Marathons in Vietnam: A New Way To Explore This Country

Marathons in Vietnam have become more and more popular among the local people and many international tourists. Joining the marathon events can help you get benefits from training for good health, enjoying the fun with others, and exploring the beauty of cities in Vietnam during running.

vietnam marathon
A Vietnamese marathon in Hue held by VNexpress

If you are a marathon runner, please check more information about Vietnamese marathons below!

How big is a marathon in Vietnam?

Depending on the organization, Vietnam marathons have various numbers, from a few hundred runners to 10,500 people.

marathon race in vietnam
©Vnexpress Marathon with thousands of people

The biggest marathon events are organized by Vnexpress, the famous Vietnamese newspaper. They often combine with other organizations, such as the city government, and business firms, such as FPT, one of the big telecom Vietnamese firms. Then, their events increase the power to attract many local and international runners.

So, you can find around 7 big marathon events per year. Besides, many smaller ones are held by the local cities in Vietnam. When a marathon is organized in a city, it can contribute to developing tourism at each place on this running.

The marathon events in Vietnam in 2024

Vietnamdrive suggests you join the marathon by Vnexpress when it has good preparation and a well-organized event.

running marathon in vietnam
Running together. ©Vnexpress

You may check the information on the 2024 marathon program below:

Date to receive racekitsDate to runLocation
19 & 20 April 202421-Apr-24Hue City
21 & 22 June 202423-Jun-24Quy Nhon City
12 & 13 July 202414-Jul-24Da Nang City
09 & 10 August 202411-Aug-24Nha Trang City
06 & 07 September 20248-Sep-24Ha Long City
13 & 14 December 202415-Dec-24Hai Phong City

These activities give you a good look at famous cities in Vietnam. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes:

  • Nha Trang City owns beautiful beaches.
  • Halong City is a beach region, owning many beautiful islands in Vietnam.
  • Hai Phong City has rich seafood cuisine culture and a lot of French-style buildings along the roads.
  • Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, gives you the quiet atmosphere of the old town and the lovely different style of new regions during night running.

How can I join a marathon organized in Vietnam?

Welcome everyone in the world coming to Vietnam for running!

receive bib for marathon in vietnam
Receive a BIB before running

Although you can book a Vnexpress marathon online, Vietnamdrive can support you to buy the tickets.

Surely, you cannot miss a chance to visit Vietnam. Our team also opens plenty of package tours and many activities for you to explore this beautiful country before and after the marathon events, which gives you a good chance to learn more about the lifestyle and culture here.

It means you keep your valuable time to rest and work your own job. Vietnamdrive’s team does almost things from booking tickets for a marathon, planning the process to train you how to run when you are in Vietnam if this is requested, booking the hotels that are close to the event, and supporting other services as requested.

Please tell us what you want to do! Also, please select the marathon dates as above and add a number of your group, ages as well! Then, our staff will do the rest.

A few tips for participating in a marathon in Vietnam

run vietnamese marathon
Running is a fun activity.

Almost the running roads are flat, and the weather in Vietnam is quite hard; hot or rainy can come during the event day. The hottest time is from May to Sep, raining days can come from Oct to Feb.

To be familiar with the terrain and weather here, you should come to this country at least 3 days before the running date.

Try to run a little in the same city at the same time frame, where and when the marathon will start. This tip helps you know how to spread your energy and know the local temperature.

Book accommodation as near the starting point of running as possible. This feature supports you to reduce the time to move. Vietnamdrive can support you to organize this if you book a package tour with us before or after the event.

Many Vietnamese athletes have won Marathon prizes in the country and Southeast Asia. So if you intend to win this marathon’s prize, you need to practice more.

Running a long distance can be a big challenge for you. You have to make sure that you train and own your good health condition to join the marathon race. It is because good health for running is a necessary condition to consider, in addition to the common things to prepare before entering Vietnam.

running a marathon makes us fun

Running in marathons in Vietnam can become a good experience for you and your relatives during your time in this lovely country.

Almost people join this event to challenge themselves to encourage them to train exercise and to obtain the health target to get optimistic feelings.

And, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam while running, try to explore the local culture and great cuisine after the marathon days.

If you have any questions about Vietnamese marathons, please contact us or leave a message below. We are here to support you.

Please fill out the form to contact us for any requests! Or Whatsapp +84 934 889 667 to our phone! Thank you!


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