10 famous waterfalls in Vietnam to live with nature

Vietnam owns long mountains from the north to south, creating good conditions to establish hundreds of beautiful waterfalls.

If you are a nature lover, please check the name of famous waterfalls that you may check.

1. Pongour Waterfall in Lam Dong

Located about 50 km south of Da Lat, Pongour waterfall was once recognized as “Nam Thien De Nhat Thac”, meaning the best waterfall in Vietnam.

pongour waterfall dalat
Pongour waterfall is one of the top famous ones in Vietnam. @hathai.truong

The road to Pongour waterfall is quite peaceful. If you go from September to October, you will see a beautiful image of yellow flowers in full bloom.

The natural scenery of Pongour waterfall is quite wild. The waterfall is surrounded by primeval forest covering an area of ​​more than 2.5 hectares with rich vegetation and a large number of ancient trees.

Pongour waterfall is about 50 meters high and divided into seven cascades. The special beauty of the waterfall lies in the system of flat, layered stone steps. The rocks are arranged in no order to create cuts separating the water source into hundreds of small streams.

Below the waterfall is a wide lake. Many people also think that if in the north there is Ban Gioc waterfall, in the south there is Pongour waterfall – equally beautiful and majestic.

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2. Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang

Referring to the famous waterfalls of Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention Ban Gioc waterfall in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. This is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest waterfall in the world among waterfalls located on national borders.

ban gioc waterfall vietnam
You will be surprised when standing in front of Ban Gioc waterfall. ©Vietnamdrive

Ban Gioc Waterfall is divided into two branches. Large branch with low elevation, running through low limestone steps. The other branch is smaller but flows from the higher cliff.

The best time to go to Ban Gioc waterfall is from September to December. At that time, the waterfall is full of water and quite clear. During this time, buckwheat flowers, wild sunflowers blooming throughout the mountains and forests also make the nature around the waterfall more attractive.

However, you can still go to Ban Gioc waterfall in the rainy season for the rest of the time. Instead of feeling the peace with clear water, you will witness the majestic and fierce waterfall. The water flows strong and fast, and the splashing foam creates exciting feelings.

3. Silver Waterfall in Lao Cai

About 12 km from Sapa town, the Silver waterfall (San San Ho commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province) is an ideal place for those who love to explore nature. This waterfall has a height of about 200 m, is the upstream of Muong Hoa stream, located at the foot of O Quy pass.

silver waterfall sapa
So impressive Silver waterfall. @map.xtyle

From the foot of the waterfall, follow the steps to the arch bridge, you will feel like the waterfall is pouring towards you. Looking up is a white curtain of water like a cloud trail, below is spreading water.

Silver Waterfall has two separate up and down roads. The way up is on the right side, halfway to the waterfall, you can go through a bridge to the left part.

After enjoying the scenery, don’t forget to go a little further to Sapa Silver Falls Salmon Farm, where you can see firsthand the salmon swimming in the tropic area as well as enjoy tasty fresh salmon dishes.

4. Draynur Waterfall in Dak Lak

As a combination of Krong Ana and Krong No rivers, Draynur waterfall has a length of over 250 m, a height of more than 30 m, connecting the two provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong in the Central Highlands Vietnam.

draynur waterfall vietnam
Draynur Waterfall is a highlight of the Central Highlands. ©Vietnamdrive

From the Draynur waterfall, you can wander along the trails in the primeval forest to admire the landscape and explore mysterious caves. When sunset falls, you can witness the scene of thousands of bats flying into the cave to hide, both majestic but somewhat mysterious and scared.

Draynur Waterfall is a place to connect explorers who love to explore the highlands with life in small villages in mountains, such as Kuop, Nui, and Tua villages of the Ede people living near the waterfall.

Also from Draynur waterfall, you can cross the river to admire the Draysap waterfall and Gia Long waterfall nearby, equally spectacular waterfalls in the Central Highlands.

5. Thuy Tien Waterfall in Dak Lak

Thuy Tien Waterfall is about 56 km from Buon Ma Thuot City (Dak Lak Province) forward the Northeast and about 7 km from the center of Tam Giang Commune (Krong Nang District). To enter Thuy Tien waterfall, you have to go through winding passes, passing through vast coffee and rubber fields.

thuy tien waterfall daklak
Thuy Tien waterfall looks like an angel waiting for explorers. @pntn_tt

Thuy Tien Waterfall is a beautiful place, the unspoiled landscape in the middle of the forests with countless rocks lying on top of each other and strangely woven roots.

It is because the waterfall has 3 cascades of water, it is also known as the Three Floor waterfall. The first floor is narrow, has a small slope with easy steps up and down. The second floor is spread out with many stone steps, and there are shallow pools of water that can be bathed. On the third floor, the water pours down from above into a wide and deep lake, splashes white foam, and then becomes a gentle flow among the deep blue lake.

From a distance, looking at the flowing water is so beautiful, it looks like the hair of the girls of Ede from the village who live near this waterfall.

