Ticket Price List to Visit Hoi An Ancient Town and Nearby Sites

(Updated 11 Aug 2023) Vietnamdrive updates the ticket price to visit Hoi An Ancient Town and nearby tourist sites.

tickets to visit hoi an

1. Ticket price to visit Hoi An Ancient Town

+ Entrance fee for foreigners: VND 120,000/guest (Guests can choose to visit any 5 points in 21 attractions)

+ Entrance fee for Vietnamese tourists: VND 80,000/guest (Guests can choose to visit any 3 points in 21 attractions)

21 tourist sites to explore in Hoi An Ancient City as below:

  • Cultural works: Chua Cau, Dinh Cam Pho, Tuy Tien Street Minh Huong, Mieu Quan Cong.
  • Museums: Hoi An, Trade Ceramics, Sa Huynh Culture, Folk Culture.
  • Ancient houses: Quan Thang, Duc An, Phung Hung, Tan Ky, Tran ethnic church, Nguyen Tuong ethnic church.
  • Assembly halls: Fujian, Guangdong, Chaozhou.
  • Xu Dang Trong and watching traditional art performances (at 10:15 and 1515 daily).
  • Tomb of Japanese merchants: Gu Sokukun, Tani Yajirobei, Banjiro

We encourage you to visit the following sites: 1 old house Tan Ky, 1 Chinese Temple, a Japanese Covered Bridge, and a museum.

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You can find ticket counters at the beginning of the most roads to the old town center:

  • Ticket counter at the beginning of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street
  • Song Hoai Square ticket counter
  • Ticket booth at Nguyen Phuc Chu Street
  • The An Hoi Bridge ticket counter (the side old town center)
  • Ticket counter at Japanese Covered Bridge (east site)
  • Hai Ba Trung Street ticket counter (at a small road)
  • Ticket counter at 78 Street Le Loi
  • Ticket counter at Heritage Conservation Center (10B Tran Hung Dao)
  • The ticket counter at 10 Nguyen Hue Street
  • Ticket counter near Hoi An Market


– All visitors entering the Heritage area only need to buy tickets once. Therefore, please keep the ticket stub to use during your stay in Hoi An.

– For sightseeing, monuments, and tourist sites in Hoi An Old Town, tickets are only valid for 24 hours.

– Particularly, the traditional Art Performer at 66 Bach Dang / 39 Nguyen Thai Hoc, you must buy tickets to enjoy the performances here at 17:00 every day with the following fare: Domestic guests: VND70,000/guest; and foreign guests: 100,000 VND/guest

My Son Holy Land Tickets

2. Tickets to visit My Son

My Son Holy Land Tickets
My Son Holy Land Tickets

    + Ticket price for foreign guests: 150,000 VND / person

    + Ticket fare for Vietnamese tourists: 100,000 VND/ guest.

    Include: Visiting ancient temples in My Son Sanctuary, watching dancing (15 minutes), and Transport by electricity van from the gate to the temple area.

    3. The ticket price for Vinpearl Nam Hoi An

    Vinpearl Nam Hoi An is about 15 km from the center of Hoi An.

    + Adult ticket: VND 665,000/ guest

    + Children 1-1.4m: VND 450,000/ guest (?)

    + Elderly people (> 60 years old): VND 400,000/guest

    4. Tickets to visit Cham Island

      There are two types of tickets to travel to Cham Island, we encourage customers to choose method 1:

      • Method 1: Cano Expressway: Depart from Cua Dai Pier for 550,000 VND / person / round trip (for guests going back in the day) and 600,000 VND / person / round trip (for guests going back to another day).
      • Method 2: Wooden board: Depart from Bach Dang Wharf for 50,000 VND/way/person (for domestic guests and 100,000 VND/way/person (for foreign guests)

      You can buy tickets directly at the station or through travel agents in Hoi An.

      In addition, tickets to visit the Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve Area are VND 70,000/person/time.

      Please know that this place can have different ticket prices depending on the various local suppliers.

      5. Tickets to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village

        In Thanh Ha Pottery Village, there are 2 places to visit: the pottery village of the villagers and the private park located in the village. You can buy tickets to visit a whole village or just one area you like.

        Entrance tickets cost VND 30,000, including visiting pottery making, an old temple of a pottery village ancestor,

        You can participate in making a pottery product with the local people (if you do, pay more for local people only, about 50,000 VND for this extra activity)

        6. Entrance fee to visit Tra Que Vegetable Village

          Ticket price: 35,000 VND/person/time.

          7. Fee to visit Coconut Forest – Rung Dua Bay Mau

          Rung Dua Bay Mau is also called Cam Thanh Coconut Village.

          Entrance ticket: VND 40,000

          The fee for the round boat activity of 45 minutes is from VND 150,000 – VND 250,000 / person (depending on the local suppliers, 2 people for a basket round boat)

          8. Fares for Hoi An Impression Theme Park

            The park is at the Cam Thanh Island (around 3 km from Hoi An city center)

            There are 3 kinds of tickets for art performances:

            + ECO tickets: VND 600,000/person

            + HI tickets: VND 750,000/ person

            + VIP tickets: VND 1,200,000/person

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