Da Nang International Airport Where to Start Your Trip in This City

Located in the city center, Da Nang International Airport takes a vital role in developing tourism in this beach city.

With many international and domestic flights per day, you can come to this airfield easily from Ho Chi Minh City of Hanoi, and many other countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

da nang international airport
The domestic terminal dtation of Da Nang International Airport. ©Vietnamdrive

General information:

  • Name: Da Nang International Airport, also called Danang Airport
  • IATA code: DAD
  • ICAO code: VVDN
  • Address: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam. (Please note that: The address is just for reference because the airport has a large space stretching many streets)
  • Airport Phone: 0236 3539 555
  • Website: https://www.vietnamairport.vn/danangairport/

Distance from the airport to the main destinations:

From this airport to almost famous destinations in Da Nang City is not far, unless moving to other cities, such as Hoi An and Hue City.

What you need to know about Danang Airport

1. The departure above and the arrival at the ground floor

danang airport
The bridge is the lane leading to the departure. ©Vietnamdrive

You need to pay attention to moving to the airport at the correct lanes. Both international and domestic flights of all airlines in Vietnam depart from Danang Airport on the second floor of two buildings.

The international and domestic arrival gates are on the first floors of two stations.

Your cars coming to the airport or picking you up from Danang airport needs to move on the correct lanes for more convenience.

Vietnamdrive’s drivers know where they are easily and can drive you or pick you up at the correct place at the airport when you tell us the flight code.

2. Two gates to go in and out of the airport

You can choose one of two roads connecting with two main gates of the airport:

The first gate runs directly from the Dragon Bridge through Nguyen Van Linh Street to the airfield.

This route usually leads the tourist cars transferring to and from 5-star and 4-star Da Nang hotels in the city center and along My Khe beach to Son Tra Penisula.

If you come into the airport on this road, you will go straight to the international terminal station, then the domestic flight station around 200 meters.

routes to enter the airport
These are two routes to enter the airport.

The second way to go into the airport follows Duy Tan Street, which connects the right side of the airfield to Tran Thi Ly Bridge – one of the famous bridges in Danang City crossing the Han River.

Many people use this road to move from Danang airport to Hoi An Old Town and many 5-star hotels in Danang near the Marble Mountains.

Following the second way, you first come to the domestic flight station, and then the international terminal gates within walking distance.

3. Parking of cars and vans just a few steps from the exit gates

danang interntional aiport
Moving to the parking in Danang interntional aiport is not far. ©Vietnamdrive

When cars and vans arrive at the airport, in a few situations, they have to park at the parking. You move a short distance to the vehicle, not over 5 minutes from the exit gates.

Although the parking is not big, it’s still enough for various vehicles to wait for welcoming the guests. You do not worry about the space.

4. Airport fee counted with a 45-minute block

Going in and out of the airport gates will be automatically counted for a fee depending on how long your car stops inside the parking area.

The first 45-minute block will be applied for all transportation here. The fee starts from 10,000 VND for the smallest car with the first block. Every 30 minutes will be charged again at a lower rate than the first block.

If you want to park your vehicles overnight at this parking, please think of the high fee applied to you.

5. More exchange money counters at the international airport

money exchange counter at danang airport
You can see many money exchange counters here. ©Vietnamdrive

If you come from other countries directly, you may want to change your money to Dong because Dong is the main currency in Vietnam for buying and selling here.

Most of the counters say low fee or no fee, but you need to pay attention to the exchange rate to avoid getting too low rates.

6. Cool atmosphere on the outside

This feature makes me surprise. Even the weather in Da Nang gets hot and steamy, but outside the arrival gates are cool with a nice breeze.

When you want to get cool nature air, you can come to the first floor and find out some benches outside for resting.

Be careful with eating a few things and smoking! It’s because a few areas do not allow for eating or smoking. You can come to a café or restaurant and ask them if smoking is allowed.

7. Taxi in the airport but be careful to use

taxi at danang airport
Taxi in the airport. ©Vietnamdrive

You can find a taxi at the airport for moving around for a short distance. However, if your hotel locates in Hoi An, you need to consider booking a private car with a driver in advance for travel there. It is because the price of a taxi is much higher than a car service.

8. Coffee available at the airport

At this airport, you can see many restaurants for food, including fast food and Vietnamese Pho. Besides, there are many coffee shops for tasting Vietnamese coffee.

In case, you wait for your driver, you can take a rest in a cafe with a cup of coffee. The shops outside the exit gates give you a better price than inside ones.

cafe in danang airport
Cafe is available for you at the airport. ©Vietnamdrive

In conclusion, although Danang Airport is an international one, it’s small in comparison with other airports in Vietnam, such as Noi Bai Airport or Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Transfer services from or to this airport are easy, using a taxi or booking a car. A better method for moving a long distance from this airport is to use a private car in advance, such as traveling from Da Nang airport to Hue or Hoi An City.

Hopefully, you can find all information that you need about Danang International Airport.

If you have any questions about it, please tell me!

Please fill out the form to contact us for any requests! Or Whatsapp +84 934 889 667 to our phone! Thank you!


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