15 Souvenirs From Vietnam That You Can Buy For Gifts

The article mentions the souvenirs from Vietnam for you to buy during your visit to this country.

To make it easy for you to check, Vietnamdrive arranges from cheap gifts to high-value ones.

In the introduction of each souvenir below, you will get information, including where will you buy it and its price.

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1. Brocade handbags

Brocade products are typical of ethnic minorities in Vietnam, especially located in the northern mountainous region and Central Highlands. So, during your journey to Buon Ma Thuoc, Sapa or Ha Giang, don’t forget to choose for yourself and your friends some brocade products, especially brocade bags.

brocade handbags
Brocade handbags are souvenirs carrying culture of the minority groups. @gocnha

We choose to introduce brocade bags among the items of this category because of their applicability, in addition to the cultural beauty and talent of the maker in every detail of the bag.

A bag depending on the size will cost different from 50,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

2. Products from woven bamboo

Bamboo has become one of the symbols of Vietnam associated with the peaceful life in rural areas. Using a lot of bamboo for working, the villagers also create many things for housework and decoration.

bamboo products
Bamboo products become interesting souvenirs. ©Vietnamdrive

You can buy a few products from this material as gifts for your home or your loved ones.  These products include tools to contain food, tea trays, decorative lights, or art models.

Nowadays, it is more difficult to find bamboo products than others because they are not popular in the city. However, you can find it in some rural markets or specialized stores that introduce woven bamboo products, such as in Bao La Village, or Dong Ba Market in Hue City.

The price of each product is from 50,000 VND, depending on how big or small, difficult or easy to create them.

3. Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An lanterns contribute to creating a brilliant beauty for the old town every time they light up. Hoi An lantern becomes a special type of product that many tourists like to bring back as souvenirs.

lantern hoian
Lanterns are also good souvenirs. ©Vietnamdrive

Lanterns here are made of bamboo and silk surrounding them, different from Hue lanterns or industrial lanterns. Therefore, they have their own beauty, suitable for decoration.

You can buy them right at the lantern stalls in Hoi An ancient town. Or, if you visit the Hoi An night market on Nguyen Hoang Street, you can easily find small shops selling all kinds of colorful lanterns.

The cool thing is that you can fold these lanterns for easier portability.

The price of each lantern is from 70,000 VND in small size to 250,000 VND in large size.

4. Conical hats

In the journey to discover this beautiful country, you will easily see conical hats imbued with Vietnamese agricultural culture. This hat is an item that many farmers often use to cover the sun and rain when working in the field.

conical hat in hue
A lady sells conical hats in Hue City. ©Vietnamdrive

Nowadays, you can see many girls wearing traditional ao dai and conical hats at some attractions, especially in Hue, to take pictures.

These hats become a souvenir with the local breath, and agricultural culture, used to wear or decorate houses, and restaurants.

It is very easy to buy a conical hat at Dong Ba market in Hue City, which produces good conical hats for Vietnamese farmers.

Each one costs an average of 80,000 VND. If you choose a conical hat with pictures and colorful embroidery, it will cost 150,000 VND.

The disadvantage of this souvenir product is that you cannot fold it, and it is quite cumbersome to bring on the plane.

5. Silk scarf

Silk scarves become a good souvenir for women, suitable for cold days or for going to the beach.

silk scarf souvenir
Silk scarfs are also meaningful souvenirs.

Silk is produced in many areas in this agricultural country. So you can easily buy them in local markets or souvenir shops.

In terms of price, you may be surprised, each silk scarf has a huge difference in price from market to store, especially in fashion stores. Ranging from 150,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND.

6. Coffee bean

Vietnam is considered the home of coffee production when ranked 2nd in the world in terms of coffee exports. Therefore, you cannot ignore coffee products in the list of gifts from Vietnam for yourself or your loved ones who like to enjoy coffee.

vietnamese coffee bean
Coffee beans are a typical gift from Vietnam.

The famous coffee growing area in this country is Central Highlands (including Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot …). However, everywhere, from small shops to supermarkets in Vietnam, you can buy coffee beans or pre-ground coffee in bags – featured by the Trung Nguyen brand.

