5 beaches near Ho Chi Minh City bringing wild beauty

Near Saigon have plenty of peaceful and beautiful destinations. But sometimes people want to go somewhere with the cool breeze, enjoy the fresh seafood dishes, or simply take pictures of nature. No worries! Vietnamdrive introduces you to 7 pristine beaches near Ho Chi Minh City that have lots of fun.

The top beautiful beaches near Saigon

1. Can Gio Beach

Can Gio is a place with endless sandy beaches and pristine sea, making a peaceful space. This area is a coastal district of Ho Chi Minh City, about 50km from the center. If traveling by car or motorbike, you follow Huynh Tan Phat Street to cross the Binh Khanh ferry. Then, keep going straight to the Can Gio Sea.

Can Gio Beach
Can Gio Beach | @aiais_q

This place is known as the green lung of the Southern region and also the first biosphere reserve in Vietnam. When visiting Can Gio, you can escape from the noise of the city, watch the sea, and enjoy the cool air. If you like eco-tourism, you can go to Vam Sat tourist place. There are many species of plants and animals. Typically, a monkey island will give you a lot of fun.

Traveling to Can Gio, the guests can not ignore seafood. You can enjoy seafood restaurants along the beach at affordable prices. If you want to have a more elegant style, you will go to the restaurants located on 30-4 Street. For those who prefer the strange feelings, you can go to Hang Duong market to buy seafood and then go to the beach to prepare and taste them. But, this way is good to do when you travel with local people.

2. Tan Thanh beach

Just about 2 hours by car, you will go to the longest black sand beach in Vietnam. To travel to this beach near Ho Chi Minh City, you find the way towards QL50, through Go Cong Town. Then, you follow the DT862 road about 15km further to the destination.

Tan Thanh Beach Can Gio
Tan Thanh Beach

If you like swimming, this beach is not an ideal choice. Tan Thanh beach is famous for black sand, so it looks not clean. However, the beach has its own attractive feature with the longest and most beautiful black sand beach in Vietnam. And, when stepping down on the sand, you will feel the layers of fine feelings like going on velvet, making you like going to the beach forever, and never gets bored.

Tan Thanh beach is flat and stretches for many kilometers that become a good place to grow clam. So, when coming there, you can play with the sand and water, enjoy the opening space, and watch the clam watching on the sea. On this beach, you can experience to welcome the beautiful sunrise in the tranquil surroundings.

This place attracts a lot of professional and amateur photographers to takes pictures of life at the dawn. You can see plenty of activities on the beach and amazing frames for your photos.

Another very interesting experience is the hunt for clams, and enjoying the white clam will surely be an unforgettable meal. A local person will range and help you have this experience.

3. Thanh An Beach

Thanh An Beach is an island commune in Can Gio district, located about 50km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the East. Thanh An looks like a girl nestled by the noisy urban flow. On the island, there are about 5,000 inhabitants, and their main job is fishing and salt making.

Thanh An Island
Thanh An Beach | @mr_rua

Thanh An Island has a peaceful life of the sea with mangrove forests, rocky roads, docks, etc. Especially, many photographers are fascinated by the unique way to walk in the middle of the sea.

Thanh An Beach is not a famous tourist destination, so you can feel the simple life of the people. This beach near Saigon does not have many services and utilities. But those who like to find the local life and original culture, a trip to this island does not make you regret it. The scenery is peaceful, the people are gentle, and the food is delicious and cheap.

One note is that when eating on the island, you buy seafood at Can Thanh market and bring it along. When fishermen come back from the sea, they usually sell their products to seafood shops, so it is not easy to find fresh seafood right on the beach. Finding a local friend who supports exploring this site is a good idea when it does not develop tourist services.

4. Phuoc Hai beach

Phuoc Hai beach situates at the foot of Minh Dam Mountain, Phuoc Hai Town, Dat Do, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, this beach near Saigon is recognized as the most beautiful in Vung Tau.

phuoc hai beach
Phuoc Hai Beach | @havananh44

Coming here, you will spend time with a rare pristine beach. Along with that are the vast white sand area, beautiful magic rocks, and green casuarinas. The seawater here is clear. On the thin sand have small snails calmly crawling to play around… And so, you will be free to relax on a large beach, watching the rocks covered by the white foam waves.

This beach is the most beautiful in the early morning. You will watch a wonderful sunrise. Under the sea are baskets of fishermen going fishing near the shore, creating a peaceful feeling. Phuoc Hai people live mainly on fishing. And this place is also the oldest fishing village in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Although there are a few restaurants here, to enjoy delicious seafood in Phuoc Hai, you should buy clams, fishes, crabs from people who have just caught. And then find a place on the beach to cook and eat immediately.

5. Long Hai Beach

Another suggestion for the destination near Saigon is Long Hai Beach. This beach is clean and not too hustle. It is very suitable to escape from the busy life of Ho Chi Minh during the weekends. Phuoc Hai Beach is about 100km from Saigon and takes 3 hours to drive by car to there.

Long Hai Beach owns a beautiful and long sea route, adorned by the most lovely cherry blossom trees, especially when Tet comes, they bloom to cover a big area. To travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, you can use a private or a hydrofoil. These two means of transportation are the top choice.

The typical feature of the sea scenery is the clear water with long sandy beaches and a few rocks. When staying at this place, you can feel the salty taste of the sea here. And, you will like seafood in Long Hai because the price is very reasonable, including shrimps, crabs, grilled squids… But, you should ask the price before tasting, that is a good idea.

Long Hai beach is one of the ideal tourist destinations near Saigon for those who want to change the wind and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

>>> You may check an artificial beach near Saigon in Dai Nam Wonderland.


these are popular beaches near Saigon that you can choose to visit within a day. However, if you like swimming and using good tourist services at the beach, you can travel to some beaches in Vung Tau, and Long Hai is one of the top choices.

Many beaches in Can Gio are still wild although they are near Saigon, a crowded city. Thus, tourist services at these beaches are not perfect. But, you can find the peaceful life and lovely scenery, not changed by visitors.

And, Thanh An Beach is on the island, so it is the best time to come there from January to June when the weather and waves are calm.

Another note when you taste seafood is that you should not eat at, so tiny restaurants and not try too much to avoid causing allergic. And, it is better to ask the price before tasting any crab, shrimps, and squids because some of them have a much high price.

Which beach will you come when you have holidays to Saigon?

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