Dam Sen Water Park: a wonderful water land in Saigon

In hot days, Saigon is waiting for rains, what to do to breathe easier? Dam Sen Water Park is an ideal choice for you to both have fun and swim in the cool water.

Located in the city center, Dam Sen Water Park will help you and your family have great moments of refreshing and crisp laughter with exciting games.

So if you have decided to stop here, let’s see what interesting things are here to explore!

Dam Sen Water Park

  • Address: 3 Hoa Binh Street, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Phone: 028.38588418
  • Website: www.damsenwaterpark.com.vn

Stretching on Hoa Binh Street, Ho Chi Minh City, it will not be difficult to find Dam Sen Nuoc. You will easily recognize the park when you see Hoa Binh roundabout, where is the intersection of the 3 streets: Lac Long Quan, Hoa Binh, and Ong Ich Khiem.

The complex of Dam Sen park has 2 main gates, one on Lac Long Quan Street leading to Dam Sen Cultural Park, and the other one on Hoa Binh Street leading to the water park.

Please be careful not to go to the wrong gate! Although the water park and cultural park connect with each other, they work separately and have a different price for tickets.

If you come here by car, you don’t worry about parking because there are large parking lots at both Dam Sen gates.

Dam Sen Water Park
Dam Sen Water Park | @congviennuocdamsen

History of Dam Sen Water Park

Before becoming the most attractive amusement park in Vietnam, Dam Sen was just fields of spinach, cilantro, grass, bushes unspoiled. And this area was also social evils concentrated.

Realizing the waste and entertainment needs of the locals, on February 15, 1976, the City Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued a call to build the city 3 big cultural parks: one in Binh Tien, one in Tan Binh, and one in Dam Sen.

After the decision was issued, millions of workers have started and built a large Dam Sen park with 32ha of majestic landscapes, and new unique games. Dam Sen Water Park is one of the main parts of the complex of Dam Sen Park.

Ticket price to enter Dam Sen Water Park

The issue concerned when coming here is the entrance fee. To enter Dam Sen Water Park, you only need to buy 1 ticket to be able to play all 36 games all day.

To buy a ticket, you have to go to the main gate of the park. You will see the ticket box where you can get it.

Dam Sen Water Park Ticket
Dam Sen Water Park Tickets | @biki.pas

Ticket price when you enter at Hoa Binh gate.

Ticke price forBefore 4:00pmAfter 4:00 pm
Person from 1.4 m170,000VND150,000VND
Person from 0.8m to 1.4m130,000VND110,000VND
Under 0.8m, and
the elders from 60 years old

Ticket price when you use the connecting gate. The connecting gate is inside the two parks. When you are at Dam Sen Cultural Park, you want to go to the Water Park.

Connected-ticket price forBefore 4:00pm
Person from 1.4 m130,000VND
Person from 0.8m to 1.4m100,000VND
Under 0.8m, and
the elders from 60 years old


  • No connected tickets are sold after 4:00 pm.
  • The elders from 60 years old have to carry ID or passport to get free price.
  • The children under 0.8 m and the elders from 60 years old need to go with an adult.
  • Do not carry food, drinks, weapons, and inflammable liquid into the park.

What to play at Dam Sen water park?

Dam Sen Water Park is a place for families from children to the elderly to enjoy the fun in the cool water. With more than 36 games, here you will be delighted to immerse yourself in the water and nature, from soaking in the cool place to acrobatics and challenging games. So what games are they, let’s explore briefly!

1. Entering the Dam Sen gate, you are easily attracted by two super-speed slides – the 19-meter high Kamikaze. It makes you excited and want to conquer right away.

kamikaze in Dam Sen
Kamikaze in Dam Sen | @congviennuocdamsen

2. If you’re still not satisfied with that challenge, then let’s go to Tornado slide. With the 19-meter high, 119-meter-long slide, when slipping down from above, would you scream out in terror?

3. Twister Max with lightning speed, only 12 seconds, you can conquer this game. With a new twist, your body will go through a large bend on both sides before entering a steep roll and then fell into the lake with a breathtaking splash.

4. Black Thunder slide with 2 twists from a height of 11 meters, inside the slide is also equipped with a unique sound and lighting system. This game will surely be very interesting because of the strange feelings.

5. Multislide lane is a place for you and your family to compete together. Let’s see who will be the winner!

Multislide lane in Dam Sen Water Park
Multislide lane | @congviennuocdamsen

6. Next to it is the Love Storm & Space Bowl sliding chute. You will start from a height of 12m with the magic sound and light and then fly around in more than 6m wide space before falling freely into the lake.

7. Boomerang is a giant slide (12m high, 25m wide). It is shaped like a Pheonix that is flapping its wings and operating as an Aboriginal weapon (Boomerang – thrown to the destination then back to the thrower). The giant slide will take you soaring up, gliding down, shaking back and forth, then falling into the pool. The feeling of flying in mid-air and at the same time scared, shouting with friends, that feeling is wonderful.

8. Rope Swing, you will be sliding on a 10m high rope stretching across the lake surface and falling into the water at a depth of 2.5m. Coming to this game, you definitely have to know how to swim and take advantage of an acrobatic performance when landing. The people around you will not forget to give you a round of applause.

9. Action Pool is a large lake where you fall when participating in the game Rope Swing. This place will give you the pleasure of soaking and enjoy the cool feeling of the blue water. You can also watch the impressive acrobatic performances of the people swinging across the waterfall.

10. Located opposite the swinging area, the Solar Water Massage Pool has warm water and 70 massage fountains. This lake will help you both enjoy the refreshing feeling and watching the surrounding nature.

Solar Water Massage Pool
Solar Water Massage Pool | @congviennuocdamsen

11. Wandering river, this is a 400m long river, winding around the lush greenery and caves. Lying on the float freely along the water will be wonderful moments of relaxation with nature.

12. Wild River, under the push of the water from above, you are like being floating on a small buoy, sometimes a little bumpy with the waterfall, but it’s so interesting.

13. Wave Pool is a miniature sea scene with artificial waves. This area has a gentle slope and cool blue water, surrounded by trees. Come here if you remember the drifting waves!

14. Giant Slide will help you float along the water from a height of 12m. The winding slide creates a sense of suspense, and the final landing is the green lake.

Giant Slide in Dam Sen Water Park
Giant Slide | @congviennuocdamsen

In addition to these challenging and adventurous games, Dam Sen Water Park has many other interesting games for you to explore and challenge yourself.

In the heart of the city, there is such an ideal amusement park at an affordable price. What you are waiting for! Invite you to come there to find exciting experiences!

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