Top 6 Places to Visit in Phu Yen Province

Visiting Phu Yen in the South Centre of Vietnam, you will be surprised by the land with beautiful landscapes. Phu Yen is a wild tourist destination with many ideal places to explore and take pictures for your memorial holidays in Vietnam.

Da Dia Reef

Phu Yen Tourism: Beautiful destinations to check-in
Da Dia Reef. Photo by Bach Egan

Da Dia Reef is one of the beautiful landscapes in Phu Yen Province. Coming here, tourists will see adjacent blocks of rock as human being’s hands arranged, but in reality, it is the arrangement of nature. The stones create strange and attractive feelings for tourists.

Mang Lang Ancient Church

Ancient features of Mang Lang church. Photo by Ba Khang
Ancient features of Mang Lang church. Photo by Ba Khang

If you want to take beautiful pictures with a few old features, do not forget to visit the Mang Lang Ancient Church. Mang Lang is the reverse name of Bang Lang, which is the name of a popular flower in this land. The ancient book “Mission for 8 Days” printed in the 17th century in Rome is still stored here.

Vung Ro Bay

Blue water in Vung Ro Bay. Photo by Mang Phu Yen
Bluewater in Vung Ro Bay. Photo by Mang Phu Yen

Being voted as one of the most beautiful sights of Asia, Vung Ro Bay will be an attractive destination with blue water. Vung Ro is a small bay under Hoa Xuan Nam Commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. The bay is surrounded by three high mountains: Deo Ca, Da Bia, and Hon Ba. Besides, the bay also has 12 small beaches, such as Bai Lach and Mu Mu, with their beautiful scenery.

Dong Cam Damp

Dong Cam Damp in Phu Yen
Dong Cam Damp. Photo by Mang Phu Yen

You are interested in taking pictures or want to have beautiful images. You should not miss Dong Cam Damp, which is valued regarding economics, history, and art of Phu Yen. Dong Cam Damp is in the West of Phu Hoa district with 688m in length together with 2500 small and large items and 2 channels serving fields.

Xep Beach

The wild beauty of  Xep beach
The wild beauty of  Xep Beach. Photo by Viet Kyo.

If you watch the movie “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass”, you immediately visit this place to enjoy its beauty. Xep Beach in the north of Tuy Hoa City with 500m in length. Xep Beach has a wild beauty with two black stone clusters.

Dai Lanh lighthouse and its beach

Dai Lanh lighthouse.
Dai Lanh lighthouse. Photo by Lesy

Coming to the Dai Lanh beach, tourists will be immersed in pure water and undulating sand. Especially, tourists can follow the trail to reach the lighthouse and enjoy the massive sea. If you arrive in the early morning, you will see the dawn at the lighthouse in the east of the country. What a beautiful spot!

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