6 tourist attractions in Ha Tien, Kien Giang Province

Ha Tien is a town in Kien Giang Province with the beautiful wild landscapes that are waiting for your exploration.

1. Da Dung Mountain

Coming to Ha Tien, Da Dung Mountain will be the first destination of the journey for many visitors. Da Dung Mountain is also known as Chau Nham Son Mountain. This mountain is a beautiful gift of nature given to Ha Tien. The mountain has 14 large and small caves, making it an attractive place for explorers.

Da Dung Mountain in Ha Tien, Kien Giang
Wild and peaceful Da Dung mountain. Photo by Ry Mellor

2. Mui Nai beach

Mui Nai beach is a destination that makes you forget the busy life. The beach has a legend: there was a fairy deer that came down here to drink water. He likes to play here; he cannot get on time to return heaven. Thus, his body becomes the rock of deer shape drinking the water. Then, the local people call this beach “Mui Nai” that means “Deer Beach”.

With the wildlife and the lovely brown sand, Mui Nai Beach becomes the famous tourist destination in Ha Tien. Many modern, beautiful resorts are available to serve tourists to relax.

Mui Nai Beach in Ha Tien
Mui Nai beach in summer. Photo: Vu Linh

3. Thach Dong Mountain

The mountain locates in My Duc commune, about 5 km from Ha Tien town. Thach Dong mountain is also known as Thach Dong Thon Van. This mountain is a beautiful landscape of top 10 beautiful sights of Ha Tien. Thach Dong Mountain consists of much limestone with unique shapes. In this mountain, there is an attractive cave with many limestone stalactites, and the Tien Son Pagoda. This cave helps Thach Dong Mountain become more attractive for tourists.

Thach Dong in Ha Tien, Kieng Giang Province
The mystery of Thach Dong Cave. Photo: KienTrinh

4. Ha Tien Prison

In addition to seeing the unique natural scenery, visitors can visit the historical site of Ha Tien prison. This place is to look back the hero of the nation in resistance. Ha Tien Prison is also known as Kham Ha Tien. French colonialists built it in 1897 with about 30 meters long, and 25 meters wide. The prison is where many people died during the French colony.

5. Ha Tien night market

A night market is a right place where where visitors will explore the interesting and the local life of Ha Tien. With a variety of shops selling different kinds of items, the market is straightforward for visitors to choose clothes, jewelery, and souvenirs.

Ha Tien night market
Ha Tien night market – common culture of Kien Giang. Photo by Dao Viet Dung

6. Xa Xia Pagoda

Ha Tien also has its own unique culture. Xa Xia Pagoda is one of the most magnificent and sacred pagodas. The pagoda shows the spiritual life of the people here, attracting visitors to come to discover.

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7. Dong Ho lake

The Dong Ho lake in Ha Tien town is surrounded by the mountains and the rivers: on the right of the lake is Ngu Ho mountain, on the left is the mountain of To Chau, in the north is Giang Thanh River, in the west is Ha Tien River leading to the sea.

This lake is one of the ten beautiful scenery of the ancient Ha Tien, that is called “Dong Ho An Nguyet”. It means that many e poets often visit the moon, and compose poets on the full moon because of the charming beauty of the lake.

Dong Ho Lake in Ha Tien
The beautiful poetic scene of Dong Ho Lake. Photo: Xavier Snyders

Going to Dong Ho Lake, visitors can only go by boat. The further into the lake is, the more passionate it is. Tourists will find its beauty as a fairyland. If you have to travel to Ha Tien, Kien Giang Province, please do not miss this place!

8. Dao Hai Tac – The Pirate Island
The Pirate Island belongs to Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province. This place is pristine and untouched so much that it is suitable for travelers who want to find peace.

Dao Hai Tac in Ha Tien
The Peaceful Beauty of The Pirate Island. Photo: Luan Nguyen

This area consists of 16 islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island. At this place, visitors spend the night in the motel room or the camp on the beach, because there are no hotels here. Tourists must pay attention to bring lighting equipment. This experience will give tourists different feelings and get a chance to explore the beauty of nature in Vietnam.

Known as the land of culture and tourism famous in the Mekong Delta, Ha Tien owns much natural scenery that looks wild, mysterious and attractive to explore when staying Ha Tien. (Vietnamdrive)

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