Weather Information in Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang is a beautiful beach city in the center of Vietnam with a lot of attractive destinations, such as Ba Na Hills, the Marble Mountains, or Linh Ung pagoda. To visit Da Nang City, I think you may check the weather information to plan your holidays better. So, let’s learn it now.

Weather Information in Da Nang Vietnam

The best time to visit Da Nang with nice weather:

The best time which can be chosen to visit Da Nang is from February to the beginning of May. It is because, at that time, the sky is sunny with the levels of low humidity due to the weather transition period.  With the beautiful weather,  you can explore and visit all of the attractions in Da Nang, especially the beaches. However, you may get the scorching heat in the afternoon.

Knowing the Weather in Da Nang Vietnam is important before you have a plan for having a family vacation in the city.

General introduction:

Study Da Nang Vietnam Weather is good to plan great holidays in this beach city. Danang – the developing city- has a tropical climate, especially the tropical monsoon climate which comes with a mild temperature. The condition of the weather occurs throughout the year. Da Nang belongs to the third largest town in Vietnam. Besides that, this town is also known as the best area in which there are many tourists worldwide who visit the place to spend their holidays. When it comes to attractive tourist places, there are many great places that can be visited. Some of them are Non Nuoc beach, My Khe beach, as well as My Son and Hoi An, world heritage sites.

Da Nang Seasons:

Da Nang Seasons
The top of Ba Na Hills -photo: internet

Da Nang actually has two seasons throughout the year.

  • Those distinctive seasons are the wet period which mostly occurs in September until March and the dry period which mostly occurs in April until August. Besides that, due to the close proximity with the East Sea, Da Nang has an average temperature of around 18 until 34 C.
  • Especially the season of the monsoon season occurs between September and March. At that season, the average temperatures are as high as 31 C and as low as 18 C.
  • When April comes in, it belongs to the transition month from the wet period to the dry period. The season occurs from April until August. The city will be also experienced high levels of humidity. The heat may reach up to 35 C, especially during May and September.

Tips to notice:

  1. The rainfall (September and March) also usually falls in the short bursts. When you have a plan for visiting Da Nang at that time, make sure that you bring the umbrella.
  2. When the rainfall gets worse, it is better to postpone the vacation in Da Nang. It is because Da Nang had a bad history regarding rainfall. There had happened floods and typhoons which caused a great disaster to the city. However, the occurrences of natural disasters are rare.
  3. Da Nang will have the scorching tropical heat from May to September. Besides that, this city is also known as the most well-known retreat among the citizens. Therefore, there will be busy traffic and large crowds.
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