Hue Elephant Springs: A resting place in wild nature

Hue Elephant Springs is famous for its large elephant-shaped rocks, cool water, and fresh air, bringing the wild beauty of the mountains and natural forests. The Elephant Waterfall is worthy of spending time during a summer vacation paradise in Hue, Vietnam.

Hue Elephant Springs
Hue Elephant Springs | @c_my_miles

Suoi Voi, also called Me stream, locates in the triangle of the Bach Ma – Canh Duong – Lang Co tourist area, which has attracted visitors for recent years.

Elephant Waterfall is a complex with many beautiful rocky streams, situated along with the vast primeval forests with charming poetic scenery. Typically, there is an elephant-shaped rock on the stream bank with a long trunk.

The wild of Suoi Voi and its specific features are very impressive, such as clear water flowing through lively rocks, white and back stones on the bottom of the stream. This place seems separate from daily life, only the sound of waterfalls, mountain winds, and wild birds.

In the summer from April to September, the weather in Suoi Voi is also quite good, and it is clear. Thus, it is suitable for picnics at this site for the whole family.

Elephant Waterfall in Hue

  • Address: Loc Tien Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Entrance ticket: 60,000VND/person. But, you may pay more for parking, using huts, and food. The average spending here is 300,000 VND per person.

The way to move to the Elephant Springs

You mind noticing the path and means to go to the Elephant Springs. It is because it locates in the mountain on a small road there.

If you depart from Hue, just pass the Phuoc Tuong Pass about 3km, then find km 879, turn right and go straight about 7km more dirt road, you will reach Elephant Stream. In terms of transportation, you can go to Suoi Voi by motorbike (not recommended) or a private car. It only takes about 1 hour from Hue City to Suoi Voi.

For tourists going from the center of Da Nang, going to Thua Thien – Hue about 55 km, to km 879, turn left to the West, passing Loc Tien commune, Phu Loc district is to the tourist resort of the Elephant Stream. Da Nang to Suoi Voi is about 1.5 hours by a private car.

The road from Highway 1 to the Elephant Waterfall is narrow and difficult to move, so you need to notice when driving on the way.

Although the road is not good, the nature along the way with the countryside view is lovely.

What to do in the Elephant Waterfalls

1. When coming here, you can relax and watch the majestic natural scenery with large waterfalls and rich primeval forests. In the summer, sometimes, you can see a few beautiful flowers of purple myrtle.

Suoi Voi Hue
Beautiful nature at Suoi Voi | @chelsea_neudorf_

2. Besides, you can be swim in the crystal clear natural swimming pool of Suoi Voi, located in the middle of a waterfall up to 30m2 wide and 2m deep. What a wonderful time for bathing and swimming!

Elephant Waterfall
Swimming at the Elephant Waterfall Hue | @danusiaburtceva

3. After that, you can rest in the huts on both sides of the stream with the bamboo of local people. You may pay a little fee for using the facilities here.

4. You can try your skill to catch rock crabs, stream snails on the cliffs. Or those who like strong feelings can participate in the activity of clinging to the tree roots down from above and then swinging across the stream to find strong feelings. Be careful this game is dangerous.

hue elephant springs
Jumping at Hue Elephant Springs | @realistic_27

5. Visiting the Elephant Waterfall, you will have a chance to get beautiful and vivid photos amidst the majestic natural scenery.

What to eat at the Elephant Waterfall

The cuisine is always an essential need for every trip. When you come to the Elephant Waterfall, you can rent a hut along with the downstream, which is owned by the local people. Then, you can rest and enjoy the rustic dishes made by the locals at affordable prices.

This famous dishes that you can taste includes grilled chicken, chicken porridge, and internal organs of chicken with vermicelli.

chicken porridge
Chicken porridge at Hue Elephant Waterfall | @ykykykyk23

Also, you can order steamed fish, grilled frogs, spring snails, which are processed in many different ways from boiling, porridge, steamed with lemongrass, or stir-fried with lot leaves.

The dishes here are not too expensive. Although you can also bring your food, do not miss these unique dishes when visiting this place.

Some notes when visiting Suoi Voi

  • From the main road to the stream is long and no public transport. Therefore, you should not use public transport when you want to visit Suoi Voi.
  • The best transport for visiting this place for foreign tourists is a private car with a professional driver.
  • The Elephant Springs locate between Hue and Hoi An, so if you have itinerary from Hue to Hoi An or vice versa, you can add Soi Voi in your drive.
  • You can rent a life jacket to ensure safety when bathing.
  • Avoid slippery when visiting the spring because there are many large and small wet rocks there.
  • Join the games or swimming in the spring with your best care to avoid getting accidents, because of a lot of rocks at the bottom.
  • The food is tasty here, but it mainly serves the Vietnamese guests. Thus, for foreign tourists, please be careful to try the food because of the local way to cook the food that may cause some problems for you.

With its wild and majestic beauty, in recent years, Suoi Voi attracts many domestic and international tourists. The Elephant Waterfall is an ideal place to spend your time when you have holidays in Hue or Da Nang City, Vietnam.

Now, list the Elephant Springs in your itinerary to explore it when you come to Central Vietnam!

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