Cam Kim Island in Hoi An City

Cam Kim Island is located south of the Thu Bon River, one of four suburban communes of Hoi An City, about 1.5km from the center of the Old Town.

This peaceful small village is covered by tributaries born from the mother river – Thu Bon. This river system has become a rich source of alluvium, helping the crops in Cam Kim stay green and lush all year round.

cam kim island hoian
The countryside road in Cam Kim Island. ©Vietnamdrive

1. Cam Kim is the oasis of Hoi An

  • Address: Cam Kim Village, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Recommended visiting time: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Sightseeing tickets: None
  • Estimated tour time: 1 – 2 hours
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Although it is located adjacent to the ancient town of Hoi An, because of the long-standing traffic barrier across the Thu Bon River, Cam Kim has retained its rustic and peaceful features. Coming here, you will find cool green covering the whole village.

A small beautiful road in Cam Kim
A small beautiful road in Cam Kim

The deeper you go into the small roads, the more you will enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Each garden is lush, flowers and grass caress along the path, and fences are green trees and shady vines.

In particular, Cam Kim is likened to the corn garden of Hoi An. Lush green corn fields in summer are present throughout the village. It is a source of fresh ingredients to cook famous rustic delicacies in Hoi An, such as corn sweet-soup, boiled corn, grilled corn, and corn milk.

2. The way to move to Cam Kim

The principal were ferries that connected Cam Kim with the beautiful Hoi An ancient town, running continuously throughout the day.

cam kim ferry port
The old ferry port in Cam Kim Village looking at Hoi An Town

In 2016, the traffic distance to this peaceful village was gradually shortened by opening a small steel bridge. However, this bridge can only meet the traffic needs of small vehicles, such as motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians.

bridge to cam kim island
This bridge is essential to connect Cam Kim with Hoi An City.

In 2021, the New Cam Kim Bridge, located near Thanh Ha Pottery Village, with a larger and more modern scale, officially came into operation, serving the task of connecting the two banks of the Thu Bon River. Traveling from Hoi An city center to Cam Kim is much more convenient and faster, with cars, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles, or trucks.

3. The best time to visit Cam Kim Island

From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm is the best time to roam in Cam Kim. The peaceful scenery, fresh atmosphere, and carefree children playing soccer on the lawns; all will help your spirit relax.

cam kim village photo

During the time of year, the months of May, June, July, and August are when the weather here is hot. The outdoor temperature is high, sometimes up to 40 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, December to February are the months with the lowest temperatures of the year, accompanied by frequent rain.

Thus, the remaining months, including March, April, September, October, and November, are the best to explore the peaceful Cam Kim village life.

4. What to see and do in Cam Kim

4.1. Cycling and enjoying the peaceful scenery

visit cam kim village
Biking to visit Cam Kim Village

The best means to explore Cam Kim is by bicycle. You can wander along the beautiful small village roads, observe the local lives, and immerse yourself in the gentle breeze carrying the scent of sweet rice and corn.

Take a leisurely ride on a bicycle and breathe deeply into the peaceful atmosphere to blow away all the stress and fatigue in you, leaving only life and gentle love.

4.2. Visit Kim Bong carpentry village

kim bong capentry village
One of the shops is Kim Bong Carpentry Village.

Near the old ferry dock of the Thu Bon River is Kim Bong carpentry village, a proud part of Cam Kim commune. This place was once the hometown of many talented wood carvers who created decorative wood sculptures for the magnificent and prosperous Hoi An.

Today, coming to Kim Bong carpentry village, you will admire beautiful and delicate statues, paintings, and portraits carved on wood. In addition, the wooden boat factory located next to the river is also an appealing place for you to visit once.

4.3. Learn about Vietnamese village houses

house in cam kim island
Houses hide in a green garden with plenty of trees.

Like other peaceful villages in Vietnam, Cam Kim village still retains many houses with quite rustic designs.

In the middle of a tree-lined garden, a beautiful house hides there. The house has a roof with terracotta tiles, low walls, many doors, and airy windows. The modest kitchen is at the back. Some families also have areas for livestock and poultry. Everything is so simple, close to nature.

houses in cam kim village
An old-style house is next to the modern one.

4.4. Visit ancestor temples

The ancestor temples have always been an indispensable part of the cultural life in the Vietnamese countryside. Coming to Cam Kim, don’t miss learning about these temples, which worship the ancestors of the same surname families living in the village.

The ancestor temples here are built and decorated very beautifully and solemnly. They are a way of showing respect and gratitude to the deceased.

Although the scale and area of the temples in Cam Kim are not too large, they pay great attention to decorative details and bring unique cultural and spiritual colors. Let’s try visiting a few of them to understand better!

cam kim village hoi an
Visit Cam Kim Village. ©Vietnamdrive

A few notes when visiting Cam Kim

+ Although Cam Kim is very close to the center of Hoi An, it is not much developed, so it’s difficult for you to find restaurants and eateries serving tourists. Most of the small restaurants and coffee shops only serve local people. Therefore, you need to consider it if you come here with an empty stomach.

+ Summer is often hot and sunny from May to August. During sunrise, the temperature becomes even more stuffy. Therefore, please pay attention to a reasonable travel time frame so that the heat does not spoil the fun.

+ Village roads in Cam Kim are relatively small, so please pay attention to avoid oncoming vehicles. In addition, a few children may suddenly rush into the street without any warning signs. Intersections are also places you need to pay attention to when moving here.

cam kim commune committee
Cam Kim Commune Committee

As a charm adding to the beauty of Hoi An, Cam Kim Island will give you unforgettable moments. Make sure to arrange your time to visit this peaceful area when traveling to this old town!

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