Sugarcane Juice: What You Should Know Before Drinking It

Sugarcane juice is one of the most popular drinks in Vietnam, typically in the summertime.

In this article, we will answer questions about this typical drink, including:

sugarcane juice
Cups of Sugarcane Juice. ©Vietnamdrive

Now, take a closer look!

Sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane juice helps fight oxidation and aging thanks to its flavonoid and phenolic compounds that support you to have healthy skin.

Drinking sugarcane juice has the ability to reduce jaundice when this drink is rich in nutrients and minerals that help balance the liver’s ability to function.

Moisturizing the body for good skin and reducing kidney stones caused by dehydration is possible because drinking sugarcane juice helps fight dehydration and aids in the elimination of kidney stones.

The policosanol in sugarcane juice helps to reduce the body’s bad cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Sugarcane juice will provide a large amount of energy to help the body recover after hard work and sweat a lot.

Sugarcane juice contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc, so it helps you to reduce oral inflammation and bad breath.

drink sugarcane juice
It’s so good to drink this typical beverage. @anhoa_98

Cases in which you should not drink sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice has a cold character and high sugar content, so people with weak intestinal tracts, or full stomachs and loose stools, should not drink a lot of sugarcane juice and drink it regularly.

People who want to lose weight should consider when drinking this juice because this beverage has a high sugar content, so drinking without restraint will lead to overweight and obesity.

People with diabetes should not choose sugarcane juice as a daily drink because the high amount of sugar in the juice can make the disease worse.

sugarcane juice in vietnam
This juice is good but not used in a few cases.

The process of squeezing sugarcane in a manual machine

In order to have sugarcane juice to drink as well as sell to other customers, many people buy small sugarcane juice machines and place them on the street sidewalks for convenience for passersby to buy and drink.

To press a sugarcane juice, this is the process:

  1. Choose old sugarcane for sweet juice because young sugarcane will give a light and sour taste.
  2. Clean the thin outer skin (only its polish) and wash it.
  3. Open the machine and put the sugarcane in to squeeze the juice.
  4. Take the juice into the glass.
  5. Add ice to drink when you want to drink cold.
making sugarcane juice in vietnam
Making sugarcane juice in Vietnam

When making juice from sugarcane, you need to be careful to avoid danger to your hands. It is because the machine uses iron turbines to press the sugarcane.

The machine has many types: One that can be turned by hand using human power. Another has an electric motor to run the machine. Today, most sugarcane juicers use electricity to save manpower.

Where to buy sugarcane juice?

In Vietnam, buying sugarcane juice is simple. Right on the sidewalks, you can see a small cart with the word “Nước mía” (Cane juice) on it, and a picture of a sugar cane tree or a juice glass. That’s what you are looking for.

You can order as many glasses as you want, and add your own requirements, such as less ice, no ice, or a little sourer from lemons or kumquats.

Many Vietnamese people like to add kumquats to sugarcane juice to get more vitamin C. The juice has a better flavor.

The price of a glass of sugarcane juice is also very affordable. Depending on the place, it will cost from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND. With this price, almost everyone in Vietnam likes a drink, tasty, cheap, and nutritious.

place to sell sugarcane juice
If you see a point like this, you can buy sugarcane juice

Notes when drinking sugarcane juice

Do not buy sugarcane juice in unsanitary places, and the process of squeezing the juice is not carefully covered.

Do not drink more than one glass of sugarcane juice a day to avoid excess sugar. A glass of sugarcane juice is about 200ml, not over one per day.

Do not leave sugarcane juice for more than 15 minutes in the warm room or outdoors when opening the package or glass. It is because this drink is an ideal environment for many microorganisms to live and grow.

Do not drink too much sugarcane juice at once to avoid excessively high blood sugar in a short time.

Avoid drinking cane juice at night before going to bed to avoid getting up to urinate at night.

selling sugarcane juice in vietnam
A place to sell sugarcane drinks

Frequently asked questions about sugarcane juice

What is sugarcane juice usually used with?

Sugarcane juice is a summer beverage that can be drunk alone, or when eating Vietnamese bread or snacks on the sidewalk.

In the late afternoon, on the roads along the rivers, many people often sit to relax and order a glass of fresh ice cane juice. That’s great.

Should I drink sugarcane juice cold or hot?

Sugarcane juice is usually drunk cold in summer. So, the glass contains a lot of ice. If you take it away and leave it for a while, ask the seller to give it a big ice to keep it cold longer.

If you are a foreigner, please pay attention to the issue of using ice because ice is usually made from ordinary water in Vietnam.

Is a sugarcane juice machine expensive?

You can buy a small sugarcane juice machine if you want to drink this beverage and want to make your own at home to ensure hygiene.

The price of a sugarcane juicer ranges from 3,000,000 VND to 7,000,000 VND, depending on the size and design.

In Vietnam, almost no family buys a sugarcane juicer for their own use. It’s because, in the hot season, it is easy to find and buy a glass of sugarcane juice at an affordable price.

place to make sugarcane juice
A sugarcane juicer uses electric power to press. ©Vietnamdrive

Can I eat sugarcane?

Aha, this is interesting. In markets in Vietnam or at stalls, sometimes sellers sell fresh sugar cane for you to eat.

Eating sugarcane will be difficult and can hurt your teeth if you have never chewed sugarcane before.

However, when you get used to eating sugarcane, you will find it quite enjoyable to chew a hard object and have sweet juice.

Regular chewing of sugarcane is very beneficial in cleaning and strengthening teeth, minimizing uncomfortable breath.

Note that when eating sugarcane, you only swallow juice and release bagasse. You can’t swallow the dry bagasse – that is impossible for sure.

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