The list of local food to taste in Can Tho City, Vietnam

Sticky Rice Cake

Also, know as Banh Tet, this is a traditional cake and a specialty in Can Tho that is eaten a lot during holidays in the south, especially during Tet holiday. It is made with a special kind of rice, sticky rice that is dyed purple, the colour coming from a local plant. In the middle of the cake, salted yolks are added.

banh tet nep cam
Photo by Le Thanh Sang

Can Tho Pan Cake

One of the most famous dishes in Can Tho, Banh Xeo, a pancake that certainly rivals the western kind. The batter is ladled into a hot work and duck meat, or pork, shrimp, young coconut, mung beans and bean sprouts are added. When cooked the pancake is enjoyed with many different leaves, to mint and lettuce. Chunks of the pancake and filling are pulled apart and wrapped in many of these leaves, rolled and dipped into a delicious sauce.

banh xeo
Photo by NoDurians

Hammock Vermicelli

Near Can Tho, there is a village that makes vermicelli noodles in a lattice shape that resembles a hammock. In this village, these intricate noodles are still handmade. They are made from pure rice flour and the tiny threads of vermicelli noodles are weaved by skilled workers to create these little hammock shapes. These noodles are served with grilled or BBQ pork, mint leaves, and a special sauce.

Top local food to taste in Can Tho City
Photo by Internet

Grilled Snails With Pepper

This is a dish typical to Can Tho. Snails are cooked with lemongrass and line leaves. A mix of spices, fish sauce, garlic, and pepper is added to each snail. The snails are then grilled over an open fire for extra flavor.

oc nuong tieu

Grilled Snakehead Fish

A local dish, traditionally made by southern labourers. The fish were caught by the labourers using a bamboo stick to stab the fish in the water. The fish was grilled over straw fires, it made the meat sweet. Now it is a very popular dish in southern restaurants.

ca loc nuong trui
Photo by Dung_dinhtien

Bbq Pork

Pork mince put onto skewers and grilled on a fire. The pork is rolled into spring rolls including vermicelli noodles, fresh vegetables, rolled in rice paper and dipped in a delicious sauce.

nem nuong Can Tho
Nem Nuong Can Tho – Grilled pork in Can Tho. Photo by Mr.karma97

Hotpot of Fish Sauce

A traditional fish that has Vietnamese, Chinese and Cambodian origins, it is a typical dish in the south. Salted fish is cooked with shrimp, cuttlefish, fresh fish, snails, beef and at least 20 different vegetables. It’s a true southern feast!.

Hotpot of Fish Sauce in Can Tho
Hotpot of Fish Sauce in Can Tho. Photo by Hangthuhnvn

Duck And Soya Cheese Hotpot

Duck and Soya Cheese Hotpot in Can Tho
Duck and Soya Cheese Hotpot. Photo by Teekaphan

This famous dish in Can Tho is another feast to enjoy. Duck meat is flavoured with soya cheese, spices, and ginger. It is cooked with mushrooms, taro, garlic, all boiled in coconut water. It is served with rice or vermicelli noodles. A pile of vegetables tops the dish off from water morning glory to mustard leaves. The duck meat is extra delicious is you dip it in the special sauce served with the hot pot – sugar, lime juice, chili and soya cheese.

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