Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang

As the largest religious place in Nha Trang, Long Son Pagoda has an area of ​​more than 3,000m2 with many attractive architectural works of classical style.

The temple was first built in 1886 on the top of Trai Thuy mountain. In 1900, due to damage by a big storm, the temple was moved to its current position halfway up the hill, built on a larger scale and more stable.

long son pagoda in nha trang city

1. General information about Long Son Pagoda

  • Address: No. 22, Road 23 October, Phuong Son Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
  • Opening time: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. Pay attention to the closing time of the main temple from 11 am.
  • Estimated time to visit: 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Sightseeing tickets: Free entrance fee

2. Highlights at the area of the pagoda

The temple has many beautiful architectural works and scenery. However, to save time for you who do not have much time to travel in Nha Trang, Vietnamdrive introduces the remarkable points below.

2.1. Reclining Buddha statue

buddha in long son temple
Reclining Buddha

When you go up the temple to the waiting area of the 44th step, turn to the left to the back of the main shrine. It leads you to a reclining Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue was elaborately built in 2003, with a length of 17m and a height of 5m. This site is considered the peaceful place of the Buddha after entering nirvana.

2.2. Tall white Buddha statue

statue in long son pagoda nha trang

The tall statue, built right on the hill of Trai Thuy mountain, was the old foundation of the first temple. In 1963, this statue of Kim Than Phat To was built, also known as the White Buddha because of its white color.

The statue system has an overall height of 24m from the ground, from the base to 21m, the part of the statue is up to 14m high, and the lotus base is 7m high with a diameter of 10m.

To visit this statue, the 153-step stairs on the right side of the main temple lead to reach the Buddha.

2.3. Steps to go up to the temple and Buddha

long son temple in nha trang

If you notice, many temples in Vietnam choose locations on the tops of mountains to build. On the one hand, based on feng shui, on the other hand, it is one of the ways to teach Buddhists the spirit of overcoming difficulties.

To get to the place where the Buddha dwells, it is necessary to pass many steps – a total of 193 steps from the hill’s bottom to the top. That means teaching Buddhist people and sentient beings that they need to go through hardships and effort to achieve success. Success does not come easily. Therefore, visiting the temple is also a way to learn about yourself.

2.4. The two biggest candles in Vietnam

In the main hall of Long Son Nha Trang Pagoda, you will see the two biggest candles in Vietnam kept here. Each candle weighs up to 900kg and has a height of 3.4 meters, elaborately carved in the shape of a dragon. If you do not look closely, you will easily confuse these candles with the shrine pillars.

Two candles were cast at An Phu Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, donated by Pham Nhat Vu to the temple. These two candles are considered precious objects. If possible, approach them to feel the abundant energy radiating.

3. What to do in Long Son Temple

These are the popular activities that this temple attracts many pilgrims and tourists to visit.

3.1. Watching the panoramic view of Nha Trang city

long son pagoda nha trang

The pagoda is located on a hill over 30 meters high with a 500-meter walkway and just over 1km from the city center to the west. This temple has a great location to give you a panoramic view of the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.

3.2. Worshiping and enjoying the beautiful scenery

This temple has become one of the famous religious sites in Nha Trang. Along with Po Nagar Tower, Long Son daily welcomes many people to worship and serve beliefs, creating belief in peace and tranquility for the soul.

Besides worshiping activities, the pagoda also greets hundreds of visitors every day to enjoy the view around the temple. The space is neatly arranged, and many cultural and historical works mentioned make this place an attractive destination for visiting.

3.3. Explore ancient architecture

bell tower in long son pagoda

If you are an architecture lover, this pagoda is also a meaningful place to explore the beauty of classical architecture. The style of the ancient Vietnamese pagodas is very clearly present in Long Son pagoda. Using wood and modern materials creates a solid but also full of charm for the shrines.

4. Notes when visiting the temple here

  • Built on a high hill, the pagoda has many steps. It is not suitable for the elderly or people with bone and joint diseases who are unable to move well.
  • The main hall is open from morning to 11 am, and it will be closed later. If you want to visit the main hall, where there are two large candles, then choosing the morning is appropriate. Outside of that period, you can explore the surrounding temple.
  • You should dress neatly, with pants longer than the knees, and a shirt with sleeves, not too thin, especially when entering the temple area.
  • Most places are for photographing freely, but you are careful in the main temple. Do not stand with your back directly to the shrine, as well as to the Buddha statues. Standing to one side when shooting or facing the statue is recommended.

Long Son Pagoda has become a spiritual tourist destination not to be missed in Nha Trang. Please include this well-known location in your program! You will surely find many interesting things here.

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