Every 500 grams of good quality coffee beans costs from 80,000 VND. And each bag of 500 grams of powdered coffee costs 70,000 VND.

7. Fish sauce

Fish sauce, which becomes an important part of Vietnamese cuisine,  appears in almost every meal. From family meals to luxury restaurants, fish sauce is present to enhance the flavor of the dishes.

fish sauce
Fish sauce is a typical gift that is hard to carry. ©Vietnamdrive

If you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, then fish sauce can be a gift that you can take away. However, check with the airline how much liquid you can bring, and whether they allow you to bring fish sauce on board.

There are many famous fish sauce brands in Vietnam for you to choose from. You can buy it directly at supermarkets or shops specializing in making the fish sauce that you visit in Phu Quoc Island, Phan Thiet City, and Nha Trang City.

The fish-sauce price varies from 20,000 VND for 700ml – this type is not of high quality. Therefore, we recommend you choose a fish sauce from 80,000 VND for 500ml.

8. Clothing

Clothing is one of the lovely Vietnamese souvenirs that you should put on your reference list. It is because Vietnam is a country specializing in exporting garments to the world market.

clothing in hoian
A happy guest got a new made-to-measure dress. Photo: Yaly Couture

Clothes have two types, ready-made that you can choose for relatives or friends as Vietnamese gifts. You can buy these products in most tourist destinations and markets.

The made-to-measure garment is just for you because the tailor-made size is yours. This type of tailoring service is very famous in Hoi An, in just a few hours you will have a beautiful dress, vest, or dress.

Clothing products are often very erratic, depending on the material and design. So, if you buy at the market, you should bargain the price to get a good rate.

Each ready-made t-shirt has an average price of 120,000 VND. Some more valuable T-shirts will cost 200,000 VND.

With on-site tailoring, prices vary depending on the material or type. The price of each shirt will be tailored from 400,000 VND. (~19USD), men’s and women’s suits are priced from 2,000,000 VND to 4,500,000 VND (80-200 USD).

9. Silver jewelry products

In Vietnam, there have long existed many villages and neighborhoods making jewelry, creating outstanding gold and silver jewelry products for daily needs.

Silver jewelry products
Silver can combine with other products to create beautiful jewelry. ©Vietnamdrive

If you are traveling in Vietnam and want to buy jewelry, we do not recommend you buy gold jewelry, because gold usually costs more than the world price here.

Instead, choose silver jewelry, more affordable. It is easier for you to choose a beautiful silver souvenir for yourself or a loved one, especially for a female friend.

Many shops, prominent in Hoi An, will be willing to process for you customized silver jewelry models that cost only a few hundred thousand to a few million dongs.

Silver souvenirs you can choose from include rings, pendants, bracelets, or a custom piece of art.

However, be careful when you decide to buy some silver products from small shops that do not specialize in silverware, maybe fake silver, or poor quality silver.

10. Pearl Jewelry

With a long coastline, Vietnam has high-value pearl farming areas, such as Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang Bay, and Phu Quoc Island.

pearl jewelry souvenirs
Pearl jewelry souvenirs is one of the luxury gifts. ©Vietnamdrive

When traveling to the places above, you will have the opportunity to buy high-quality pearl products for loved females, such as mothers, sisters, or lovers. They include pearl earrings, pendants, bracelets, or necklaces.

Besides the above locations, in high-end jewelry stores in Hanoi or Saigon, and even high-end hotels, you can also buy these pearl products.

A beautiful pearl necklace can be from 2,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND. The price is high or low depending on the mother-of-pearl, size, and luster of the pearls.

If you buy at tourist places, ask if they have a discount. You should bargain the price when shopping, but in hotels, the prices are often listed.

11. Artistic ceramics

A wide variety of high-value decorative art ceramics such as vases and artistic ceramic works in Hanoi’s Bat Trang Pottery Village will contribute to enriching the collection of souvenirs in Vietnam.

artistic ceramics
An artistic ceramic product from Bat Trang Village. @gom.su.phuc.an

The value of artistic ceramics is used to decorate houses, hotels, offices in antique style, or restaurants. So, if you or one relative works in the above field, artistic ceramic works can be the right choice for gifts.

