What should I do in Vietnam and what should not?

Most of the Vietnamese people are very friendly and hospitable. They can forgive or do not mind some different things when you are wrong or get mistakes. You should keep a cool and happy attitude and you will be reciprocated with the same.

Here are some basic advises that may help you get perfect trips in Vietnam.
Ao Dai - Long traditonal dress in Vietnam

What should I do in Vietnam?

Keep your cash, credit cards and other valuables in a safe place. They are good in a safe box in your hotel, otherwise contact the reception for a safe way. Bring enough cash to use daily when going out.

Put in your pocket a hotel card, in the case of your return.

Wear appropriately when you contact the local people.

Ask for permission when taking pictures of someone. However, you should not ask someone while they are working to avoid bothering them.

Carry a roll of toilet paper and a raincoat or an umbrella when you get a long excursion.

Carry your mosquito spray.

Be careful when walking on streets. Although most of the cities in Vietnam are safe, it is better to notice your wallet, jeweler and handbag to avoid robbers.

What should not I do in Vietnam?

Drink water from the tap.

Carry more cash you have intended to use when you get out.

Argue at the market when bargaining.

Wear much jewelry.

Give empty bottles or candies to the local people when you go to the ethnic minority villages.

Wear singlet, too short dress or skirt or low collar and bare shoulders to visit temples and pagodas.

If you are invited to the local’s house, you should choose a seat which is not in font the families alter. It is the best way to ask the owner where you can sit.

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