Top beaches in Ninh Thuan Province

Coming to the sunny & windy land of Ninh Thuan, tourists will definitely want to visit the beaches under that sunshine. What is better than being immersed in the blue water under the sunshine? Thanks to that wind and sun, Ninh Thuan is blessed with many beautiful beaches, attracting tourists.

Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay
Vinh Hy Bay -Photo by Ongtien

About 30km far from the center of Phan Rang, Vinh Hy Bay is a destination that tourists cannot ignore. The wild but romantic beauty is the highlight that shapes the soul of Vinh Hy Bay. The bay is surrounded by green hills, interwoven with limestone mountains in weird shapes, completely embracing the bay.

Not only you can swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you also can enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood at reasonable prices.

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Binh Tien Beach

Binh Tien Beach
Binh Tien Beach – Photo by Quoc Dai Tran

Binh Tien Beach is located in Cong Hai Commune, Ham Thuan District, Ninh Thuan Province, about 30km from Phan Rang City. The beach is calm, gentle and peaceful with spectacular scenery that would surprise visitors. If you want to check in and take beautiful photos, Binh Tien is a suitable place to produce memorable ones.

You can watch the sunrise from the sea, or you can look at the stars together in the sky at night, which is really romantic. You can also go to Binh Tien Beach for camping overnight and discover the untapped beauty of this area.

Ca Na Beach

Ca Na Beach is located alongside 1A National Highway and Thong Nhat Railway. This is one of the beautiful beaches of Ninh Thuan with blue sea, white sand, rocky mountains, and majestic mountains surrounding; plus the winding roads winding through the straits. All of these makes Ca Na Beach a special place to come.

Ca Na Beach
Ca Na Beach -Photo by Th5554

If you arrive Ca Na Beach early in the morning, you can see the Ca Na Seaport with full of boats filled with shrimps and fishes. Thus, visitors can visit all the alleyways and have breakfast with the local people with fresh and delicious seafood dishes.

Rai Cave

If you are a real trekker coming to Ninh Thuan, this cave is a place that you cannot ignore. With its enchanting natural beauty, the cliffs have strange and unique shapes that make the scenery unique and beautiful for those who come to the Rai Cave.

Rai Cave
Rai Cave -Photo by Chu Toan

Visiting this cave, you will see a scene like a fairy, the cliffs stacked in the middle of the water. The large and small caves will satisfy your curiosity.

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Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu Beach is located in Binh Son Village, Khanh Hai Town, Ninh Thuan Province, about 5km far from Phan Rang. Ninh Chu Beach is known as one of the nine most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, with 10km in length, a flat arc-shaped coastline, clear blue water, beautiful white sand, and fresh air.

Ninh Chu Beach
Ninh Chu Beach -Photo by Phuong Duy

When you arrive here, you will have a peaceful feeling and definitely forget about the busy life out there. Watching the sea, swimming on the blue water and catching the cool breezes blew from the sea will make anyone feel light and comfortable.

In addition to staying in the resort, visitors can set up camp and enjoy a night at the sea if they wish to seek for a strange and exciting feeling.

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