6. Yang Bay Waterfall in Khanh Hoa

About 45 km from Nha Trang city, Yang Bay waterfall is located in the middle of a spreading valley with an area of 570ha at an altitude of 100m above sea level in Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province. This place is in the primeval forest with a fresh and cool climate.

yang bay waterfall
Yang Bay waterfall attracts a lot of tourists. @poliiinaya

Yang Bay waterfall attracts tourists by the wild beauty of the vast mountains, grass, trees, and airy atmosphere. According to the Raglai people, Yang Bay means heavenly waterfall.

Here, three waterfalls are formed: Yang Bay, Yang Khang, and Hocho. Yang Bay is the main waterfall, 80m high, 2,000m long. In which, Yang Bay 1 is 20m high, 200m long with 2 small lakes and 1 large lake; Next is Yang Bay 2 waterfall.

Since taking over management by Khatoco company, the way to Yang Bay waterfall is easier because of good infrastructure investment to become a natural tourist area.

Besides visiting the waterfall and swimming in the water, you can enjoy the new – strange – unique games, the most fun is the pig racing game here.

7. Ba Ho Waterfall in Khanh Hoa

Ba Ho Waterfall is located in Phu Huu Village, Ninh Ich Commune, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province. Vietnam. It is 25 km from Nha Trang City Center forward the North.

ba ho waterfall
Beautiful lakes with clear water in Ba Ha waterfall will attract you. @silogava_nn

Different from other waterfalls in Vietnam mentioned, Ba Ho waterfall does not have a high water column but owns 3 beautiful lakes. For its unique structure, this place is called Thac Ba Ho, meaning Three Lake Waterfall.

Visiting Ba Ho waterfall, you can relax in the green tropical forests, swim in the cool water, take beautiful pictures with nature and the jade green color.

The best time to visit Ba Ho Waterfall is March, April, and the beginning of May. From June to September, sudden rains can come, and you should be careful with it because waters can run sharply causing danger for you.

Besides visiting nature, the tourist area in Ba Ho waterfall is also a nice place for kayaking. And, many Vietnamese tourists come here for staying overnight to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the forest.

8. Phu Cuong Waterfall in Gia Lai

Phu Cuong Waterfall is located in Dun commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province in Central Highlands Vietnam, about 3 km from Chu Se town and about 45 km southeast of Pleiku city center.

phu cuong waterfall gialai
A typical Phu Cuong waterfal. @sacred1402

Phu Cuong waterfall has a height of 45 m, stayed in the middle of a vast green forest all year round. The waterfall becomes more beautiful in the rainy season from May to October every year with white water flowing from the high rock.

Compared to other famous waterfalls in Vietnam, Phu Cuong Waterfall is not wide and majestic, but a height of 45 m of the water column has a strong attraction for many people who love to explore the natural beauty.

The special thing about this waterfall is that it comes from a long-ago extinct volcano. Therefore, around the waterfall are rocks formed from volcanic lava.

Coming here, you can not only admire the beauty of the high water column but also learn about the flowers, leaves, and vegetation growing from the ruins of the volcano.

9. May Waterfall in Thanh Hoa

May Waterfall is located in Thach Lam commune (Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa Province), more than 90km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, 150km from the Hanoi capital. This waterfall is considered a unique landscape, an invaluable gift from nature.

may waterfall thanh hoa
may waterfall thanh hoa. @supportcongdulich

May waterfall has stairs from bottom to top with yellow stone slabs, combined with clear, white water not only creates its own beauty but also helps visitors easily go up to the waterfall to explore.

When flowing through each cascade, the water emerges white, looking from afar it looks like flying clouds, so it is called “Thac May”, meaning Cloud Waterfall.

Because nature is structured in layers, every floor of the waterfall has a small swimming pool with cool clear water for visitors to immerse themselves in.

May waterfall is the most beautiful from July to October when water comes a lot. Over the years, the May waterfall has become a famous natural destination. Many guests like its clear and cool water to enjoy bathing in the hot summer of this harsh Central region.

10. Suoi Tranh Waterfall in Phu Quoc

Suoi Tranh is located about 9km east of Duong Dong town of Phu Quoc Island. In the past, the waterfall was still very wild and was one of the resting places for locals after tired working days and every time there was a big festival on the island.

tranh waterfall phuquoc
Suoi Tranh waterfall in Phu Quoc. @hieugiang92

Nowadays, the road to the Suoi Tranh tourist area is very easy, so the number of tourists coming here is very crowded in the high season, typically in the Summer holidays in Vietnam from May to September.

However, Suoi Tranh Waterfall becomes more beautiful and attracts you with its picturesque scenery in the rainy season from June to October every year.

From the foot of the stream, you follow the bumpy paved road to the source around 300m to explore the mysterious nature, bathe in the stream, and relax in the forest.

The water flows through the cliffs creating soft and white streams in the smooth green of forest plants. The scene is like a beautifully natural picture, so it is called Suoi Tranh, meaning Painting Waterfall.

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