9 biggest supermarkets in Vietnam for the retail market

Many supermarkets in Vietnam have constantly extended. The number of businesses in this field has grown sharply in the last few years because Vietnam is a new and vibrant retail market.

These big supermarkets and shopping centers are popular in brands, scale, and coverage.

1. Go! Supermarket

go supermarket vietnam
Go! Supermarket. ©Vietnamdrive

Belonging to Central Retail Corporation Thailand, Central Retail Vietnam Group is the direct owner and manager of a chain of 38 Go! in the Vietnamese market. The predecessor of this retail chain is Big C supermarket, the offspring of Casino Group. In 2016, Central Retail completed procedures to acquire all Big C stores in Vietnam. In 2020, the Big C brand was completely restructured into Go! Supermarket.

Setting the goal of “making customers’ lives easier,” Go! Supermarkets have brought practical values to clients. This supermarket chain constantly offers various solutions to provide quality and diverse goods at competitive prices. This feature is one of the reasons Go! Stores maintain the throne of the retail industry in the Vietnamese consumer market.

2023 is the third consecutive year that Central Retail Vietnam Group has been ranked number one in the top 10 reputable companies in the Retail industry by Vietnam Report (Vietnam Evaluation Report Joint Stock Company). This ranking is an affirmation of the steady growth of Go! Supermarkets.

2. Co.opmart

coopmart supermarket vietnam
Coopmart Supermarket. ©Vietnamdrive

Having the same customer segment as Go!, Co.opmart focuses on solving the daily consumption needs of the locals in the low and medium classes.

In February 1996, Ho Chi Minh City Commercial Cooperative launched its first supermarket named Co.opmart Cong Quynh. From here, Co.opmart continuously develops, grows, and becomes a big supermarket chain with nationwide coverage. At present, Co.opmart has 128 supermarkets in 43 provinces and cities. In particular, in the Ho Chi Minh City area alone, this supermarket has up to 43 stores.

This brand is a complete Vietnamese supermarket chain, and it owns a large number of domestic consumers who love to use it. With the criteria: “Vietnamese supermarket for Vietnamese people,” Co.opmart pursues the business policy of “responsible consumption,” constantly striving for consistent product quality and competitive prices. At the same time, these stores also focus on providing fresh, delicious, and detailed food sources for the Vietnamese’s daily meals.

3. Aeon Mall

aeon mall vietnam

Japan’s leading retail brand, Aeon, has been present in Vietnam since 2016, with its first location being Aeon Mall Binh Tan. This commercial center has a total floor area of about 114,000 square meters, and its address is in Binh Tri Dong B ward, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City.

From high-class shopping experiences, Aeon quickly asserted its name in the Vietnamese consumer market. At the same time, with the consistent criteria “customer first,” this hypermarket always wins the love and trust of almost all customers.

Nowadays, Aeon owns 8 large shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Binh Duong, Hai Phong, and 14 other projects, which are being prepared or built throughout Vietnam.

In addition, this retail group also has 17 small stores called Aeon MaxValue. These stores are a solution to supply goods for daily consumer needs while helping to bring the Aeon name closer to various groups of users in Vietnam.

4. Winmart and Winmart+

winmart shopping center
Winmart Shopping Center. ©Vietnamdrive

Two retail brands, Winmart and Winmart+, belonging to Wincommerce company, a member of Masan Group, are gradually dominating the retail market in Vietnam. According to a report released by Masan Group, in the first nine months of 2023 alone, this system opened 245 new Winmart+ mini stores and 2 Winmart supermarkets, bringing the total number of retail establishments nationwide to 3,586 stores.

The predecessor of Winmart and Winmart+ retail chains is Vinmart, a subsidiary of Vingroup. In December 2019, Vingroup began transferring all shares of Vinmart to Masan Group. By June 2021, the first Vinmart store changed its name to Winmart. In early 2022, all Vinmart stores changed their names to Winmart or Winmart+.

The outstanding advantages of this supermarket chain system are that they are compact, operate flexibly, and provide a full range of essential goods for the daily consumer market. This flexibility helps Winmart and Winmart+ stores to be available everywhere. It quickly enters all large and small residential areas, all rural and urban regions, along the country.

Although, Winmart and Winmart+ do not bring customers the same service experience as at hypermarkets. However, the ability to cover the various markets helps this retail chain become familiar to domestic consumers. Besides, tourists can also easily find a Winmart store in almost all the tourist places across the country. It provides a convenient solution for you to find popular items that ensure reputation, quality, and safety.

5. Vincom Supermarket

vincom plaza shopping center
Vincom Supermarket. ©Vietnamdrive

If Winmart develops according to the strategy of covering the market, directly entering almost all regions close to its shoppers. Its brother – Vincom, aims to develop high-quality supermarkets, creating a luxurious shopping service experience.

Vincom, at present, owns 83 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country, including 4 divisions: Vincom+, Vincom Plaza, Vincom Mega Mall, and Vincom Centre.

