What to visit in Quang Ngai Province

Quang Ngai is one of the provinces in the center of Vietnam, located between Hoi An Town and Quy Nhon City. If you are planning to go to Central Vietnam and choose Quang Ngai as a destination, but you do not know where to visit, you should follow the suggestions of Vietnamdrive to find attractive places; you will have a great holiday.

1. Ly Son Island

Referring to Quang Ngai Province, the first popular tourist destination that visitors cannot ignore is Ly Son Island. This is the only island district of Quang Ngai, located to the northeast and far from the mainland about 15 nautical miles.

In the past, the island was referred to as Re Island by the locals because there are many Re trees in the area. The time passed, Ly Son Island is known to be a large growing garlic place and has many beautiful locations. Ly Son is a real new attractive place to visit.

Ly Son island, Quang Ngai Province
The attractive beauty of Ly Son island. Photo by Ivery Luxubu

When visiting Ly Son, tourists can explore Hang pagoda, To Vo gate, Mu Cu Island, and Cau Cave. At the same time, visitors will enjoy the specialties of the Ly Son Island; it is extremely delicious such as seaweed salad, garlic salad, and big snails.

The guests should arrive here during the summer from May to September. It is sunny so you can have a chance to dive and swim more efficiently.

2. My Lai Historical Site

My Lai - Son My Quang Ngai
Visitors visit My Lai Village

My Lai is also cal Son My. That is a small village located 12 km from the city center of Quang Ngai. This famous war place protects many ruining houses of the villagers who were killed during the war in Vietnam in 1968. Visit My Lai is to understand the terrible things happened during the war, that is an excellent way to know the value of peaceful life at present.

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3. Minh Long White Waterfall

Minh Long White Waterfall, Quang Ngai
The dramatic scene of the Minh Long White Waterfall. Photo by Nguyen Trinh

Minh Long White Waterfall is unpopular; tourists do not know this as much as other places of Quang Ngai. However, if you come here, you will be excited about its beauty. With a pristine beauty, the white water streams pouring down and the majestic natural scenery, Minh Long White Waterfall is a perfect choice for the weekend holiday.

Visiting here, visitors will think like a fairyland, far away from modern life today. They can swim in clear water pleasantly. Also, travelers can take beautiful pictures with a great mountainous background.

4. Sa Huynh salt field

Sa Huynh in Quang Ngai Vietnam
Sa Huynh salt field. Photo by Sam Bo Kai

Located on the central coast of Vietnam, Sa Huynh salt field is the most important and the largest salt area in the central-southern coast. This is also a destination that many visitors choose to visit to take great pictures when coming to Quang Ngai Province.

Foreign visitors can learn how people make salt in the field, and this activity will be a memorable experience for the journey. Not far from the salt fields, tourists can also go to Sa Huynh Beach, Chau Me Beach and Hon Mo Island.

5. Chau Sa Ancient Citadel

Chau Sa ancient citadel, Quang Ngai
Chau Sa ancient citadel. Photo by Ba Vuong

If you like to learn history and to explore the new things, Chau Sa Ancient Citadel is an ideal destination.

Chau Sa ancient citadel located in Tinh Chau commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai. According to a French record, the citadel consists of the inner and outer walls. Both walls of the city are built in accordance with the chess board to deceive the enemy. However, this relic is difficult to visit, because it is located in the forests. You should ask or hire a local person to visit this site.

6. My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach in Quang Ngai Province
The sunrise on My Khe Beach. Photo by Tuanck2004

Being described as the “sleeping fairy”, My Khe beach is one of the ideal beaches when tourists come to Quang Ngai. My Khe Beach is located about 12km east of the city center, next to the Kinh River.

With the white sand and wild coconut trees, My Khe beach attracts tourists by wild beauty.

If you still do not know where to go in central Vietnam to enjoy the sun and the wind, then come to Quang Ngai Province. You will have the great experience as well as discover many new things here.

Minh Yen/ Vietnamdrive

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