Most ceramic products are a bit bulky, so it is difficult for you to carry on your journey through Vietnam. Therefore, you should immediately check with the seller to ask them to send the goods to your house.

Most of the art ceramic products in Bat Trang are made by hand and their rate is calculated according to the artistic value of each product, so each product will have a different price. You can expect small products priced from 1,000,000 VND to more complex products costing up to 20,000,000 VND.

>> Please see more the traditional arts in Vietnam!

12. Gems

If you are a lover of gems including Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, and Aquamarine, then Vietnam is also a place where you can choose for yourself a satisfactory souvenir.

luc yen gem stone
Photo: YenBai Gemstone and Jewelry

In Hanoi or Saigon, you can choose a jewelry product with this kind of stone. However, the place where you will be surprised with a market specializing in gems is Luc Yen Gem Market in Yen Bai province, about 250 km northwest of Hanoi.

In Luc Yen Gem Market, every day there are about 100 stalls selling gems, especially crowded on weekends.

For the rate, each gem ranges from a few million dongs to a billion dongs (meaning from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars).

13. Marble souvenirs

The art of stone carving in Vietnam dates back hundreds of years. Many artisans have produced many beautiful decorative works, providing for the needs of daily life, such as decorating houses, villas, hotels, resorts, pagodas, or churches.

marble mountains village
A corner of the carving stone village in Da Nang City. ©Vietnamdrive

One of the famous places for carving stone items is in Non Nuoc stone village, at the foot of the Marble Mountains in Da Nang City, Vietnam.

You can find marble Buddha statues, marble lions, marble artwork, and marble tables and chairs.

Each product costs from a few million dongs (several hundred dollars) to hundreds of millions of dong (several tens of thousands of dollars) depending on the size of the product.

Marble souvenirs are very heavy, so most tourists cannot take them on their trips. Therefore, a shipping service is also available at the shop, which can help you deliver stone statues or items around the world.

14. Lacquer work

Lacquer paintings also become a special kind of Vietnamese souvenir from this beautiful country.

Lacquer can be considered one of the art forms originating from Vietnam, bringing many unique features in the style of composition.

lacquer work
A lacquer work is taken in an exhibition in Hue City.

Saigon has a few painting studios specializing in the production of lacquer pages that you can visit and buy as gifts to decorate your home or office corner cozier.

However, if you want to buy high-quality lacquer art words, you don’t have to find them in the big workshops. Go to private galleries in Hanoi, Hue or Saigon, where some of the prominent artists in this genre create priceless works.

With artistic lacquer works made by famous artists, it is not possible to price right now, possible to get hundreds of thousands of dollars. As for popular lacquer works, you will often find them at prices from 2,000,000 VND (~100 USD).

Please pay attention, lacquer paintings cannot be rolled. So you have to carry it with you throughout the journey in Vietnam.

15. Art paintings

Paintings are also classified as special souvenirs in Vietnam that you can buy for display, gift, or collection.

art painting vietnam
An art painting by the author Hoang Thanh Phong. ©Vietnamdrive

Lots of works of art created by famous painters in Vietnam have become priceless ones, costing up to several million dollars, sought after by many collectors around the world.

Private galleries in Hanoi, Saigon, or Hue will be where you’ll find some of the most valuable art pieces for your collection.

If you’re not a collector looking for a high-value painting gift, you can also find a few inexpensive paintings, ranging from a few hundred dollars.

For these cheap paintings, you can find them in galleries in Hoi An, Hue, Da Lat, etc. After purchase, most paintings come in plastic or paper tubes for easy portability.

With the types of souvenirs in Vietnam presented above, which one will you choose as a gift during your visit here?

Let me know which souvenir impressed you the most.

If you want to ask more about Vietnamese gifts or see if we missed any lovely souvenir products? Please send us your comments using the information below!

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