Daily car hire with a driver

Daily car rental in Vietnam or hiring per day with a driver is useful when you travel within a city but do not have any fixed itineraries.

This type of renting is often for business travel, event activities, and unplanned-program tourists who have a bigger budget to spend.

Renting a private car and a driver without a planned itinerary can cost higher than normal. So, you need to think of this as choosing.

In short, you can check a few advantages points for renting a car per day:

  • Moving within a city
  • Not plan an itinerary yet
  • Business traveling
  • Costing is not issued for you

A few disadvantage points for the rental of a car per day:

  • Limit the max km and hours per day
  • Pay more if over km and hours per day
  • Cannot roll over km or hours left for the next day
  • The rate CAN be higher than working per itinerary (CAN)
  • Limit areas to travel, usually within a city

Here is the price list of car rentals within a day

  • Price per full day, max 100km, and max 8 hours, within a city.
  • The rate includes a car, a professional driver, gasoline, and a parking fee.
  • This type of rental does not include airport transfer and airport fees.

We can change the price depending timing frame and holidays. Working time frame from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Out of this duration, your rental will pay for extra, even if you use not over 8 hours per day.

Type of carPrice (USD)/dayCitiesExtra
4-seat modern car89Hanoi, Saigon0.5USD/km 12USD/hour
4-seat modern car79Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue City0.5USD/km 12USD/hour
7-seat modern car95Hanoi, Saigon0.5USD/km 14USD/hour
7-seat modern car89Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue City0.5USD/km 14USD/hour
16-seat modern van139Hanoi, Saigon1USD/km 20USD/hour
16-seat modern van129Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue City1USD/km 20USD/hour

FAQ for renting a private car per day

1. Can I use a car for unlimited km or hours per day?

No, you cannot. It is because nothing is unlimited, so you will pay extra for each km and hour per day if you use over the limit per day.

2. Can I rent a car and a driver for a half day?

Yes, you can. But, please pay attention to the rate that is not half of the rate per full-day price above. The price will count depending on starting time.

3. Why does not the car rental per day cover airport transfer?

It is because airport transfer has different fees, such as airport fees and waiting times. The airport transfer needs us to work with different skills, so we do not cover airport transportation in this type of quotation.

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