  • Vincom+ focuses on emerging market segments in districts and towns.
  • Vincom Plaza is distributed in new and small cities and areas outside the centers of large cities.
  • Vincom Mega Mall targets mid-range and high-end consumers, with many luxury items serving famous domestic and foreign brands.
  • Vincom Center is in prime locations in major urban areas. Vincom Center is Vincom Group’s most high-end segment, providing a luxurious and classy shopping and entertainment experience.

In particular, there are hypermarkets with the largest scale in Vietnam, such as Vincom Mega Mall Times City, located in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, with an area of up to 200,000 square meters; and the Vincom Mega Mall Royal City – an underground commercial complex, in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, with an area of 230,000 square meters.

With the criteria: “inspiring – connecting every day,” Vincom chain always aims to build a modern shopping environment. At the same time, creating a fun, engaging, and exciting entertainment and cultural space. Vincom deserves to be one of the top shopping centers in Vietnam for both domestic consumers and international tourists.

6. Bach Hoa Xanh

bach hoa xanh supermarket Vietnam
©Bach Hoa Xanh

As a subsidiary of Mobile World Investment Corporation, Bach Hoa Xanh was born in 2015 with the first stores in an area of less than 100m2 in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City.

This supermarket chain aims for the business criteria to help customers’ shopping become as quick and convenient as possible. Therefore, although entering the retail market late, Bach Hoa Xanh quickly attracted much attention from public opinion and consumers.

Bach Hoa Xanh owns nearly 1,700 stores operating across the country. At the peak period, in 2021, the number of stores of this mini supermarket chain is up to 2,106 locations.

The market coverage strategy pursued by Bach Hoa Xanh helps the chain grow quite quickly in quantity. Within 5 years, thousands of sale points with small areas from 100m2 to a maximum of 400m2 had opened. However, it also made the business results of this “big man” encounter plenty of difficulties.

After reporting losses many times, Bach Hoa Xanh is gradually entering a growth trajectory and is expected to grow stronger in the near future. Nationwide coverage promotes its strengths to help Bach Hoa Xanh become more familiar with local users. At the same time, it brings a lot of convenience to shopping for busy people.

7. MM Mega Market

mm mega market vietnam
©MM Mega Market Vietnam

Belonging to BJC/TCC Thailand Group, MM Mega Market Vietnam Company launched its first supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City in 2002.

At present, the company owns 21 wholesale centers and supermarkets, 5 goods supply stations, 2 transit warehouses, and thousands of product and personnel supply partners. Mega Market is a leading name in the Vietnamese retail industry.

The operating strategy that Mega Market pursues is to create a supply channel for safe agricultural products and goods of domestic origin to consumers. This feature helps improve the quality of Vietnamese farming products. At the same time, this system also ensures clear goods origin when supplying users with over 90% of products originating from domestic manufacturers.

With the advantage of a direct supplier, Mega Market ensures the detailed origin and quality of goods at competitive prices. Also, this supermarket chain is a famed supplier to many professional customers, such as restaurants, hotels, industrial catering, and corporate kitchens.

8. Lotte Mart Vietnam

lotte mart da nang vietnam
©LOTTE Mart Da Nang

A retail brand from Korea, Lotte Mart, has been present in Vietnam since 2008, with the first facility named Lotte Mart South Saigon. This first supermarket was situated in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, and this is also the head office of this supermarket chain at present.

After more than 15 years in this country, Lotte Mart has gained a lot of love and developed a well-known name in the consumer community.

This supermarket chain has expanded into 15 locations in 10 different provinces. Most of them are in prime positions in the crowded city center area.

Intending to create a convenient and exciting shopping space, Lotte Mart Vietnam provides various products, including daily goods, fashion, children’s toys, and electronic items. It also includes other related services, such as dining, entertainment, and cultural and artistic space.

9. Emart Supermarket

emart vietnam
©Emart Vietnam

As the darling of the Korean Shinsegae group, Emart Supermarket is doing well as one of the famous retail chains in Vietnam. Emart opened its first facility at the end of 2015 in Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City.

On an area of 19,700 square meters, this hypermarket quickly attracted the attention of local people. In addition to meeting the need for convenient shopping, Emart also brings the guests a lot of experiential value through accompanying areas, such as health care, food, and entertainment service areas for children.

With the business criterion “Customer first,” this supermarket chain always aims to build a modern, clean shopping space with quality goods at the best prices.

Emart Vietnam has had 3 hypermarkets, including Emart Go Vap, Emart Sala, and Emart Phan Huy Ich. All of these shopping centers are in Ho Chi Minh City. Emart is setting a goal of reaching 20 supermarkets in the near future and becoming the supermarket chain with the number 1 market share in Vietnam.

With the list of the top 9 supermarkets in Vietnam introduced, you will easily find modern shopping addresses besides traditional local markets. In these shopping centers, you not only find essential goods but also experience a relaxing shopping space and attractive entertainment services. It is an important part of making your trip more exciting and fun.

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