The essential travel items needed to prepare for your trips

Before every trip, whether it’s your first or any journey, there are vital items that you sometimes ignore. Let’s check again to make sure you haven’t missed something important!

1. Travel suitcase

travel suitcase

An indispensable item is a travel suitcase for every trip. It helps you fill your personal items on every adventure. However, this tool is often forgotten the most. Many people don’t realize it until it’s time to collect their luggage, and then they are surprised they’re missing a magical suitcase.

Therefore, pay attention to preparing a suitable suitcase right from the moment you plan your trip. This action will help you avoid some unnecessary struggles right before departure time.

You can also replace your suitcase with a large backpack enough for your “world of personal belongings” and those accompanying you.

2. Walking shoes

walking shoes vietnam

Besides suitable sandals, it is necessary to have a pair of soft walking shoes because you will have to walk a lot on almost all trips. Good shoes will help you save energy and protect your feet.

At the same time, with soft shoes under your feet, you will also be more confident when exploring beautiful and unique natural landscapes.

If your trip includes climbing activities or joining a marathon in Vietnam, consider preparing additional specialized shoes. It’s hard to participate in this challenging journey if you have poor-quality shoes on your feet.

3. Warm clothes

warm clothes vietnam

Warm coats and thin jackets are indispensable items in your travel suitcase. It is because they will help you protect your health at the appropriate times.

Some people mistakenly think they do not need warm clothes when traveling to tropical countries or during the summer.

You’ll need them right away on long flights. When the plane reaches the required altitude, the pressure and temperature outside decrease, and the temperature inside must also lower to a suitable level. That’s when you realize the coat is useful for protecting you.

If your trip is in the winter of your destinations, warm clothing becomes extremely important. One interesting thing is that in tropical countries like Vietnam, the temperature in winter does not drop too low like in European countries, but the cold feeling is very uncomfortable. You will feel the cold seep into your skin and numb your fingertips and feet.

Therefore, whether traveling from a cold country to a warm climate or vice versa, you also need to prepare enough warm clothes for your journey. Well-fitting warm clothes can keep your mind from being distracted so that you can enjoy the countless beautiful sceneries at your destination.

4. Spare or second battery

second bettery for camera

Many people think backup batteries are only for those who like to take pictures. However, whether you want to use a camera or not, you’ll also need a second battery for backup power on your trip.

Because you need to make sure your phone is always ready to operate. It’s useful when you need to find your way or contact someone right in need. It’s because a phone running out of battery while you are in an unfamiliar place can cause difficulties for you in some unpredictable situations.

Of course, for those who like to take photos, a second battery for the camera or phone helps you not miss out on beautiful moments.

5. Toothpaste and toothbrush


These small items are often the most forgotten things before every trip. It is because many people think most accommodations, for example, 4-star hotels in Hanoi, have offered toothpaste and toothbrushes for guests.

However, it is hard to find a toothbrush soft enough and of the right quality to go along with your favorite toothpaste in most hotels. It is terrible to stand in front of many flavorful local dishes worth trying with sensitive teeth.

So, bringing your familiar toothpaste and toothbrush becomes as necessary as everything else to prepare before traveling.

However, you need to pay attention to airport security regulations on the quantity of liquids and other conditions on the types of goods allowed and not allowed to be brought on the plane. A small tube of toothpaste in a plastic case may be more affordable than a large tube in a metal case.

Vietnamdrive mentions the popular things essential for your journey, which many travelers often forget when preparing their luggage.

So, we suggest you make a list of what you want to carry during your holidays, so they can help you avoid ignoring common-but-necessary items.

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