Hoi An to Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

Hoi An City has developed travel services for many years. It’s easy to transfer from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills to visit the Golden Bridge and other sites there.

visit ba na hills from hoi an
Visit Bana Hills. ©Vietnamdrive

Tourists can choose different kinds of vehicles to travel, including a:

Vietnamdrive strongly recommends using a taxi/grab or a private car/van, although they have a higher price than other transportation. You can check the details, including the advantages and disadvantages as below; howerer, firstly, how far from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills?

Distance from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

  • From Hoi An City center to Ba Na Hills’ cable car ticketing office: 48 km
  • From Hoi An City center to the top of Ba Na Hills: 64km
  • It takes us around 1 hour to drive from Hoi An to the parking lot in Ba Na.

Tips: Please note that, at present, most of the tourist cars are not allowed to drive up Ba Na Hills’ peak. The guests have to stop at the car parking and move a short distance to the cable car ticketing office. Then, they buy tickets to go up the hills by cable cars. Price seems high, but it’s worth to come here to visit the Golden Bridge, Fantasy Park, and many beautiful sites.

golden bridge in bana hills

Travel from Da Nang Airport to Ba Na Hills and Hoi An

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Map of ways to go:

Map from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills
The routes from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

Please check the vehicle to move from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills’ parking lot.

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Taxi/grab from Hoi An to Ba Na hills

It seems easy to book a taxi to travel from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills for one way. If the guests go two ways, they should note that the price is much higher for waiting and often double rate. The travelers often have to pay for parking fee or road tolls if any.

Taxi companies have a 4-seat car (for max 3) and 7-seat car (often for max 5 small guests), not have 16-seat van.

These rates are for reference, estimated average charge. The price is subject to change, so it gets real cost when you use it. Different companies and cars have different rates.

Type of carsPrice/km Price/way
(not count for waiting)
4-seat car: Kia Moring, Grand i10, Vios…12,000 VND to 14,000 VND576,000 VND to 672,000 VND
7-seat car: Innova, Kia Carens, Fortuner…13,000 VND to 16,000 VND624,000 VND to 768,000 VND

And, you may check the phone and names of taxi companies from Hoi An:

  • Mai Linh Taxi 02363 92 92 92
  • Faifo Taxi 02363 91 91 91
  • Sun Taxi 02363 79 79 79
  • Tien Sa Taxi 02363 59 59 59


  • They often drive one way from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills,
  • You have to ask when you need to wait if you need them to wait for you,
  • It costs a lot for waiting, so it’s expensive when tourists go two ways with taxi/ grab,
  • Style to serve guests is not perfect, and
  • Smell of taxi is not lovely (at least for me – the editor of Vietnamdrive).


  • Fast to start for immediate needs, because you can call a taxi to book and go right away.

Motorbikes, local buses, and shuttle buses


Vietnamdrive do not recommend foreign tourists to use motorcycles to travel to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An, and in Vietnam in general.

This vehicle is too adventurous to drive with heavy traffic and quite different driving habits of the local people.

Local yellow buses

You should avoid using the local yellow buses if you want excellent service. Although these buses tickets have a low price, about 20,00VND per ticket from Hoi An to Da Nang, their service is deficient quality.

In addition, they just stop at Da Nang bus station, so you have to catch another taxi to go to the Ba Na Hills.

We do not recommend using this vehicle to travel to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An City if you want fast and convenient services.

Shuttle buses

The travel companies or private transportation firms often control shuttle buses/vans; their quality is much better than the local buses. For traveling alone, the guest may think of using this kind of transfer.

However, at present, not many shuttle buses working from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills (but from Da Nang City to Ba Na is better). When booking a shuttle bus/van from Hoi An, you have to ask the owners if they can pick you up in Hoi An during your travel days.

You should check carefully the correct buses and their time to start from Hoi An. As our experience, time for shuttle buses to run from Hoi An City at 7:00 am – 8:00 am, and they come back from Ha Na Hills’ parking lot at 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

Until now, the shared buses/vans are not easy to book by yourself as a foreign guest, so you will need help a travel agent range them from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills (but if you stay in Da Nang, that is good to do.)

