Stone Church Nha Trang

Nha Trang Stone Church was built in 1928 and completed in 1933 on a 12-meter-high hill in the city center. The church has a length of 36 meters and a width of 20 meters with the main material of solid granite, so it is called a stone church.

Actually, this church has the official name of Christ the King Cathedral (Nha Tho Chanh Toa Kito Vua). Besides, the locals call it different names, such as Nha Trang Church because the main one is in this city, the Mountain Church because it was built on Hoang Lan Mountain, and Nga Sau Church because it is located at the 6-road junction of the city center.

stone church nha trang
The typical stones are used to build this church. ©Vietnamdrive

Stone Church in Nha Trang City

Located at the intersection of 6 main roads, including Nguyen Trai, Le Thanh Ton, Ly Tu Trong, Ly Thanh Ton, Le Hanh Phuong, and Thai Nguyen. In fact, there is another new road, Nui Mot Road, so there are 7 branches here. But locals are still used to calling the Nga Sau intersection. Therefore, when asking for directions, you should only mention the Nga Sau intersection for easy understanding.

  • Church Address: 01 Thai Nguyen Street, Phuoc Tan Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
  • Opening hours to visit:
    • Weekdays: 5:30 am – 17:00
    • Sunday: 5-7 am, 11 am – 16:30
  • The Mass time:
    • Weekdays: 4:45 am, 17:00
    • Sunday: 5:00 am, 7:00 am, 9:30 am, 15:00 pm; 16:30; 18:30
  • Crowded time:
    • Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 10:00 am, 15:00 – 17:00
    • Sun: 7:00 am – 11:00 am, 15:00 – 18:00
  • Visiting duration: 30-40 minutes (Only taking pictures, no ceremony)
  • Entrance fees: No tickets. However, there is a donation box in the aisle near the parking lot. You should prepare 10,000 VND to donate here to avoid unnecessary trouble before entering the church area.

1. The main reasons to visit this place

There are plenty of reasons for the locals and tourists to come to this church. Here, Vietnamdrive lists a few popular points.

stone church in nha trang city
This church attracts lots of visitors coming here every day. ©Vietnamdrive

1.1. Being a place to pray for a peaceful life

Like other religious places in Nha Trang, such as Po Nagar Tower or Long Son Pagoda, the Stone Church has become a place of worship and daily prayer for the local Catholics.

1.2. Discovering the beauty of the ancient church architecture

Built in the classical style of most Catholic churches, Nha Trang church contributes to maintaining the architectural beauty in the style of the Congregational Church, which also contributes to this coastal city’s charm.


1.3. Being a beautiful destination for young people to take pictures

The church area becomes a perfect background for young people to keep beautiful pictures or share with friends on Instagram or Facebook. You can sometimes see couples take wedding photos to catch their youthful and energetic days before marriage.

2. Notes when visiting the church

The best time to visit the church falls in the late afternoon when the sunlight has softened. Then, the right light gives you beautiful shimmering pictures. If noon is too sunny, you will feel dazzled and tired.

nha trang stone church

You can only enter the Cathedral when it is not time for Mass. However, the opening and closing times of the Cathedral may vary from the announced times, depending on various factors. Therefore, sometimes you can only visit the outside of this church.

There have been a few cases of disappointment when being instructed to contribute to the donation box in the aisle near the parking lot to go to the church. To avoid small things affecting your visit, please prepare a small amount of about 10 thousand VND per person to donate here.

Dress in elegant style when visiting to show respect for a dignified religious place. Wear pants below the knee and a shirt with sleeves, or prepare a thin jacket to cover your body when needed.

In the church area, there is no noise. In particular, keep quiet inside the sanctuary. Standing to take pictures in the cathedral, you should pay attention to its solemnity.

stone church nha trang

3. Frequently asked questions

3.1. Who founded the Stone Church?

French priest Louis Vallet, born in 1869 and died in 1945, is considered a great contributor to the construction of Nha Trang Stone Church. He was also a contributor to the development of Catholicism in this coastal city. When the priest died, to pay respects and remember his merits, he was buried with a grave at the foot of the mountain, to the right of the path to the church.

3.2. How many meters high is the church?

From the road surface to the highest point of the church cross is 38 meters. Among them, Hoang Lan Hill is 12 meters high, and the rest is the church structure. Thanks to the ideal height, you can easily see this building when you stand almost anywhere in Nha Trang City.

3.3. What is special about the bell tower of Nha Trang church?

The typical feature of the bell tower is on four sides with 4 big clocks attached. People around this church can see the time when looking up at the top of the bell tower.

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