Khue Van Cac: A Symbol of Hanoi City

Khue Van Cac, also called Khue Van Pavillion, in the Temple of Literature has become the symbol of Hanoi City, Vietnam. This construction carries the traditional architecture of Vietnamese culture, built in 1805 under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945).

khue van cac in Quoc Tu Giam

This building has 2 storeys and 8 roofs. The top storey was made of wood with clay tiles. Its four sides have round wooden doors, which look like the Khue Stars that are brightening.

The group of Khue Stars has 16 individual stars, becoming one of the brightest star groups in the sky. These stars are similar to “Văn” – the literary word in the old writing of the Vietnamese language. So the building is called Khuê Văn Các, meaning Khue Van Pavilion.

Literature and Education take the core of the development of a city and nation. Thus, Khue Van Cac has been selected as an essential symbol of Hanoi.

khue van cac in Hanoi Temple of Literature

Another reason Khue Van Cac becomes the symbol of Hanoi is that this construction is flexible to transform into different styles. Its design can be customized into different versions, making it easier and more convenient to print, re-size, or decorate on different materials and shapes, so this monument is perfect for marketing.

khue van pavillion

You can recognize Khue Van Cac presenting in many marketing documents in Hanoi. Typically, this pavilion also appears on the 100,000 VND note of Vietnamese money.

khue van cac on Vietnamese currency
Khue Van Cac on Vietnamese money

How to visit Khue Van Pavillion?

Khue Van Cac is a small building inside the Hanoi Temple of Literature. To visit this pavilion, you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the temple region.

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