Dalat Night Market

Visiting the night market in Da Lat, also called Am Phu market by the locals, becomes an integral part of a journey to the mountain town. This market will bring an attractive nightlife image, where you can enjoy tasty street food and find lovely souvenirs.

dalat night market

General information

The Dalat night market is located in the city center, right in front and a part of the central market, including the surrounding streets.

  • Address: 6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
  • Opening time: 6:00 pm – 2:00 am
  • Best time to visit: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Entrance ticket price: free

What to do at the night market in Dalat

1. Enjoy street food

Many Dalat snacks are sold in this bustling night market. You can see lots of colors and feel various flavors of the local street food sold here, right on the pavement.

dalat pizza
Grilled rice paper is also called Dalat Pizza. ©Vietnamdrive

Vietnamdrive suggests you should try the grilled rice paper – also known as Vietnamese pizza, perhaps because it is quite similar to a pizza, but the taste is local, so foreigners call it by that interesting name. Don’t skip the strawberry shake, which includes strawberries, salt, and sugar; All are put in a plastic cup and shaken well, so when eating, it combines sour – salty – sweet tastes. The next dish is an attractive avocado ice cream dish because the red Bazan land in the Central Highlands is very suitable for many delicious avocados to grow.

Those are the three dishes we chose, there are many other flavorful dishes waiting for you, such as grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corn, grilled oysters, skewers…

2. Buy a sweater

The weather in this city is often cold, causing a habit to wear warm clothes when going out. Therefore, clothing stalls display many different styles of colorful sweaters, giving you different options.

Don’t miss the opportunity to choose a beautiful sweater as a gift for yourself or your loved ones when exploring Da Lat’s nightlife. Each popular sweater has an average price of 150,000VND – 350,000VND, you are spoiled for choice.

Besides sweaters, you can also select from wool scarves, keychains, brocade bags… And the area on the routes leading to the market, you will easily find these items.

3. Buy dried fruit and fruit jams

You may be attracted by the eye-catching jam stalls and fruit shops at Da Lat night market. Thanks to the abundant soil and favorable climate, this area, and its neighboring provinces are suitable for many fruit trees to be grown. Therefore, this market is a place to sell a variety of dried fruits and jams, which are also great gifts to bring back to relatives.

persimmon in dalat
Persimmons are popular fruits in Dalat night market.

Dried persimmons, strawberry jam, and dry artichoke flowers are quite valuable local gifts that you should choose from. There are also many other types of jams and dried food, but we don’t find them special because, at other markets in Vietnam, we easily find these types.

4. Take pictures of the market’s activities

If you are a fan of photographing the daily activities of locals, this place will bring a new color to your experience. You will see many beautiful frames of street vendors on trolleys, people selling grilled corn by the pink charcoal kitchen, or smiling girls with baked rice paper…

Nightlife here is an integral part of life in Dalat, which will become a wonderful moment in the collection of photos of this dreamy city’s activities. Remember, please! Don’t miss this attractive night market for beautiful photos! And remember to bring a full battery for your camera.

Notes when visiting Dalat night market

In general, Da Lat and its people are friendly and hospitable. However, like other nightlife places, when visiting this site, you need to note a few points:

  • The night market is quite crowded, especially on weekends a lot of tourists from Ho Chi Minh City come to Da Lat to visit and rest. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your bags and wallets when entering crowded areas to avoid theft.
  • The Dalat Night Market area includes many roads leading to this one. Therefore, sometimes there are motorbikes and even cars passing by. Therefore, when you spend time here, you should be very careful to pay attention to the vehicles on the road.
  • Sometimes you will come across a few people offering to buy souvenirs, jams, and dried fruits. Be careful to avoid them, escaping from unseasonable high-priced places. Refusing to follow these touts seems like the logical choice.
  • The weather at night in Da Lat is quite cold, sometimes with dew, so remember to bring warm clothes to keep warm when walking around the market.
  • Occasionally, some people in disguise on the street invite you to take pictures. Sometimes it’s a service to collect money, so if you want to take photos with these costumed characters, you should ask if there is a fee, and how much in advance.
  • You can bargain for better prices at this night market with some items such as clothes, souvenirs, and dried fruits. And you should also ask about the rate of any food before enjoying it.
dalat market
Dalat Market. ©Anh Tuan/Pexels

Discovering the nightlife in this market will be an interesting activity for your trip. With our recommendations above, hopefully, you can visit this place with confidence.

The night market is bustling during the time frame we suggested in the overview above. Besides, there is a wholesale operation specializing in vegetables and fruits right at this place, mainly in the basement where the motorbike park is during the day. Wholesale activities take place quite early, from 3:30 am to about 6 am. If possible, you try to wake up early and go to this market from 4 am to 5 am, you will be surprised by the night-to-morning life of Dalat city.

Please list this famous place in your itinerary! And, after visiting the night market, you can explore a well-known destination nearby, which is Xuan Huong Lake.

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