The best time to visit Ha Giang province

Vietnamdrive would like to introduce 3 suitable times to travel to Ha Giang with each outstanding feature of this place, including the best time to see golden rice fields, the time to see buckwheat flowers and the time to see peach blossoms.

1. The best time to see golden rice fields

The golden rice field creates beautiful pictures.

The best time to come to Ha Giang to see the golden terraced rice fields is from mid-September to October every year. Ha Giang becomes sparkling in the brilliant yellow of rice fields full of grains. This place has become a photo-hunting mecca for professional and amateur photographers.

In Hoang Su Phi District in Ha Giang province, you can find Ban Phung, Ban Luoc, Thong Nguyen, Nam Khoa, and Ta Su Choong. These sites are suitable coordinates to admire the attractive beauty of golden rice fields.

In addition, from Tay Con Linh peak in Xa Phin village, Phuong Tien commune, Vi Xuyen district (Ha Giang province), you can freely admire and take photos of the golden rice fields from above.

One thing to note is that local people can start harvesting rice from the end of October, so you should arrange a suitable time for your trip.

2. The best time to see buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

buckwheat flowers in ha giang
Buckwheat flowers change from pink to white in their end season.

After months of golden rice fields, a type of flower that blooms brightly is considered the “Ha Giang tourism ambassador” – the buckwheat flower.

Bright pink flowers show off their shimmering colors everywhere in Ha Giang from the end of September to the end of December. The time to bloom most is from October to November. Therefore, Ha Giang often organizes the buckwheat flower festival in October (which may vary depending on year) to attract tourists.

Previously, this flower grew naturally along roads and fields. Recently, local people have planted them around houses and tourist attractions to make it convenient for tourists to enjoy the flowers, creating a unique beauty for Ha Giang.

There are many places in Ha Giang for you to see and take pictures of buckwheat flowers, including Heaven’s Gate Stop, along the roadsides of Pho Cao and Sung La communes, at the foot of Lung Cu Flagpole mountain, and the Cultural and Tourism Village of Mong ethnic community, at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, or Dong Van Stone Plateau.

3. Time to see peach blossoms in Ha Giang

peach in ha giang
Peach flowers in Ha Giang are so eye-catching.

Peach blossoms are suitable for cold weather, so they usually bloom in February and March every year, reaching full bloom at the end of February. The flowers are pink or reddish in color, similar to the color of buckwheat flowers.

If buckwheat has a low trunk, peach blossoms bloom on high branches. There are old peach trees, also called wild peach trees, that have spindly bodies and reach up to the roof of the house. Therefore, when taking photos of peach blossoms, you need to prepare a camera lens with a suitable zoom range.

Here are suitable places to see cherry blossoms and wild peaches to take beautiful photos: Near Lung Cu Border Guard Station in Ma Le commune (Dong Van district, Ha Giang province), Lo Lo Chai near Lung Cu Flagpole. Lo Lo Chai village does not have a vast peach forest, but the peach trees blooming on the walls of ancient houses have a strange attraction.

From the above suggestions, you can choose the best time to visit Hang Giang, depending on your preferences.

Please pay attention that the months from the end of December to the beginning of February can have cold weather, which is when it is easy to get snow in Vietnam covering this region.

In addition, from May to the end of August, the weather is hot and sunny. Outdoor activities may be suitable, but you need to pay attention to sunlight to avoid skin burns.

Enjoy a wonderful trip to Ha Giang!

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