5 local food to taste when traveling to Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Coming to Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, are immersed in the beaches with the peaceful view, and enjoy the delicious and unique local food.

1. Half dried squids Phan Rang (Mực một nắng Phan Rang):

dry squids in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan
Dry squid is good for beer. Photo: internet

Coming to Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan sunshine area, if you miss the taste of this dish, then you loss a great tasty meal here. In order to make this dish, the local people have to choose the freshest squids, and wash them to reduce the salt of the sea; then, dry in the sun. Must be exposed to good sunlight, the dish is more delicious.  Half dried squids Phan Rang is a sweet, delightful specialty of Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan Province. In addition, the dried shrimps of Phan Rang are also a delicious taste that travelers should try when visiting Ninh Thuan.

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2. The dishes from Dong (Các món ăn từ con dông):

Dong in Ninh Thuan Province
Grilled Dong in Ninh Thuan, photo:internet

Ninh Thuan with many sand dunes along the coast creates favorable conditions for Dong (an animal likes the lizard, but much bigger) living. The thick sweet meat of Dong has been a specialty of this land.  The professional chef of Ninh Thuan can process seven dishes from Dong such as salad, rolls, grilled and steamed Dong. The dishes from Dong meat are trendy because of the deliciousness, sweet and strong meat.  If you come to Ninh Thuan, you should eat the dishes made from Dong.

3. Fish noodle Soup Ninh Chu (Bún cá dằm Ninh Chữ):

Ca Dam Noodle Soup in Ninh Chu
Ca Dam Noodle Soup in Ninh Chu -photo:internet

This is a delicious and popular dish in Ninh Chu. The food is freshly processing, flavorful, fresh fish and chewy. When tasting it, its flavor with sweet sauce makes customers remember forever. This can easily be found at the street food restaurants of Ninh Thuan.

4. Nhum Ca Na in the sea (Nhum biển Cà Ná):

Taste local food in Ninh Thuan - Nhum Bien Ca Na
Nhum Bien Ca Na – Nhum Ca Na in the sea – photo internet

Coming to Ca Na Beach in Ninh Thuan, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of Nhum – a unique specialty that is not popular at the others. Nhum can be cooked a lot of dishes, but the best one is probably porridge and grilled. The fresh Nhum is cut to take its eggs to marinate, and then fried quickly. The eggs are added into the rice porridge. The remaining meat of Nhum is cooked wasabi which is tasted with the lemon and pepper salt.

5. Rice pancake in Ninh Thuan ( Bánh xèo Ninh Thuận):

Banh Xeo – Rice Pancake is a favorite dish, but visitors will have a very different experience with this in Ninh Thuan. The cakes were poured on terracotta moulds placed in a round oven. Another unique feature of this dish is the sauce.  The sauce is made of peanut, peppers, and fish sauce, or the sauce is mixed with an own formula depending on the chef.

With Ninh Thuan Tourism, visitors will have a memorable trip with beautiful scenery and have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious and unique local food. If you intend to come here, you should go immediately. The peaceful land Ninh Thuan welcomes you. (Huu Nghia / Vietnamdrive)

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