Vietnamese egg coffee recipe

Egg coffee (in Vietnamese: cà phê trứng) is a creative and unique drink that plenty of people like, because of its typical, passionate, greasy flavor that is unforgettable.

Vietnamese egg coffee is very famous in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you do not have a chance to come to coffee shops in Hanoi to taste it, you can completely prepare for yourself and your family the delicious, nutritious cups of this coffee right at your home with our recipe.

To make egg coffee a good flavor, you need to learn a small skill and use it sophisticatedly in the preparation process. It is because the taste of eggs is very fishy, so ​​if the coffee is not mixed properly, then it creates unpleasant feelings for the drinkers, and you will waste coffee.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to each step when preparing this drink. The way to make Vietnamese coffee with egg is also quite simple with the following steps.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Vietnamese egg coffee

Ingredients to make Vietnamese egg coffee

  • Coffee powder: 3 – 4 spoons to make about 90ml coffee
  • 1 fresh chicken egg
  • 1 spoon of condensed milk with sugar
  • 1 spoon of sugar
  • ½ spoon of honey
  • 1/3 spoon of rum or a little vanilla
  • Boiled water

Way to make amazing Vietnamese egg coffee

Step 1: You use a filter (or machine) to make black coffee with boil water and pour it into a cup. Depending on the taste of each person, you can add a little sugar or condensed milk.

Step 2: You separate the egg white and egg yolk part, then put each of them in two different bowls. Do not mix them with each other, because each part has a different way of preparation. The egg is the main ingredient that will help you create an incredible cup of coffee, so you need to choose a good fresh egg with hygiene.

Step 3: Use an electric whisk to beat the egg white, then add sugar and condensed milk to continue beating until it is fluffy and fragrant. This step is essential to be careful to have a delicious egg coffee. Thus, you need to keep this liquid good conditions. Usually, you whisk this mixed container from 2-3 continuous minutes, non-stop until you see it become nice and good feelings.

Step 4: Next, put the honey in the bowl containing the egg yolk, and mix with an electric mixer until the mixture has a typical aroma. If you do not have an electric whisk, you may use Vietnamese chopsticks or a spoon to beat the yolk. You need to notice when you beat it by hand, you should do it fast at a steady pace, and non-stop to have a perfectly smooth mixture. While you mix this one, you add rum or a little vanilla to kill the fishy taste of the yolk.

Then, pour the mixture of egg yolk first, and add the egg white part to cover on it. That is completed. Now, you finish making delicious egg coffee.

Tips: You may mix the mixtures of the egg white and yolk together. However, these are compatible after you beat them separately. To make a cup of coffee look nice, you can add a little chocolate powder on the top with decoration.

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Notes to know while making Vietnamese egg coffee

 It seems simple to make egg coffee with those steps, but to prepare it good, not easy. Thus, you need to read some notes below to get an amazing cup of this coffee.

The ratio of ingredients putting into egg mixture and coffee is a vital factor to make a cup of cafe great. Using the right ratio will also save more materials, but also note the taste of each person, you may add more sugar or rum/vanilla to make it sweeter or less fishy.

However, most of the people like a cup of Vietnamese egg coffee when it is not too sweet, not too bitter, not fishy, but fragrant. Besides, the cup of coffee has a greasy flavor; egg flavor is blended with the coffee aroma to create a unique savor.

You should drink the coffee cup when it is still hot. It is because if you drink it when it’s cold, it will taste fishy. This note is also an important skill to serve egg coffee to attract taster.

You can put a cup of egg coffee into a bowl of hot water to make the coffee warm longer. When tasting, you can stir all in the cup, but do not stir too much to avoid the coffee that may be cool and smell fishy.

Pay attention to the fineness of the coffee powder. Normally, the coffee powder used in making egg coffee should not be too big. If the powder is too rough, the coffee cannot be extracted completely, which makes its taste light, not thick, causing not the fusion of egg and coffee.

You should also notice to select clean materials and buy sterilized eggs, ensuring food safety. Good eggs can reduce fishy odor and help to produce the geat taste of egg coffee. Also, coffee beans should be chosen at famous branded coffee companies in the market to ensure the taste of coffee always rich and delicious in the right way.

Pay attention to the decoration, a cup of coffee is more beautiful with your way to prepare it, which keeps eye-catching. You should choose elegant cups suitable for the bold color of coffee.

With simple ingredients, you can make a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee with egg at home, not need to come to taste it in Hanoi right now. We hope you have a wonderful time to enjoy this kind of coffee with your friends and relatives.

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