Advantages to use the shuttle buses:

  • Price is low if one person travel, around 250,000VND/guest/way.
  • (May) Pick up at the hotels in Hoi An, not in the old town center.


  • Expensive if you travel with a group or other members of your family,
  • Sharing the buses/vans with other people,
  • Not convenient to book,
  • Not flexible time to travel.

Private cars/vans to transfer from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

A private car or van is an excellent choice for luxury travel, and for who has less time but want high-quality services.

4-seat new car


  • Door-to-door service with peace in mind,
  • High quality of selected cars/vans
  • Good attitude of drivers because all of them works in tourism serving foreign tourists.
  • Flexible to start as your requests (usually telling when booking),
  • No worries to get a higher price when waiting, so you feel free to visit Ba Na Hils, and
  • Convenient and comfortable with personnel service.


  • You need to book a private car/van in advance,
  • Price can be higher than other vehicles.

Price of a private transfer from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills are:

Type of carsOne way
(Hoi An – Ba Na Hills, or Ba Na Hills – Hoi An)
Two ways
(Hoi An – Ba Na, waiting 3 – 4 hours – Hoi An)
Sedan car (max 3 guests)800,000 VND
= 35 USD
1,265,000 VND
= 55 USD
SUV car (max 4 guests)1,035,000 VND
= 45 USD
1,495,000 VND
= 61 USD
Van (max 8 guests)1,265,000VND
= 55 USD
1,955,000 VND
= 85 USD


  • The rates are for the standard days, not for national or Tet holidays.
  • The price may be changed depending on the time of bookings.
  • These rates are offered by Vietnamdrive for reference. If you want to book a car, please contact us to know correct price on your travel date!

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Ba Na Hills day trip from Hoi An

Most of the guests visiting Ba Na Hills do not need a package tour or a tour guide. They just need the transfer services (cars/ vans/buses) to the foot of Ba Na Hills, then they buy tickets of cable cars to go up the top to explore Bana, and spend their time. It is because the guiding boards are clearly set up to tell the ways to visit from each destination to another destination.

travel from hoi an to ba na hills
Many guests like to travel from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. ©Vietnamdrive

However, if you want more people to take care of you, and help you move around quicker, you can book a package tour. A private package tour to visit Ba Na Hills costs around 3,500,000VND ~ 150USD, including a tour guide, car, and cable-car tickets.

A join-group package tour with a lower price (1,350,00VND = 58USD) is available at some travel agencies. But, when a foreign tourist book a shared journey, please check with them carefully that the suppliers accept international visitors and the tour has English-speaking guide. It’s because most of the join-group tour is designed for Vietnamese guests.

Itinerary of a join group tour to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An within a day is for reference.

  • 07:45 am: A van with a tour guide will pick up the guests at the hotel in Hoi An.
  • 08:00 am: Depart for Ba Na Hills, the van will run through Da Nang City.
  • 09:00 am: The group stops at the Ba Na parking area, and start getting on cable cars to move up the top of Ba Na Hills.
  • 09:30 am: When getting to the 2nd cable-car station, the tour guide takes you to take the mountain train (optional) which is a great experience to visit Ba Na Hills.
    • Tourists have more chances to visit other attractions in the hills, including Tinh Tam garden, Hoang Gia Villas, Linh Ung pagoda with a 27m tall Quan Yin, and French wine cellar.
    • You also move to the famous Gold Bridge to take pictures and enjoy magnificent views of the mountains.
  • 11:00 am: The tour guide continues to take you to the 3rd cable car to conquer Ba Na peak with 1,487m higher than the sea level.
  • 12:00 pm: Have lunch buffet at a restaurant and take a rest.
  • 1:00 pm: You continue to freely play at Ba Na entertainment area – the most extensive indoor entertainment in Southeast Asia with many exciting games.
  • 2:30 pm: Catch the cable car to come back the van.
  • 3:00 pm -3:30 pm: Drive back Hoi An City.

Note that when joining a group tour, you will share the time and convenience with other people. So, please respect the other guests and follow the instructions of the tour guide.

Please fill out the form to contact us for any requests! Or Whatsapp +84 934 889 667 to our phone! Thank you!


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