Quoc Hoc High School: the oldest school in Hue, Vietnam

As the sunset falls on the Perfume River, it is also the time (around 5:00 pm) when the images of white ao dai of the girls rush out from the gate of the most ancient school in Vietnam, Quoc Hoc High School.

When traveling to Hue City, in pleasant weather, the best way to visit the city is to ride a bike leisurely so that you can admire the peaceful little beautiful streets. Hue is gentle behind the wheels, not too many vehicles back and forth.

On Le Loi street is a famous Quoc Hoc National School with an age of more than 100 years, and it also has a characteristic reddish-pink color under the canopy of trees. Tourists going on this road are attracted to the beauty of the school.

Quoc Hoc High School
Quoc Hoc High School’s Gate – Photo: @ngocmaii25

The school only opens its doors at certain times for high school students to enter and leave; for other times, only a small gate is opened.
Quoc Hoc Hue was established in 1896, bearing the style of the Nguyen Dynasty with its long walls, and it has a French style of red two-storey houses. The original name of the school was the École Primaire Supérieure meaning the Elementary College, but it was often called Quoc Hoc (1896-1936). After many renaming times, the school came back its original name of Quoc Hoc in 1956.

Right behind the two-storey school gate are the lines of big trees covering the green color and making cool down for the schoolyard.
And, the rows of two-level houses with French style are located under the green canopy with the long corridors, and the opening windows to the sun. The row of houses connected by the corridor is a place for students to relax at recess.

Quoc Hoc High School
Quoc Hoc High School – Photo: @lenguyenthanhnhan

The schoolyard is wide with green grass. Few rows of silent stone chairs are waiting for gentle students. At the end of March and beginning of April, many red or yellow flamboyant blossoms start blooming, making the school have an attractive beauty. Besides, the schoolyard also bustles in the color of purple lagerstrokes (hoa bang lang). All paint Quoc Hoc High School becomes a lovely place and romantic time of students’ memories.

What a wonderful time! At those times, the schoolyard is flushed with flowers and pure white long dresses (Ao dai) like pretty butterfly wings, and the sunny smiles of the gentle girls near schoolboys.

Quoc Hoc Hue High School
Quoc Hoc Hue – Photo: @lemonade.land

Walking along the small paths in the oldest school in Hue, Vietnam, you will feel returning to an ancient time. Here, there had been many famous people such as Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap… attending. And, today, many intelligent students selected carefully come to add a reputation to the school. Quoc Hoc Hue is rich in history and beauty.

One thing to know is that visitors just stay at the main gate of the school. It is good to take pictures there and the screen in front of it, right near the Perfume River. Although this site is a small tourist attraction in Hue, it surely gives a different experience to the tourists who are visiting Hue City.

Quoc Hoc High Schoo Hue
Quoc Hoc High Schoo Hue – Photo: @tmtgon

Quoc Hoc High School

  • Address: 12 Le Loi Street, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Visiting time: all day, suggested at 10:45 am, and 4:30 pm when the school finishes, so the guests can see the beauty of Ao Dai of schoolgirls.
  • The best month to visit Quoc Hoc: September to May, June to August is holidays.

The map of location of Quoc Hoc High School:

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