Asia Park in Danang City

Asia Park is listed in the top big theme parks in Vietnam, owing to the huge area of over 686,000 square meters. This park combines various modern activities, architecture, and tasty food from many Asian countries.

asia park danang vietnam
Photo: Asia Park

Asia Park Danang

Asia Park is located at the north bank of Han River, right on the way from Danang International Airport to Hoi An.

  • Address: 01 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam.
  • Opening hours: 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm, it can be different depending on each season.
  • Phone number of the park: +84 236 3681 666
  • Website
  • Entrance fee: 300,000 VND/guest. You have to pay more for a few games inside.
  • The best time to visit: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm when it is cool and lots of lights are turned on, creating sparkling and romantic.

There are three highlight areas of this park, including:

  1. The outdoor area of entertainment activities with different modern designs
  2. The cultural region with plenty of minimal typical buildings of 10 Asian countries
  3. Sun Wheel game area where integrates between traditional and modern beauty

Are you ready to go into the details of each part?

Come on! Let’s go!

The cultural region of Asia Park

This region collects a lot of unique cultural buildings of 10 countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, India, and Nepal.

All buildings are arranged and decorated suitable for the culture of each country. When entering this place, you have a chance to explore a different culture. Lots of chances to take pictures are waiting for you when these beautiful architectural designs will be perfect backgrounds.

cultural area in asia park danang
A Cambodian building in the area of the cultural park. © Asia Park

The outdoor area of entertainment activities

With the ideas of the entertainment system, which supplies activities for various needs of guests, Asia Park comes with many games from easy doing for children to adventurous fun for teenagers and adults.

Outdoor games for children include Love Lock, Dino Island, Festival Carousel, Happy Choo Choo, Treehouse Playland, Garuda Valley, Fireflies Forest, Kabuki Trucks, and Monorail.

children game in asia park da nang
Children game area. © Asia Park

Outdoor games for adventurous activities include Ninja Flyer, Journey to the West, The Flying Kirins, Paradise Fall, Golden Sky Tower, Queen Cobra, Singapore Sling, and Sky Treasure.

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adventurous game in asia park
Many adventurous games are waiting for you. © Asia Park

Sun Wheel Area

With a height of 115m, you can see the beautiful panorama view of Da Nang City. Typically, if you move with the Sun Wheel at night, you can enjoy the lovely light of the romantic city shimmering on the Han River, and the beautiful bridges of Danang City.

sun wheel in asia park danang
Sun Wheel Danang © Asia Park

Do not miss an opportunity to spend romantic time with your partners when you have a chance to travel to Asia Park Danang.

Your experience will not limit to more activities when coming here. Many sites such as Bell Tower, Palace Gate, Dragon Boat, Buddha Statue, and more also become interesting destinations in the central region of Sun Wheel that you cannot miss.

asia park danang
The palace gate ©Asia Park

>> You may want to check entrance fee to visit Danang attractions.

5 activities to do in Asia Park

So many things to do in Asia Park Danang, which are exciting for your group.

  1. The top is to join games as mentioned above. It depends on your groups’ habits, you can choose soft games or adventurous games.
  2. The second to do is to see beautiful architectural buildings and enjoy the lovely modern design of views. That can help you to reduce stress.
  3. Walking around to enjoy the fresh air is also a good idea to come inside the Asia Park Danang.
  4. Taking pictures is one of the most loved activities of almost all young people when coming here. They have shared thousands of nice pictures with friends about the attractive destination.
  5. Tasting great food is so nice, that is right for your decision to come with one of the famous Da Nang night markets in the park. It’s because many stalls sell various food dishes including Vietnamese cuisine and Asian food. A local beer La Rue with a small snack can make you and your friends sit closer to share a warm feeling together.
dining area in asia park
After playing many exciting games, you can stop at a dining area to enjoy tasty food. © Asia Park

Notes when traveling in Asia Park

To get a better experience in Asia Park Danang, you may notice the tips below:

  1. Choose the games suitable for ages and habits. You should pay attention to adventure games, and be careful when one of your members has headaches, heart disease, or blood pressure.
  2. Always keep your eyes on your children to avoid losing them in the big area of the park.
  3. Prepare a good camera with a full battery if you like to take pictures because lots of chances waiting for you in the park.
  4. Wear soft shoes, low heel shoes because you can move a lot in the huge region of Asia Park.
  5. The park is usually crowded with guests at weekend, specifically at 6:00 pm. So, range your time to come at a good period if you do not like the crowded.

Enjoy your exciting time at Asia Park!

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