Quang Ngai Province

The small province of Quang Ngai has a deep history of development and war.

Quang Ngai is located 150km South of Da Nang and 130km of Hoi An. Travelers will get a good chance to visit some famous beautiful landscapes and historical and cultural sites of Quang Ngai.

The An Mountain (Thien An) and the Tra Khuc River can be considered the symbols of Quang Ngai.

The Long Wall of Quang Ngai (127km) – the “longest monument in Southeast Asia” is from North to South built in 1819 with a wall of up to 4 meters in good condition at the moment. However, this just has the value of history and culture, not popular for visiting yet.

My Khe Beach is beautiful with white powdery sand and gentle waves. Sa Huynh Beach is well-known with clear water, golden sand, and pine trees.

The famous war relic is the village of My Lai where travelers will find the terrible destruction of wars.

Mo Duc Quang Ngai

The peaceful countryside of Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai - Dang Thuy Tram 6

History room of Dang Thuy Tram who was a female hero during the war in Vietnam.

Quang Ngai - Dang Thuy Tram

Dang Thuy Tram became the scarified spirit for the victory of the war in Vietnam.

My Lai - Son My Quang Ngai

Son My Monument is to remember the public people in the village of My Lai, who were killed by the US army in 1968.

My Lai - Son My Quang Ngai

The views of My Lai Village are protected as the war place to remind the people of the terrible war and to live better in the present life.

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