Tourist attractions in Sapa to visit

With the cool and fresh climate all year round, Sapa Lao Cai is on the list of the destinations for many travellers who like to explore the nature and the culture of ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Ta Van village

When coming to Ta Van village, tourists will temporarily leave the busy and bustling of Sapa town. They will enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the village. Ta Van village is located in Hoang Lien National Park, about 7km from Sapa town center. It is a commune with more than 110 households. Visitors to Ta Van village not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and mountains, but also discover the local culture and unique life of the Giay ethnic, and H’Mong ethnic people living here.

Ta Van village in Sapa
Peace in Ta Van village. Photo by Choe Choe

Love Waterfall

Love Waterfall is a famous tourist attraction in Sapa, Lao Cai province, about 4km south west of Sapa town. The waterfall is nearly 100m high and has an absolute height of nearly 1,800m above sea level. To reach the Love Waterfall, visitors have to cross the road with the green bamboo forest. They can admire the azaleas blossom flowers that make Sapa become more wild and beautiful. The waterfall is called Love Falls, because it is based on a legend of the love story between woodcutter O Quy Ho – the eldest son of the mountain god who reigns over Ai Lao and the seventh fairy coming from the heaven. Come here, you will immerse yourself in the peaceful view and drop yourself into the gentle, cool and pristine air here.

Love Waterfall in Sapa
Love Waterfalls in Sapa is peaceful, fresh. Photo by CuKin

Heaven Gate – O Quy Ho Pass

About 3km from the Love Waterfall in a straight line is O Quy Ho Pass. This Pass, also known as Hoang Lien Son Pass, is one of the longest, most dangerous and imposing passes in the mountainous region of the northern Vietnam. O Quy Ho Pass is also known as Heaven Gate, where has the fanciful beauty. One side of the pass forward Lao Cai is misty; the side of Lai Chau is sunny. The feelings of conquering the mountain and admiring the panoramic view of mountains on a sunny day at the gate of heaven will make visitors unforgotten and want to return.

Heaven Gate - O Quy Ho Pass
Heaven Gate – O Quy Ho Pass. Photo by FongZooZ

The Love Market in Sapa

If you want to discover more about the cultural feature of Sapa, you can go to the love market to experience more unique things here. Sapa love market usually takes place on Saturday night. When the sun disappears from the top of the mountain,  the boys will blow the trumpets, the girls dance to flirt each other. The guests will be able to see a passionate market in the flavor of the wine.

Sapa love market
Sapa love market. Photo by Winds blow over the Hills

Traveling to Sapa, in addition to the opportunity to explore the top of Fansipan with a height of over 3000m, Muong Hoa valley with terraced fields, visitors will have the opportunity to find the cultural features of Ta Van people, Sapa love market and wonderful natural scenery of the Love Waterfalls, Heaven gate – O Quy Ho Pass.These destinations make Sapa become more interesting and interesting. (Huu Nghia – Vietnam Drive)

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