Kon K’Tu Village in Kon Tum For Unique Mountainous Life

Located on the river bank of Dak Bla in Central Highlands, an old village keeps its mountainous beauty called Kon K’Tu, belonging to Dak Ro Wa Commune, Kon Tum City.

This village has become a community tourism place for exploring the typical culture of the ethnic group Ba Na.

drink can wine in kon ko tu village
Drink Ruou Can together © Community Tourism Kon Ko Tu Village

Kon K’Tu Village

Kon K’Tu Village has an area of 6 hectares with 760 people, of which 736 members are Ba Na ethnic group.

You can move to the village by car or motorbike from Kon Tum City Center.

  • Address: Dak Ro Wa Commune, Kon Tum City, Central Higlands, Vietnam. It’s 7 – 10 km from Kon Tum city center.
  • Highlights: Old Villages, Silt Houses, Home of Ba Na

Meaning of Kon K’Tu

The name: Kon K’Tu, following the Ba Na language, means “old village” or “from the ancient”.

With this meaning, the villagers are proud of their ancient place that can maintain for more than 300 years.

Although the development of modern life, Kon K’Tu still preserves many old houses and traditional life that contribute to developing tourism here.

wooden boat on Dak Bla river
Wooden Boat on the DaK Bla River. © Community Tourism Kon Ko Tu Village

What to do in Kon K’Tu

In recent years, the local government has tried to change this village into a community tourism region.

  • You can stay at some homestays, living with the locals to study their culture. You can choose Homestay Mr. A Kam, Kon Ko Tu village.
  • Try using a wooden boat on the Dak Bla River. Wooden boats are unique ones for villagers crossing the river when the bridge did not build. But, pay attention to moving on it when water runs fast.
  • Visit Rong House, which is the communal house located in the center of the village with a tall strange roof.
  • Try the local food, such as Com Lam (rice in bamboo), Grilled chickens, and Pine Wine (Ruou Can).
  • Enjoy the fire burn at night if you have a chance to stay overnight in the village. Of course, this will be organized when booking.
  • Taking a walk along the village can give you the best feeling.
rong house in kon ko tu
Rong House. © Community Tourism Kon Ko Tu Village

If you visit Kon Tum City, please take your time to this village to learn how the mountainous life is.

At the moment, this city has no airports, so many guests choose to travel from Hoi An to Kon Tum, taking around 6 – 8 hours for driving.

To explore Kon K’Tu village and other places in Kon Tum, you can spend 2 days and 1 night, but it is no rush with 3 days and 2 nights here.

Or you can plan the trip from Hoi An to Da Lat via Kon Tum and Highlands to explore this village and other unique mountain landscapes.

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