also a long dress. The indigo brown is also common for this costume. The accessories included with Ao tu are long clothing slash and “Non Quay Thao” – a large round flat hat.

ao tu than clothing in vietnam
Ao tu than clothing.

In highlands Vietnam, you can find lots of different clothes because 45 ethnic groups live in the mountains from North to South. Most minority groups like using various colors to make their clothing appearance colorful. Typically, when traveling to Sapa, you have a chance to see clearer the outfits of mountainous people.

dao do clothing in vietnam
Dao Do clothing.

Modern clothes in Vietnam

With the development of society and fashion, almost all people have new thoughts of clothing in Vietnam, making them better look, more polite, elegant, and fashionable.

Many modern styles of clothes are easy to see in daily life, on the streets, in supermarkets, or in restaurants. Active pullovers, shorts, t-shirts, fashionable dresses, vests… come more and more everywhere in Vietnam.

You can see so many fashion shops and clothes companies in most of the small or big cities. Vietnam becomes one of the top countries to make clothes and shoes to export to many places in the world.

daily clothes in vietnam
Daily clothes. @duonggiaminh666

What to wear in Vietnam now is easy and flexible, not strict like in the past, and clothes become cheaper and cheaper. So, you do not worry too much about how clothes to bring for traveling in Vietnam, you can buy them here. Even you can get a lower price for new clothes than the rate to wash the same item in five-star hotels.

Uniforms for the students in Vietnam

When telling about Vietnamese clothes, it is a miss if not mention the uniform for students in schools in Vietnam.

At the same in most schools in the world, most of the schools in Vietnam choose modern designs for their students, creating activeness, agileness, and solidarity. Most of them like to choose white shirts, and black or dark blue, or skirts for girls.

Typically, the pupils in plenty of secondary schools wear red scarves, which is the symbol of the young team members (Doi Vien – an organization for the second pupils in the secondary schools).

school uniform clothing in vietnam
Photo: Uniform at Nguyen Tri Phuong Secondary School Hue

The highlight is the white Ao dai for girl students in high schools. You will be surprised by the elegant beauty of high school girls wearing Ao dai after finishing school. Surely, you get a lot of chances for beautiful photos at that time.

And, students at colleges and universities have more freedom to choose what clothes to wear. But, at a few universities, more in pedagogical Universities, girls also wear Ao dai, but not compulsory with the color.

What you wear in Vietnam

If you are a foreign traveler preparing to visit Vietnam, you may wonder what to wear.

At the present, Vietnam is more and more open-minded, thinking of the clothes becomes more flexible; however, there are some rules, you may want to know.

The top one is wearing clothes in Vietnam to make you look polite, elegant, and beautiful.

Do not wear too sexy while you are on the tours and visit crowded tourist attractions. Typically, most of the temples in Vietnam require visitors to have a polite appearance with sleeves shirts, and pants or dresses covering the knees when they want to enter seeing inside the temples.

Traveling in remote areas, such as mountainous provinces or the rural villages in Vietnam, elegant outfits is the best choice.

And, remember to prepare warm or cool clothes suitable for the weather depending on each season when you visit this lovely country. Please see here is the best time to visit Vietnam from the North to the South!

clothing in vietnam
Modern long dress in Vietnam. ©TieuBaoTruong/pixabay

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