How does the Vietnamese apple look like and its effect?

Vietnamese apple, also called green apple, has a smooth, green skin and is popularly grown in Vietnam with two main types: sour apple and sugar apple.

vietnamese apple
Vietnamese green apple are grown in many regions.

Apples contain a lot of vitamins. For every 100 grams of apple, it will have about 400-600 vitamin C, 7 to 10 times higher than the amount of vitamin C found in oranges and tangerines.

The amount of vitamin C in Vietnamese apples is about 100 times higher than that of red apples.

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Characteristics of the Vietnamese apple

The Vietnamese apple is one of the tropical fruit trees, belonging to the Apple family (Rhamnaceae), native in Asia, mainly India, and sometimes you can find it in Africa as well.

green apples in vietnam
Green apples on the tree. Photo: (FB) Tran Thanh Nha

Vietnamese apples have many names, depending on each region, they are called with names: sour apple, green sugar apple, Ta Apple, Yunnan hawthorn, Indian apple, or Dien apple.

Apple in Vietnam belongs to a woody, fast-growing tree, up to 12 meters tall, and has a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Although growing on the same tree, the apple fruits often have uneven ripening at different times. The Vietnamese apple fruits range from light green when being unripe, white flesh, crispy, taste from sour to sweet; until yellow when ripe, the flesh is pale yellow, soft, spongy, and fragrant.

Inside the apple contains a hard, oval, brown seed. The shape and size of the apple depend on the different varieties.

Apples are considered to be very rich in nutrients and provide a lot of vitamin C, especially the amount of vitamin P, also known as flavonoids.

What types of Vietnamese apples are there?

Vietnamese apples have different shapes and sizes due to different cultivars. You can come across several varieties:

  • Gia Loc apples: oval, orange-yellow in color, crunchy, and slightly sour.
  • Long Thai apple: has long fruit, slightly pointed top, slightly large fruit size, crunchy, sweet, and light aroma.
  • Round Thai apple: round fruit, crunchy and slightly sour taste.
  • H12 sweet apple: has a round shape, the ripe fruit is light yellow, crunchy, sweet, and has a pear-like aroma.
  • Sweet Thien Phien apple: round, slightly flattened fruit, dark green or light green when young, acrid taste, but when ripe, it is white and yellow, the peel is slightly cracked into small streaks, crunchy, sweet taste with little sour.
  • And there are many other types of apples in Vietnam.
green vietanmese apple
Many people like to eat green Vietnamese apple with chilli salt. Photo: internet

The crop of Vietnamese green apples

Apples in Vietnam are grown in most provinces. There are two basic crops:

  • The first crop: flowering in May, blooming flowers and fruiting in June; harvesting in August.
  • The second crop: blooms in July, August, almost flowers bloom and bear fruit in August; for a full harvest in December.

Price and where to buy Vietnamese apples

Vietnamese apples are sold a lot in local markets, and sometimes in Vietnamese supermarkets.

The fruits are oval, round or long, green, or light yellow. When being ripe, they are crunchy, slightly sour, weighing about 25-30g on average. Trees 2-5 years old yield 120-180kg of fruits.

Vietnamese apple price is calculated by kilogram, not by fruit because fruit is very small. The average price per kilogram is 15,000 VND to 35,000 VND, depending on the type of sweet or sour apple, and the size of the fruit that is large or small.

vietnam apple
It’s interesting to taste Vietnam apples. Photo: internet

The effect of Vietnamese apples

Although Vietnamese apples are small, they have a lot of good effects on the body. The following are their notable effects.

Be beautiful for the skin and stimulates hair growth

Thanks to the big amount of vitamin C, domestic Vietnamese apples have good effects on skin health, are anti-oxidant, and increase resistance. Apple juice proven by many researchers has the effect of reducing wrinkles, swelling – redness – dryness of sunburned skin, helping the skin to quickly recover and become more beautiful.

In addition, mixing apple powder with water, applying it to the scalp every day will improve dandruff, clean the scalp as well as limit other scalp diseases. At the same time, apple powder also has the ability to stimulate hair growth faster and help hair color always be shiny black.


Vietnamese apples can be used as a tonic, to support the brain and fight depression, neurasthenia, even symptoms of night sweats in children and adults. In particular, many people also use apple seeds to grill until black and cook them to drink about 2-3 grams per day to promote the above effect besides eating fresh apples.

Improve anemia

In people with anemia, it is often due to a lack of vitamin content in the body, causing a significant decrease in hemoglobin levels. Therefore, eating apples helps improve anemia, and also increases the body’s resistance.

In addition, the apple also supports the treatment of chronic arthritis and gout by limiting the formation of uric acid.

vietnamese apple fruit
Vietnamese apple fruit. Photo: (FB) Kim Le

Good for joints

Thanks to the significant amount of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus contained in the apple, it will help make your bones and teeth stronger.

Prevent constipation

Vietnamese apple also contains chlorogenic acid, which has the ability to remove oxalic acid from the body and normalize the functioning of the liver, stomach, intestines, and digestive glands. Therefore, eating apples also increases appetite and prevents constipation.

Improve immune system

Apples can contain 18-24 essential amino acids. It also contains many vitamins A, C and carotene, potassium, which help strengthen the body’s immune system. Therefore, eating more apples can help you avoid colds and coughs. Thanks to the mucilage of this fruit, it is also considered a Vietnamese herb of medicine to treat sore throats.

Relieve headaches

Drinking apple juice and gently rubbing apple juice on the head and temple area have the effect of reducing stress and headaches.

Traditional medicines from Vietnamese apples

Please note that the information in this article of effect part, traditional medicines, or the others that we collect here for reference purposes. If you want to do it, you know that you are at your own risk. We do not have any duties.

Vietnamese apple fruits

Treatment of memory impairment: For those who are forgetful or have symptoms of memory impairment, the following remedy can be used: simmer 100 g of apple in 500 ml of water until it is about 250 ml. Add some honey and drink it every day before going to bed. This remedy has the effect of calming nerves, natural sedatives, reducing stress, anxiety and helping you sleep better.

Stomach healing: Apples can cure both stomach pain and chronic gastritis. To do that you need to peel the apples, then grind them finely and eat this fresh apple powder in the morning on an empty stomach. Try not to eat other food for 3-4 hours afterward to let the apple powder take full effect. Continue to do so to cure stomach ailments for 1-2 weeks.

People who should limit eating apples

Pregnant women: Although green apples have many good effects, pregnant women should not eat too much because they can cause bloating and indigestion.

When buying green apples, pregnant women pay attention to buy apples of clear origin, avoid buying apples that have just been sprayed with pesticides that will not be beneficial to themselves and the baby.

Young children: Because apples are small, children are easy to put in their mouths, causing choking. So when children are eating apples, parents pay close attention to this issue.

People with acne: Vietnamese apples are small and sour. Although they do not have a strong sweet taste, they are still listed as hot-tempered character fruits. Because Vietnamese apples will slow down the digestive system, causing pimples, and are not beneficial if eaten a lot.

Vietnamdrive’s thoughts

In general, Vietnamese apples are alright and good to taste. But, the green apples as well as other tropical fruits in Vietnam have both sides, good and bad. When eating, just enjoy enough amount of them, not too much.

Typically, you need to wash the apples carefully before eating to avoid unwanted chemicals on the skin. It is better to peel the skin before tasting them.

The feeling and taste of Vietnamese apples are very interesting, both sour and sweet with a little fragrant, different from other fruits.

Let’s try to know it!

Will you taste the green apples when visiting Vietnam?

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